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  1. I have another question. Why did the devs have to turn a fun game into nothing but a giant stupid grind? Not only is the "Endless Leveling" thing completely stupid, since it'd just be better off having a set level and number of points and us just being able to put them wherever we want to. Since they're pretty much the same thing, in a way. I saw a person or two on YouTube who were level 721 or something, and I got me thinking one thing, and one thing only. What the hell?! And that was when I realized that the game was getting to be nowhere near as fun as it use to be. Onslaughts also suck now and they also made most of the weapons just generic and took away much of their specialness.
  2. Well, I just find it stupid that they got rid of a more unique aspect of a legendary weapon. I just hate it whenever game devs do that, no matter what game it is. I just think that they should've kept at least all the Incursion and actually unique weapons special instead of just making them another generic weapon. And I have to agree about the Onslaught game mode. Because the mode is basically just a slightly different regular Expedition mode, with only 5 waves and a special map, and that's about it. I just think that they could simply rework the Onslaught mode to be not just more a challenge instead of a just a grind up floors and actually have a way to reward people for it. And it'd be simple to make the Onslaught mode. Just simply have there be 10 waves with a guaranteed legendary chest at the end. But you have the option to just take the chest and go after 10 waves, or another 10 waves and gain another chest every 10 waves, but the waves get more randomized and harder as you go on.
  3. I personally wish the Onslaught mode would only use that underground temple map and one or two others like that, because it feels really lame to play the mode on the same old maps from the campaign and such. But I have to disagree with you on the chokepoint things. For mainly two reasons. 1. All the new enemies. With all the enemies that have been brought into the game, it wouldn't be so easy to just do the same thing over and over again with a chokepoint, especially if the waves were more randomized. With things like the Cyborcs and Shield Geodes and more, it wouldn't necessarily be super easy, also especially on the higher difficulties. 2. Difficulty and the chokepoint itself. I've seen on the higher difficulties, even on Chaos 3, The enemies can be a lot tougher and stronger than before, so it's not a complete given that every trap will kill every enemy. So even in a chokepoint itself can work as a challenge because all those enemies are fairly close together can make it harder to kill all of them.
  4. Did you have that specific weapon kept from the days of NM4? If so, the transition from Nightmare to Trials have removed passives which results in the special secondary attacks incursion weapons null. When Launch and Protean Shift came in, no locked shard or locked M.O.D.S were put back in for the NM4 version because it's unnecessary to do that as you can always buy another from the Wayfarer. Well, that's stupid. I really wish they would've left more unique aspects to some of the weapons in the freaking game, and maybe given some new types of weapons for each character instead of just the one kind for each. I would've liked the idea of using a large two handed axe with the Barbarian. And I agree with you about the Onslaught mode. It does need some proper reworking, at least when it comes to it's length and just how they work. I personally think that making the onslaughts 10 waves with a guaranteed legendary chest at the end would be a good start, but I would love to see you get the options to either take the chest and leave, or go another 10 waves and get a another chest every 5 waves, but the waves get harder and harder as you go. I saw a similar challenge in an RPG called Torchlight 2, with this ancient tomb dungeon that could give out tons of loot.
  5. Well, it's easy to think that it wouldn't be too much of a challenge on the lower difficulties, but that probably wouldn't be the case on anything higher than Chaos 3. And I'm not talking about the chokepoint being only a single spiked barricade wide, but maybe 4, which is still a narrow area, but still a good amount of room for the horde to charge forward. I just think that with a narrow chokepoint map would not only be fun to play around with as well as make for an interesting challenge if the map was random with what comes in the waves.
  6. Wait a second. Are you saying that if my mats just sit there for too long, they'll rust and get destroyed? I just think that they Incursions should be more open since they do give unique weapons, and players of even early level should be able to get them. I have this one bow for the Huntress called the Aerial Bane that shoots 6 arrows in a Bombardment arch. It's pretty simple and all, but it's just the fact that many of those unique weapons you got from the Incursions were their own unique weapon, like that Spooky Staff the Apprentice got and that polearm the Monk got that let him fly around on a cloud and shoot lightning, Which by the way devs, that weapon's secondary ability doesn't work. The monk just raises up on a cloud for like half a second then comes back down. And I just really miss the survival aspect of the Onslaughts. It was a fun challenge, plus it was a great way of farming. But I digress. I think that they should simply make a map or two that returns or offers a new mode that's a survival mode would be pretty fun. Or at the very least they should make Onslaughts have an option to keep going and up the number of chests and loot the player can get. Though I'd like to see a proper "Bridge" or "Mountain Pass" map that just has the enemies have like 4 or 5, maybe even 6, spawn points all close together and go through a fairly narrow chokepoint and go toward one crystal. You'd be surprised just how much a challenge such a map would provide. And as a additional problem I ran into, the NPCs and Markets really need to be reworked to have more of a purpose. Both seem really useless aside from the Shards and salesguy next to the portal in the town.
