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  1. Nice, cheers. I thought it may be that but thought there may have been a chance that a double was used instead. but thanks for confirming. Will play around with the exponent vals so i can level through to 1000 at a faster rate. so basically 10 levels per 1
  2. Hi everyone. I have been , modding dd in my spare time for ages. I am looking to increase the players level cap but every time I do I go into the game and put in the console AddScoreForEveryone 1000000000 and the exp just goes funny to something like -2billion or something, no idea what's going on. I put the level cap to 1000. I have even tried just adding 1 exp and it still goes weird... Really don't know if there is another reference in the code to setting level cap or max experience. The main code I'm looking at is in dundefhero.uc I believe.
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