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  1. Ok now I am just confused because you are now implying that this issue was not previously known. That is simply untrue and you yourself responded to a thread titled "patch didnt fix gear" on 6/28/16 and said you were surprised that the gear was not fixed (because you of course fixed it for your glorious supreme master race of PC players like what? The day after it broke?) and that there would be further investigation into the issue on PS4. Obviously nothing was investigated and no one gave this issue a second thought after the first and only attempt to fix it failed. PS4 has enough issues and disadvantages compared to PC even without this kind of bs (like why are we STILL picking up and/or equipping items when we try to jump?). Yet instead of giving us the extra attention that we both need (can only do limited amount of patches, so they need to count) and deserve (100% paying playerbase) you treat us like some kind of *** child who only gets enough attention in order for you to keep up appearances. Your team obviously does not do anywhere near enough playtesting on either version, and arguably zero testing on PS4. Myself and others have said before that we doubt you use real PS4's to test the game as things like this and many others would have been easily noticed. You are either using a "PS4" program on your computers or you have some sort of modded PS4 or some other nonsense. I refuse to believe your testers are actually loading these updates onto normal PS4's with normal characters and legit gear and playing the updates without any special commands or add ons that would interfere with the testing. But yeah yeah I know, its alpha, we are supposed to deal with bs and then report it so it gets fixed. Well, we report major gear breaking bugs and then get ignored. Whats the point then? We are holding up our end of the development process (which we paid to do) and you refuse to hold up yours causing us frustration and wasted time on something that is supposed to be fun and entertaining. I have far to many characters to go and refarm all of their gear. Well I could, but whats the point if your just going to keep changing things and essentially wiping our gear and ignoring the things we say? So im done with this game untill you people stop hiding behind alpha and treating PS4 players like dirt.
  2. Hmm yeah its getting pretty late and still no patch....its possible they could patch us thursday right? Or is ps4 restricted to just tuesdays? I cant recall. If they dont fix it, trendy could at least give us some in-game party hats to help us celebrate our anniversary.
  3. Its patch day trendy, are you going to fix our gear? Or will we soon be celebrating our 1 month anniversary of broken gear?
  4. Nerfed doesnt mean worthless. These gloves are still the best choice for any dps that spams primary attack. So no, no one wasted their time farming. Its good to see that the thought of others having their time wasted brings some people joy, what a great community.
  5. Technically they have been done with gear and character wipes for a long time and supposedly will not do anymore. So in that regard it is safe to start playing. However they have recently made some intentional and unintentional changes to gear that we are trying to get sorted out, so gear still may be changed and ruined a little, but not quite a wipe. Id say go ahead and play, full on official wipes are done, just expect some changes since the game is still somehow in alpha.
  6. Lol madman, I forgot pc is actually free to play. That just makes it even worse that ps4 is constantly getting screwed because trendy refuses to test things for ps4. They probably have some stupid ps4 emulator program they run on their computers to test things, then wonder why everything is broken when their patches get put on real ps4's. I could be wrong, but I fail to see how a lot of the bs thats been pushed out to us made it past any real testing. If they do test things on real ps4's then the testers are either drunk or extremely incompetent But yeah, it would be great if someone from trendy could take 5 minutes and let us know if they have any plans to restore our gear. I am not letting this thread die until its fixed or we get told to just refarm because they cant figure out how to fix it.
  7. Yeah some of the special passives got changed, but all the generic passives are minimum, so they still need to fix this for more than just abyss lord. All my tower and dps heroes that had 5% crit on their gear are all at 3%, which is a pretty noticeable drop in damage.
  8. I had the 3 sewers daily so I ran dragonfall sewers 3 times and got the storm boots each time. Liferoot is still the only map ive had no luck with.
  9. They also previously listed the frosty staff as dropping on liferoot challenge so I dont know wtf is going on. I just did it and the only staff I got was a blaster caster with snowstorm or w/e the passive is called that increases frost towers slow %. There was no frosty power on it or any other special passives, just standard stuff.
  10. Any passive that was not part of the reroll is still on minimum value. This means we will be playing for at least 3 weeks with messed up gear. Fantastic
  11. Why do we have to wait for these issues to resolve before seeing the full patch notes? The patch is out and can not be changed for at least a week (PS4). So what is the purpose of making us wait? When the issues get fixed and we can play, we are gonna want to play, not read. So how about we get those notes to look over while we wait. I know there are several post giving information on what to expect, but those are not the same as full official patch notes.
  12. The 3x bonus is only applied to medals earned from wave/map completion. It does not effect daily/weekly quests.
  13. You can farm stuns really fast with the abyss knight ability, spam it on the heavy lane and youll be done real quick
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