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  1. Mystic sounds doable if you have a healing serpent down with a few green orbs ready to eat. Can the squire block while being attacked by an assassin?
  2. I went back into C5 today with my AL and about 48k HP, with the abyss knight shards and the fountain shard that makes enemies inside do 20% less damage. I don't use Worm Scarf but I do have Bulwark. Most of the time I can survive the assassin bumrush but it's hardly a fun experience. Don't like how I had to shelve my favorite DPS character just to be able to do C5 and I'm sure the experience is worse for people who don't have an AL that can sit in a healing fountain tossing out AoE stuns whenever possible until the assassins are dead. I did get a heavy cannonball shard though! Looking forwar
  3. I dont think I would mind assassins if they either had a bit less health than they do or if they actually sneaked in some sort of cloak or stealth mode (and thus giving the player an opportunity to potentially get the first strike if they're observant enough) rather than just teleporting onto your face with their knives out. That said I probably wouldn't even mind them in their current state if lady orcs behaved themselves better either.
  4. I am trying to break into C5 right now and am facing the same problem with a 44k HP gunwitch. I can kind of deal with assassins at the end of the first wave but am struggling to do so mid-wave. I get the feeling I will need to transfer all my AP+HP gear to my abyss lord and sit in my healing fountain spamming abyss knight. My gunwitch loses 3/4 of her HP before the assassins let her retaliate and then only has a few seconds to do anything. I probably need to just grind it out until I get some lucky gear drops and then don't have to care about the assassins any more. My C5 attempts to far hav
  5. Assault on Throne Room Game Type - Defense Ah, thank you. I've been farming the wrong one!
  6. I haven't had any luck getting them yet - seem to be getting conflicting information on which Throne Room they drop from and I really want to try them out before they get hammered! Looks like a good laugh
  7. I'm currently farming onslaught throne room and I have yet to see any storm gloves. I've had a few pairs of the boots drop from random mobs, is that not the case for the other pieces? Anyone had mobs drop them, or are they only dropping from chests?
  8. I managed to snag myself a pair of storm + footloose boots for my gunwitch so I can actually move around at a decent pace when not on my broom!
  9. Can the storm pieces drop in any of the game modes for each map?
  10. Can I ask how much defense crit you have to reach 40k crit damage on your beams?
  11. I had to double-take at the sword beam cooldown removal, that's pretty great.
  12. What ideas do you guys have for the pet system? Is there any plan to rehaul the element system, given that some elements have blatantly better pet abilities than others (looking at you, earth)
  13. I'd like pirate if it had a normal skin color, but if it stays the same, vampire hunter
  14. I will be genuinely interested if she's able to match EV2's Proton Charge for DPS. I remember seeing somewhere she'll have crowd control abilities like an AoE polymorph which might be cool depending on the specifics of how it works. I hope one of her abilities is an enormous laser, maybe with a cooldown rather than another stand still and channel attack like EV2's. Also wanna know what resource she'll have. Maybe she'll have mana, but I imagine it'd be really easy to dump her entire pool, so she might have an ability that regenerates it on demand.
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