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  1. I cannot wait for the merchandise! DD tshirts? Gon' be awesome!
  2. I kinda stopped playing unfortunately. Compared to other peoples' hours put into the game my mere 251 hours are nothing. I gradually got bored as I played everything so much, had real nice gear, and it began to just get boring for me. I am looking forward to what trendy are working on next though, even if it's not a dundef sequal :) Dundef served me well in my opinion.
  3. Hello everyone, I have started working on a TC and using some different elements for the Summoner class. I cooked the TC and loaded it up, but for some reason, only the four original classes show up for selection. Is there a way I can get the new characters to be able to be chosen at character creation time. Or would I have to manually unlock them through code. I have all the DLC as well, so this is even more strange.
  4. I think it just has to do with the upscaling of everything in the game. As you would see at 640x480, you would run the game a lot smoother than say 1920x1080. So upscaling even more than that, can cause bigger performance problems. what exactly does this mean? does it mean it will have better graphics / images / textures / ect on Macbook Pro with Retina displays? or do they have some strange resolutions i mean i run 1920x1200 on a PC if I had a mac with a retina display would it like look better would DD use better textures, images, graphics? if so, then PC needs to get retina d
  5. I would like to be able to gift a copy of Dungeon Defenders to my friend. I am going to be working on a TC for Dungeon Defenders that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy. I would like my friend to have a copy so he can help me along the way as we usually do development as a team and it would be great if we could do this with Dungeon Defenders. :) NexusxAlpha
  6. It may be a good idea to place a mage barrier several feet infront of defenses. The enemies pushing them will push the barrier then stop, letting towers kill them whilst they stop for a seconds. Also, gas traps are a must against things like sharkens and also djinns.
  7. Ok then, I have a question about this Steam Saw I just received. I finished upgrading it and the numbers are now massive. Is this normal?? http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/1153171701754927032/417D53CDB5F6220902BBA8168F326F3AA1A4BB75/ You realise your mana bank is looking close to hacked. Not that it is, it's just the digits are close to looking like a max 32 bit int, eexcept with a missing 7 at the end. It's probably just a happy coincidence.
  8. Maybe I could make a TC where it has game conditions in the corner of the screen. Like: Loot: Take only items you can use. Build: App Towers and Auras. Character Boost: Not Allowed. Character Type: DPS
  9. try 83-90........... Agreed ;__; I am level 88, going slowly to 90.
  10. We'll continue to support Dungeon Defenders post-Jester, but some of the team will start looking ahead to brighter ventures once the Jester is out. Thanks for the info Hitmonchan. :) Hope whatever you guys are working on goes well!
  11. Hello everyone, So after the Jester is released, do you think this will be the end of Dungeon Defenders? Will we see a Dungeon Defenders 2 instead? I does seem that what I have heard about what you see when you get all the achievements and go in the new secret room, it would seem warrant enough to bring a new game to the table with a new story. It would be sad to see Dungeon Defenders begin it's horrible descent into the dark abyss of unsupported software. What do you think will be happening to Dungeon Defenders now? Will we get new content for it, or do you think Trendy will release pa
  12. Palantir - Great XP, insane HC will get you about 600k xp on the first wave which is magical.
  13. So what do you people think of the idea in the first post? Sounds like a nice idea :)
  14. Is there any way I can make it so that monsters that are on the player's team can ignore collision on allied towers? Currently I have a setup where your team's monsters spawn on your side of the map and walk to the other, but this creates a complicated pathing situation where you can't defend in front of where they spawn because it would block your team's enemies. Also is it possible to selectively enable/disable hero abilities? or would I need a custom mapInfo for that? Hello, I sent you a pm just now in reply to the question of mine. The only thing I have really played around with
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