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  1. Speaking in generalization that i have NO IDEA what challenge nightmare difficulty will bring. On insane difficulties and lower, 4 players. With the bonuses to stats of the towers and every character played is a hybrid, maps will simply be a breeze. You go elemental, you assume your towers can take care of all the grub monsters while the players focus on ogres and boss, and even wyverns if DU doesn't permit towers to defend against those. A fairy for healing and minor boosts to armors damage resistance values 2 people can easily dps an ogre down as hybrids. The towers are backed up wit
  2. glad you like the idea and i agree. Too many people say yay or nay to a suggestion instead of helping the suggestion out, or even worst straight up criticizing what is only a suggestion and not a "this game sucks without this" ordeal. I do hope though the devs look into doing this. too much similarities in each player's classes, down to even the weapon due to certain weapons being straight up "the only way to go". can't tell you how many people you will run into that, if they are using a huntress, they are equipped with crystal tracker or blasticus (i'm a console player). even worst on p
  3. good luck getting this implemented. If anything, porting this idea to consoles will be really hard for the devs. Also, if unable to port to consoles, they will have to keep strong notes on what each consoles version of the game does, then keep in mind the pc, on top of that the mobile. Every update to the game will have to be strongly reworked for each platform the game was released for. Dont get me wrong though, i love the idea, and if the devs think they can do it i'm all for it 100%. I just wish you guys luck on this one.
  4. very good point.. all of this was thought on the fly and it wouldn't make sense to take this to a command and conquer kind of level. I kind of figured that if a character at lvl 30 wanted to play he'd have no chance as part of a team though also. i guess lock it for lvl 70 characters only or have different league games, one for lvls 10-20, another for 20-30 so on so forth. that way everyone is properly leveled for the scenario and players can't really complain that they are "outclassed" or complain that their teammate isn't strong enough. I understand utilizing everything i said would n
  5. just keep the respawns for the heros. long respawns would encourage a player not to die (as if dying was every a good idea anyway). Their would still be an opening build phase of about 1-2 minutes so each team has ample time to switch characters and build, with mana already on hand at the open. mana drops from the enemies should be very little so as to make it hard to keep the defenses up if they are open to enemy attack and not well "strategized." Maybe a timer event in game where every player gets so much mana in certain intervals, 1 way or the other. On top of this, a shared po
  6. cant really unbalance the game by taking the deadly striker away and replacing it as a healing tower. since it's player choice to go the role of white mage instead of red (old style class assignment). must be very careful. btw the bear trap is basically what the gas trap does. a slight alteration to this same idea is tree style upgrades. Each character still has only 6 defenses, but upon level up to each tower unlock you get a choice between multiple tower types. for instance, an apprentice who just lvls up to the deadly striker tower to have the option AT THAT TIME to unlock the dead
  7. it needs to be changed for sure though. All the classes towers have some sort of use to them. spike blockade has more health than bouncer for cheaper, blah blah blah, in some way their is a use to every tower of every class, except for the darkness trap. nobody ever uses it. imo it should be called the confuse trap, and all effected have a 100% chancing of picking a RANDOM target among friend and foe and start attacking that target, similar to enrage aura except its a guaranteed hit that simply makes the enemies effected pick a random target that could still be as simple as the player, cry
  8. well, the difficulty setting is what is making it so boring, but either way survival mode is supposed to be just that. SURVIVAL. if your towers are able to do all the work for you with a round of repairs every minute, it's not survival anymore, it's just another way to grind for a reward, but instead of grinding you only get one of that reward. make it shorter, but have it do something along the lines of reduce the amount of DU available by 1 every other wave, or make the defenses lose a percentage of their hp/atk. make it possible to get to wave 15 or 30 on insane, but make it harder usin
  9. love the idea, please trendy read this post thoroughly. I also hope trendy is going to balance test before releasing, cuz a 5 mana cost ogre doesn't fit the bill for balanced.
  10. i second this suggestion. I play on 360 and NEVER play solo mission because i don't want to become OP'd making the game no fun for my split-screen partners. But while running with 3 people it seems like maps are overpowering our towers too easily, and as the only player build for the tower defense portion, repairing, monk ability and such, it seems like i will simply have to do some solo challenges to get my character special items just to do typical stuff, like insane spires or summit with 3 people.
  11. cant be straight 50 percent otherwise it would require several, several hits from mob after crystal is only at 50 health left. the dark zone around crystal idea is good though. I think that however will still just make insane a little too easy
  12. no. there is no way this is a good idea for the game. Yes i think the numbers for dps are too high. but the reason why this is bad is people. You'd have to wait for the 'right' combo of characters to do a level and soloing would die. It would turn the game into a waiting room and you'd get nothing done. It would kill the community and ppl would rage more as no one would be tolerant of you not knowing your class or doing thing differently. people not being tolerant of a player not knowing his class would be a problem with that player himself, not the new game style. I don't know if the
  13. the VW was OP, so it got nerfed. even if it was a last minute nerf, it was required to balance. ogre crush on insane would be beatable in 3 players with just one spike blockat at each door using that weapon pre-nerf. Trendy is fixing the game, so quit whining. The final fix needs to stop people from switching classes in build phase during 3-4 player games. insane runs are WAY too easy when everyone runs around with a dps character with tower build characters towers all over the field. Theirs nothing being sacrificed when you use your characters. the idea behind putting points into a cha
  14. That's your idea of fun, not everyone's. You don't actually have to use a VW if you don't want to. You don't have to use a grenade launcher on assault if you don't want to. If you want things to be harder, you can simply not use overpowered weapons. The game will die if the devs keep it in a chokehold. Tower defense is about strategy, and they are eliminating every strategy that wasn't their own. That is what is going to kill the game. you are correct sir, tower defense is about strategy. but apparently, you have not heard.. dungeon defenders is only HALF tower defense. their isn't
  15. I believe this option should be taken away from the defenders forge. So many people keep talking about the balance issues in the game where one class out dps's a huntress or vice versa. These are sorely outbalanced because players are able to not truly play their role. a squires towers are supposedly useless, but now after the most recent patch people are complaining that he also out-dps's the huntress. If a person wants to use the squire as dps let him be OP'd. Just don't let him call other characters into the match so that he can have a tower build apprentices fireballs and striker towe
  16. huntress: ranged, moves fast. Squire: melee, moves slow. its obvious the squire should out dps a huntress. squire towers that everyone complains about are more to suppore HIS role of melee. He holds an array of blockades to stop the mobs in their tracks. As someone said earlier, the huntress traps are used to thin out groups. with a slicer and harpoon along with a couple huntress traps and a squire on point, nothing gets through. but oh wait! theirs a mob about to break through somewhere else. well.. too bad he's WAY TOO SLOW to run and help. The huntress runs off to support.
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