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  1. Regardless of the unexpected bugs happening left and right, I still want to thank you guys for fixing some of the bugs from before. My lightning aura feels much better than before and I can finally clear content safely. Unfortunately, you guys fixed the bug where the wyverns kept getting stuck on Bazaar. I was farming that map for the past few days. LOL.
  2. It's not about drop rates, it IS about the chest that you get for completing. I played the hell out of DD1 and do not remember rewards being this bad in that game. ...Except gearing up for DD1 was MUCH, MUCH harder. Getting the best crap was hard and took endless grinding for one piece. I remember just grinding coals for weeks for my Diamond which was ridiculous years ago. DD2 you can literally just slap on NM3 green gear with decent passives and clear NM4. There isn't a super god gear you have to look for... You just hope for a piece of gear with 1% higher roll on your favorite passives or
  3. I'm getting on average 2 or 3 legendaries per run. I honestly don't think the drop rate is an issue in this game at all. In fact, I think it's incredibly forgiving. Lol You must be new to RPGs if you think the drop rates should give you what you want every run.
  4. Game shouldn't give out legendaries like candy just because you completed a map. Lol It wouldn't be so enjoyably rewarding if the highest tier gear just dropped every time.
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