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  1. btw add me on steam briansbrain5 Cant add you somehow. My Steam: DanishDotaPro
  2. brian, where are you from? And did you complete it on insane allready? (My aura monk is a lot better) :D
  3. Spinale, would you accept mana offers?
  4. Ive got quite the good builders, and a good ranger with resist gear and bone 63^. So what im looking for is a good geared dps or a better builder than mine. Post stats. (Might consider going with several players.)
  5. Second one, anything particular your looking for ?
  6. Selling Imp with 60^. 179 Base Heal 4 Speed Stats: -60 Movement. :( +49 Hero Dmg +46 Cast Rate +58 Ability 1 +57 Ability 2 +55 Tower Speed +42 Tower Dmg +57 Radius Leave offers or pm on steam: DanishDotaPro
  7. Got 38^ Fairy. And could pay about 100mill on top on the fairy for the monk 95^
  8. BUYGING: Imp. Paying well for good stats and ups. Steam: DanishDotaPro
  9. run is over, phat loot! my shop is open, gogogoggoo
  10. Added you. (ithink) . I can come help if you want.
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