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  1. yeah thats right archers do not have have aoe, and can not deal with ground and air.
  2. WHat is the plan to balance Ev Proton lasers so they not crazy op but will still be a staple of end game play. And can you hint what old towers you plan once you do rework that you would like to see more of in end game. (EX fire towers cannon towers) Ty.
  3. P.S.S I do love your work and game. Your super close to amazing as is. You dont need that much more to reach amazing don/t over think it.
  4. i dont know what all the QQ is about i love the bow. It took me a while to farm it, It took a while to get the right drop. Petsy can be very boring to farm but i got it ty i love the Petsy Bow. ALso ty for for the bling bow very helpful in leveling up my petsy bow drop. GUys its called the KISS System i know you guys worked hard on this but i am shore people wanted a single target boss melting powerhouse, When you put on The unholy sword its not the damage any one cares about. The unholy sword makes our medevil friend a tank spanking wall from hell. best wall in the game. Idea monk jumps in to the crowd with his with his bling staff and mass aoe dots and slows everything. that works so sexy i love it. Then our face melting ev and hunter come down on them with the heat melting boss's away. you can take back that 1 mil you were talk about on your stream dont need it just give us a 400k unbuffed weapon win. Better yet how baout jsut and Armor cleaner/ Arcane bane that add a good dot like bling. Know this idea is super bad how about melee dose aoe and cc and ranged left clicks/kit to win. I know not fun (dont tell the ad carrys in mobas they will cry.) P.S a geared EV2 should be able to keep up with abs archers thats for the incoming nerfs. Its super fun lay out laser grids in end game. Oh never mind fun what is this a game. Sorry dont know what i was thinking i really did think EV2 was to powerful with unlevel geer. She hsould get ther with good gear but not start op but end op should be the goal .
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