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  1. No it's just squire with ballistas, walls if you have to
  2. I go through a small list of things to make it work: 1. Figure out if it was RNG. Did big spawns hit a weak lane? Did something just happen to cheese past my defense? Did something unavoidable happen with the sky lane? 2. Figure out what I can change in my active phase. Can I let that wall take a bit of a beating while I worry about that sky lane first? How long can I ignore that ogre? 3. Make changes that I had already laid out based on choices I had made when first building. Should I choke here or here? Do I need to watch that sub-objective or not? 4. Figure min-maxes in character builds that I'm missing and would improve my build. What happens if I switch this piece to that stat and move some SAS over here? If none of that works I probably would just quit but hasn't been a problem so far.
  3. That's fine I suppose. Just a tip tho, work on your reading comprehension, it severely enhances the value you can get out of forums.
  4. Unless you get both out of the same investments, which does happen to be the case on occasion. As an example: Dodge tanking an ogre, having storm boots is effective both as a dps gain and a boon to your ability to tank the ogre.
  5. This statement is false. The act of being a tank doesn't inherently disqualify you from being a dps. It just happens that when both are true things tend to be horrendously broken and as such most games avoid it.
  6. Currently using DH/DCD on my skeletal orc walls, I would probably use it for blockades as well if I built them. The HH/HCD could be useful in the future, I certainly don't think it should be removed.
  7. Well I thought about it a bit, I like the idea of more generalized sets that you maybe could mix and match by gaining benefits for number of pieces of set worn. Note that these are not passives on the items but a separate set bonus function that we do not currently have. The idea is to have a builder set of storm, a bit like what we have now but more focused on doing something, specifically lightning damage with towers. So the example set bonus looks something like: Set (2): When struck, defenses unleash a lightning strike that deals 10000% defense health as damage and chains to up to 4 additional enemies. This effect can trigger only once every 5 seconds per defense. Set (3): Defenses deal 25% additional lightning damage. Set (4): Defenses convert 50% of all damage dealt to magical lightning damage. It gives a small bonus to wall builders with only 2 pieces and a fairly large bonus to offensive builders with all 4, as well as enabling damage type combo synergy for all of your towers via lightning damage conversion.It even creates the possibility of dealing mixed physical and magical damage with a single tower. Ofc I just came up with some random numbers for this so the actual balance is questionable.
  8. He's just exaggerating about the typo.
  9. Horde waves actually got a buff at some point, I was playing earlier and they all spawned together instead of super slowly.
  10. It's not. The limit is on who can join your games and can be adjusted when creating the game. Somethings are restricted to level 50s however.
  11. I'm banning you because you can't figure out that the queen is the better chess piece Banned because pawns are clearly the best piece
  12. As someone with a high roll, about 88%, I can confirm that it is not anywhere close to an 88% slow and that lower is better.
  13. again, this is the only part i care about because it's the only thing that is relevant to the discussion bringing semantics into it isn't helping at all. i said AoE because it is correct in context of its usage PDT is an AoE tower It's a multi-target tower not an AoE one. You can test and prove this by simply putting one down and starting a game, you'll notice that it is only hitting a few enemies in a cluster and not all of them, thereby not AoE but multi-target. Unless of course you're counting the passive modification that does grant the tower AoE capability, in which case it become both a multi-target and AoE tower.
  14. Multi-Target is not synonymous with AE, it's mearly similar. It's nowhere near complaining about your example either, you can apply a simple logic process to figure out why the term undead is used, they aren't called dead first of because they are alive. The 'Un' prefix comes from the fact the creature had at some time died, but it's death was undone and it brought back to life, hence undead. Yes you're correct, the ability to strike multiple targets is a feature shared between them. This is something everyone agrees on and stating it does not make multi-target anymore the same as AE. Again this is a simple case of logic, if I have three skills and I can only use them every so often I'll have to use the sub-optimal ones eventually. If my goal is to strike 15 targets in an area, I'll use the AE skill, then the multi-target, then the single-target. If you don't have enough AE skills you use the next best thing, multi-target skills. The "multi-target" rotation point is really asinine in that the goal isn't to target multiple things at once, the goal is to kill a group of enemies in an area, thus the requirment is for AE and it is an AE rotation. Say the goal was to strike three targets spread across a room for as much damage in X time as possible, but you had to hit them all at the same time to do any damage. You would use a "multi-target rotation" for this. In this rotation would contain three type of skills: Multi-target, Massive AE, and Delayed single target comboed with fast single target in an attempt to strike at the same time. Of course the massive AE and single target comboes would work, but I wouldn't be calling it a "Single-Target Combo Rotation." Not because it has no meaning, but because it's just illogical and stupid to do so when the situation calls for something else, but you still partially resort to it due to limited resources. As an aside, cleave is a form of AE, as is Splash and Line Pierce (unlimited). Cleave is generally a frontal arc attack, that frontal arc is the area it is affecting and is based on no targets nor limited by them.
  15. The generally accepted correct term for that would be: Multi-Target
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