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  1. just shard it here. nothing changed, no need to waste time or gold.
  2. Training dummy: I used training dummy in old nm4 games with portal ability, now it is called "Harbinger's exile" shard but is locked. I use training dummy with "Sharpened spikes" shard to catch dark assassin. The only problem is Reflect beam doesn't like Training dummy. Boost aura: boosted Damage is not good, but I use with other shard make it useful: "Boost blockade", "Boosted grasp".Colossus: There are few situations I can't find any solution for the lane in onslaught, so I use Colossus to block the lane and hero to clean mobs, combine with Boost aura( "Boost blockade", "Boost power?" ),
  3. Here is my view. (My English is not good if something is wrong please correct me.) Apprentice Flamethrower: DPS looks pretty good, but the performance does not correspond to the DPS value, I think the problem is flamethrower stop firing when re-targeting, maybe make flamethrower keep firing 1-3s after target dead can make it better.Squire Ballista: its DPS is good, but I still think it can be better if players can manually fix the projectile's angle. "piercing" ability should working on vanguards. It is worth 50DU for me currently.Huntress Blaze balloon: trigger area so small, It can be trigge
  4. it happens when you stay on spawn point and gold spawned, in fact you get the gold but it still shows there.
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