  7. Now, I talked about why the skill point system sucks in another thread, so I won't get too into that being a problem here. Though I will just say that it should be changed to either just letting us put any of our points wherever we want or just back to the simpler Hero and Defense skill trees. At least that way we could simply leapfrog from Hero to Defense. But my other issues with the game I think come in two main parts of it. Incursions, Onslaughts, some of the upgrade items, as well as a few other more minor things. I'll just talk about the upgrade items and small things first. Minor Issues Well for one, I think that the rarity of those Ampoule things and the "resource" items that you get from the various regions is a little annoying. It'd just be nice if at least the a Ampoule always dropped from the chest, with maybe 2 from legendary chests. And the same should go for the resources, that way it wouldn't be such a giant grind to get them. Although the resource items and such could also be tied somewhat to the difficulty and tier of reward chest. Incursions and Onslaughts But the major problem I've found with the game is mainly the Incursions, and somewhat the changes to Onslaughts. While I do admit, the new Onslaught map is defiantly interesting and a cool concept, but I do have to say, I miss the endurance challenge of the old Onslaught mode. But it's the Incursions that I have the real problem with. Why the hell are the Incursions hidden behind the different difficulty levels? Was there really a good reason for doing that? What was wrong with just letting players play any of the Incursions or other modes and letting them just try the higher level difficulties any time they want to? I really want to know why the devs had to go and restrict the players' ability to play all the modes easily.
  8. By changing abilities and or defense it is no longer utility, it is modifying. What it gives now is utility, run speed, more ability resource, defense range and so on. The utility category has exactly what it needs to have in it. What it doesn't have is a cap on points that go into it. Once points are maxed on everything it should no longer become a permanent void of your third point. Then you would have only a 2 point system, hero then defense. I agree the skill point system is not perfect, but to say that our skill points should give things like fire and heavy cannonball is a bit reaching. Anything would be better than just separating obviously Hero and Defense bonuses into a separate category. And while I do love the Barbarian in all his face smashing glory, the 3 separate skill categories doesn't work as effectively for any other character except the Gunwitch. I just think that they need to fix t he Utility category and make it actually useful and not just a pointless 3rd section,.
  9. Yeah, that's mostly my only issue with the utility system. It gets maxed out too fast. If hero health's moved over there, It'll definitely help. They should just put all the stuff that's in the Utility part to the Hero and Defense stuff and just make it an optional tree that actually changes up some stuff for that particular character.
  10. That's a pretty good point, and the reason I feel like this whole "Endless leveling" thing is kind of dumb. I personally think that making the max level 100, or maybe as high as 200, could work, with either 1 or 2 skill points per level. That way you'd still have a leveling component to the game, without it getting dumb. But I personally think that if they gave each skill like 100 to 150 levels and you wouldn't be able to just max out all the stuff without only being able to focus on one or two upgrades.
  11. Dude, high five or fist bump. That is exactly what I'm talking about! I would honestly be 100% ok with the Utility category being there, if it was optional and actually changed up things for the characters, instead of just being Hero or Defense upgrades stupidly put into another category. And even if it was the whole hybrid class thing with just two main categories, I'd probably be ok with that because it would at least simply be leapfrogging with skill points. But ultimately, I'd just rather be able to put my skill points wherever I want to rather being restricted with how I want to make my characters. And as another issue I found. What was wrong with being able to just play any Incursion or anything else and just having the difficulty being able to be made harder? I thought all I'd have to do is simply complete the first two Incursions, but I still couldn't go to next level of incursions. That is so stupid. I think they've really overcomplicated the game and many of its mechanics.
  12. I personally think that if they must divide the skill points, then it should just be Hero, Defense, Hero, Defense. At least that way they'd be simply leapfrogging the skill points instead of the having to wait 3 levels for a single skill point. But I'd much rather see them just allow us to point the skill points wherever we want to. That way we'd actually have choice in how to level our characters. And I still stand by that the Utility section should be optional and actually have things that change some of the abilities or defenses. Then we'd actually get some, you know, utility out of it.
  13. I know right? Those bonuses are just Hero and Defense skills stupidly put into a separate category. And I really don't mean to beat a dead horse by saying this again, but the whole system would just work far better if they made the Utility section not only optional, but actually have things that would actually add some real utility to the characters. Things like adding different effects to abilities or changing up how some abilities work.
  14. I guess you didn't see this All those things that are in the Utility section are just things that were previously in the Hero or Defense bonuses I wouldn't mind the Utility part being there if it was optional and if it actually gave some bonuses or changed some effects of abilities or defenses to add some, you know, more utility to the characters. Something like changing the Shield Slam thing the Squire has to be a charge that barrels through and knockbacks enemies. Just something more unique and special and not just pre-existing bonuses. Until this nonsense gets changed, I find it rather unacceptable to just put up with a stupid part of a game.
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