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  1. Just as simple as the title says. easily within a 24 hour period of patch 7.14a being released, 7.14b already has patch notes. It's still not right to have to wait until January for our console patch to be submitted (just to wait another 2+ weeks for it to actually go online), however i've been about as understandable as i can be, and am not mad. But with all the patches to pc done so far, their has got to be more information for us than what was told in the 12-15-11 defenders digest. give us more informaion. will their be superloot? will armor and weapon upgrades be boosted? Will t
  2. consoles have been getting more focus in the digest? Seeing as how consoles and pc are two COMPLETELY different games, and the current trend of pc patches and dlc, the digest only has 1 note in it for consoles. In the past, the digest has only said "sorry, but nothing for consoles this time" along with repeated statements of "the dlc of eternia shards part 1 is on it's way". Placing 1 sentence with the word console in it does not show more focus. Lets not add the fact the pc players are spoken to almost daily. The only time Trendy ignores pc users is when they mess up on something. Then
  3. of curiosity, are you a console player? or has reward loot from insane summit not changed on pc with all the patches. Was just curious. As a console player myself, vanilla DD if you may, we realized the beauty of elemental weapons for boss fights. Now i have a draconis ignis with +4 projectiles and over 4000 fire stat. If your on console though, upgrade the flame stat of your new flamewarder to max, and if it started at least at 150 fire and 20+ upgrades, look at the sale price. Lastly, if you can upgrade it to max, you may want to use it for the subsequent runs on summit if farming fo
  4. another hardcore vs casual thread? Casuals can invest the same amount of time into DD as hardcore players will. The question is how long will it take them? Eventually, after have 100,000 hours logged (a bit sarcastic), a hardcore player will get bored of the game. 3 years down the road, the casual will catch up to him. So regardless, if the player wants it bad enough, he/she will either obtain the glory of accomplishment, or come here to whine that the game isn't "casual friendly." Well, their is one other possibility. Regardless of whether the player wants it bad enough, bugs that s
  5. I heard consoles players will get patches and more dlc later on.. I do agree it is unfair PC gets more things but then again you have to blame microsoft alittle for taking ten years. the issue lolQuy is not microsoft or sony's fault. Trendy held the pc version of eternia shards part 1 until the 15th, with the consoles coming out on 21st. Aside from that, the dlc was even leaked on the 15th to 360 players for a few hours. So, the 6 day wait is trendys fault. Also, PC keeps getting update after update. Our patch hasn't even been submitted to microsoft yet. i can forgive trendy for submi
  6. forgive my gamepad terms, but i'm a console player Another thing that should have already been done in the first place to balance the web power is a shake the joystick rapidly to decrease time restrained. A squire is sort of built in a way to expect being hit by enemies, and when webs start slingin', he should expect to be hit by it. But not expect to sit their for 10+ seconds doing nothing but waiting for it to disappear. As far as making the webs be able to be shot off by teammates, it DOES sound like a great idea. The only problem i see with this is the ability for a teammate to do s
  7. they could bundle it with one of the eternia shards DLC. It wouldn't be free, but the price for the eternia shards DLC is set. Thus, adding it to one of the parts would essentially be a two for one deal.
  8. So far i feel Trendy is trying their best to let consoles die off. They give us a patch, but chances are it's gonna be the bare minimum to adjust the game to the eternia shards DLC. After the 4 parts of eternia shards is released, I personally feel nothing more will come to console. They are gonna try and double the income they got from the console players who bought the game, then just put pure focus on PC. This is just my theory of what they are doing, and it's a bleak one. The additional characters are the central thing i want, along with the patch of course. So many things need fi
  9. I second this. Quit leaving us in the dark Trendy, it isn't cool. Our tavern secret room also shows the pictures of the new characters, so it's sort of like being given the pie but told not to eat it.
  10. As per what new players will see-- new players will see a $15 game with plenty of DLC to download if they like it. If the game costed 50 or 60 dollars, new players would be less likely to buy it. The safe 15 dollar buy (15 dollars is cheap yo) means they can buy it, play it, and IF they like it they have plenty of optional content to go on after the core game. As per the OP's idea, sale the game for 50-60 dollars and make all dlc free, it just wouldn't work in trendy's favor. We of course won't lose too much out of it if we planned to buy everything we could to extend the game, but the l
  11. How can you PC fans be so ungrateful for all you have been given? The front page of the forum is alway 99% pc fans moaning about the latest patch, or the latest free thing get have been given. I'm not gonna stereotype the pc community. Some have made valid arguements about some of the changes. But all in all, you are right. Most of the pc population look at what they have and criticize, instead of looking at what they COULD be dealing with. I can't really move to pc because we all play splitscreen (me, brother, and brothers gf). This laptop has a real small monitor and wasn't bought to
  12. [QUOTE]Why do all companies, even the indie ones, treat the pc as consoles. We get console ports, now we get to pay console prices... [/QUOTE] hmm.. sounds like complaining to me that pc is priced as an equal. also, complaining about price is obviously complaining about being too expensive. [QUOTE]Your walmart analogy flawed because all these costs are already accounted for, wages are part of the considering when you first set price, not after.[/QUOTE] Actually, Wal-Mart considers first how many employee's it needs to cover all job titles, THEN it considers how much they should raise th
  13. Well, i see your pain. As a console user, we didn't get Nightmare mode or the uber monster fest. So what we got is: Campaign map with boss - Portal defense challenge - pvp map Thats it! but supposedly, and this is from Jeremy Steiglitz (hope i spelled that right), After all four dlcs campaign maps are beaten and we have collected the eternia shards, a bunch of extra content unlocks. That doesn't exactly mean more maps, that's all the details he gave. We can only hope. If you think for now it's just too much money, than hold off buying them until march when all 4 parts are completely
  14. Yeah I sure do, I got my computer, my xbox, hell even my house for free and I'm just here to complain how I must pay for games now... Since you own a console, you know that many recent titles prioritized consoles over PC. If there is one thing that Trendy seems to be doing right is focusing on PC. Aside from that why can't I bring up issues just because you have them too? Does being on a console mean you are entitled to have a good gaming experience? yes, and same is true for people on computers. You want to feel better? Pick up pretty much any other console game you own and laugh about h
  15. All he has is a squire, nothing more. I've done mentioned putting flame traps on top of rear defenses, but it's not an option for him. It would be a lot easier if he did make a huntress and monk tho. Towers that can't be destroyed (in a sense) is about the only way to do things nowadays.
