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  1. Hey SimonB! That is such a cool setup! So that´s why you mentioned the trees when I joined your map:) And now I also get why you asked how much DU I used on my PDT build (240) I used a similar setup on the Colossus once (automation-expl. shielding guard- accumulator mod), but didn´t think about using it on a non attacking defence:) Very Nice indeed, and that 170 DU will be hard to beat for sure! M. Thanks. I owe most of the credit to King who showed me a trees only UC run a few months ago. You seem to be well on your way if you can do 160 du :) The freaking BEAST is always at it. Changed
  2. My contribution: I think ill find another build that does feel as cheesy and could be used for c7 spamming when or if they fix the tenacity thing. Wow, you sir are a real defender! We each have many of the same spots, but we also each have some the other doesn´t. Difference is I used other defenses and used way less DU. (240 DU total) If anyone´s interested, I´ll upload a vid with my minimal DU build:) Thanx for accepting the challenge! M.
  3. The bag space is what concerns me aswell. 10 is a good number for amount of time invested to get a gilded shard but the space required is what makes it look unattractive. With the number of shards in the game we will have to dedicate hundreds of bag spaces if we want to grind multiple/all the class specific and tower specific ones in one go. Just farming gilded shards for 1 specific character can take upwards of 243 bag spaces. that is ofc assuming that you get 9 of every shard before getting the 10th, but still its just 1 character. I would like trendo to rethink this and maybe add some r
  4. You missed it. Update 1.1 Multiplayer Enemy Health Scaling Enemies now only gain 20% health per additional player (was 25%).
  5. Im not sure you know what youre suggesting here. Instead of nerfing the dryad tower to fit into the way the game is now you want to overhaul or adjust all towers and classes so they fit into this post dryad world. If we buff everything then the balance of the game is off so all the content (chaos tiers and mastery) will be faceroll. Making the game easier isnt a good alternative to nerfing 2 towers. I love the dryad and ill continue to play her if these nerfs are implimented but i would rather use her to counter certain lanes instead of having her be the backbone of all my setups. Dont give
  6. So despite not being a 200+ floor god im going to give my 2 cents on what changes the dryad should get. Unlike most of you i think she needs nerfs and since trendy has a history of overnerfing towers i want to make sure they do it right, so ill try to explain my thought process why i think shes out of line. The thing that makes the Dryad so good is: 1 slimes can oil and therefore slow lady orcs 2 Bee rank up scaling is insanely high even for a 30 DU defense Slimes: What she does better than any other setup is deal with the berserk orcs. She has the only soft cc in the game that affects the
  7. https://imgur.com/a/B9gmJ I started noticing the problem around patch 1.0.3 or the ''wall patch''. According to the patch notes ''the collision volume got increased by 33% on the y axis'' but the range of the colossus wasnt. My guess is that it will be changed when they get around to rebalancing towers which may take months.
  8. I just did went through those waves today. I have 2 accounts and 2 computers so i carried myself through the chaos tiers to get geared on floor 55. I went from campaign gear to low c7 geared in just 2 maps doing floor 55 and maps 1 of 56. But it seemed like 80% of the gear drops that i got were scaled to my level of gear so in this case campaign. Still i got ''Its all ogre'' on the 2nd map and got enough c7 gear to make a complete set. Im thinking youre getting trash because the gear is scaled to you but that wouldnt explain why youre not getting the c7 gear i got.
  9. I found some more mastery notes and since im having trouble editing the OP heres some more. More mastery:I gotta say that the mastery race has been the most fun ive had in dd2 for quite i while although im not sure that is because of the challenges themselves or just the race itself. With that said i would like to talk a little about the missed oppotunity i think mastery was:1st of all i think there were wayy too few challenges which prevented each map from feeling unique. It felt like most if not all maps were aimed at screwing over aura users which left ev2 and dryad defenses. only use x%
  10. Time for my very own thread about things pissing me off in dd2. So here it is in a random but hopefully understandable order. Onslaught stuffs:The 60+ grind is too long and the monster scaling isnt fast enough. The scaling between floors is horribly low (it feels 1% pr floor) compared to a game like diablo. Even at 114 Gregory had less hp than an average c7, 4 player boss when the scaling was 50%, lol. Having time being the great bottleneck doesnt make for a great experience its just tedious and boring. Possible solution: double/triple the scaling pr floor past 65 and move the cosmetics acco
  11. The c6 map leaderboard is finally up so i think we should have a look at it: https://leaderboard.dungeondefenders2.com/solo_c.html https://leaderboard.dungeondefenders2.com/team_c.html It would seem that despite streamers saying that UC is easier solo it has still only been done 4 times on pc at the time of writing this. Now that might be due to a lack of solo players because they heard theres safety in numbers, however i dont think we lack solo players i just think it is miles harder solo than 2-4. Anyway this will probably change and the spots will most likely fill up if Jasons build works
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=negJnq950t4 Heres the video of the race yesterday. Timestamps can be found in the desription if you want to skip straight to UC. I would advise against copying the builds in the video though. If it works for you then go ahead if not you should just use it as inspiration. To address the topic of this tread i felt all maps except UC were fine. For the 1st 5ish tries i had on UC it felt unbeatable. I had to approach it a totally different way which ment rolling with cc instead of dps which was refreshing. I feel like doing it with 2-4 people it would become fac
  13. This thread is too long for me to read through so im just going to assume that the main reason you guys want assassins not to hit core is because of trolls? I personally play all my games in public matches and this has NEVER happend to me. We are talking 500+ matches in c7 and 200-300+ in c5 before that and not once has this been due to a troll. Granted i have lost to assassins hitting core but that was because of noobs who didnt know better and i informed them of their mistake after. Now if you are the carrying type who dont filter out those lovely ascension 0-60 who join your games that mig
  14. Maybe i guess we will find out when they roll the patch out again next week. I went down to 4 mil dps with the same gear/shards so i switched back to the ev2 to actually be able to kill bosses. Like with my huntress i just assumed that the monk relied on fiery brimstone crits to do the dps but ill give poisonous tips a try. It makes sense because of heroic wave buffing hd. What is your opinion on the burst pet?
  15. My personal class dps ranking: The top Scatter shot huntress for single target 15-20mil close range (the sick fiery brimstone dps was nerfed this morning before they rolled the patch back so keep that in mind if you decide to gear one up) Ev2 Megmanus cannister for waveclear 7-9mil (40-50% pierces because charged shot) Hybrid (ap/hd/hc) gw great cc and long ranged single target dps through the auto attacks + needle and with great aoe through her abilities. I use controlled burst II sniper rifle but the other snipers work fine Classic pole smash spamming monk 3-4mil dps (which is double vs roll
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