  16. Unless part 1 is ultra tiny compared to the other 3 parts.... I somehow doubt that. the original game came with 13 unique maps, and about 15 challenges. If each eternia shards part comes with only 1 map and 2 variations of the same map... yeah, that's not even remotely close to the content volume of vanilla DD. I have my own problems with trendy too. Nothing is ever clear, but the same amount of content could be considering all the PVP maps that come with the dlc's to add up to the original stuff. It could also be as simple as the file sizes being the same, but Trendy is not creditable
  17. Just checking on what pc users think of all the patches. Too many threads of pc users whining about changes, so here we can gather whether the patches altogether make DD better or worst. This means take away your 40+ upgrade armor and your 4mil hp ogres. Your afk stores, everything. Basically, another way of looking at this is.. would you rather be on Console? Aside from that though, you can consider halloween and other non console dlc to still be their, this is just reverting the patches. What does everyone think?
  18. Bump again Can't let this thread die yet. We really need our patch notes for console. At least something to go on
  19. It's the realisation like this that makes me annoyed that this game turned out how it did. Do you know how happy many of us were when we were sitting there with this new game that had some really interesting idea's and mechanic's to it and then suddenly bang, free halloween DLC and patches wow this is so great great support from the developers. Then it wears off, you realise the patches are junk, changes after changes dramatic reverts buff one class to find out everyone complains and nerf it the next day to change it back again to find out they've changed something else, made weapons over
  20. Well, that is though the best advice i can give you. The theory is that the spike blockades prevent your harpoons from getting webbed so they can perform their natural DPS. Me, my brother, and his gf are all on xbox, so all our gear is just about as good as yours. You seem to definitely need, if you solo with squire, a mobile moxie. The thing about this is you have to do no towers allowed on insane, and that pretty much requires 2 huntress's with decent DPS or a genie with strong piercing shots. 12-15k dps is not much, as we were doing normal with about 30k DPS+. the boss was rather easy,
  21. WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET IF YOU PURCHASE ($3.99)PART 1: The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 1 Campaign Mission Portal Defense Challenge Mission Lifestream Hollow Uber Monster Fest Challenge Mission Lifestream Hollow PvP Battleground Spiderling Enemy Queen Spider Boss 10 ALL NEW Weapons New “Mythical” Quality Loot Drops New Shroomite Familiar Unique Ranger Outfit YOU ONLY GET NIGHTMARE MODE IF YOU PRE-PURCHASE THE WHOLE PACK ($9.75) BUT SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. WHY WOULD TRENDY SUBMIT THESE ($3.99 AND $9.75 DLC'S) TO STEAM? WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST SUBMIT THE $9.75 DLC? W
  22. Why do all companies, even the indie ones, treat the pc as consoles. We get console ports, now we get to pay console prices... In the past dlcs on pc were uncommon(horse armor?). You release a game and people expect the patches to include what constitutes as dlcs nowdays. You want to add a huge list of features? Release an expansion. Now I don't mind a splatter of dlcs but I feel that trendy is taking it too far, it seems theres a dlc required for every new feature... I like the concept of dungeon defenders, charge me 50 or 60 bucks and be done with it... Your a pc player? That must mean
  23. console gamers only for voting i know theres some dlc for both consoles on the 21st but more things are needed for the consoles i mean even little things like different skins for the classes that pc gamers have that i as a 360 gamer would like to be added to xbla/psn version This really isn't a lack of dlc / patch issue that we are having as console gamers. i was one of the lucky ones to get the part 1 of lost eternia shards on the 15th for xbox. Trendy already has planned patch for console in january, as well as monthly releases on the 3 other lost eternia shards dlc. Our problem is h
  24. not exactly so true. Just because CS has gone over 10 years without a horrible decline in playerbase means that DD is not a good game. Call of duty, the first, the original, probably would have too had it not had 6 sequels. Not every game can do as such. One thing nobody here has mentioned is future plans. Trendy has decided to stick with this title and not make a new one. The barbarian, series EV, and so on and so forth will keep the current dedicated playerbase going. Not to mention the sequels to the lost eternia shards, and the "loads of secret content that will be unlocked upon ge
  25. a casual player is a player who only plays this game when his normal life is put to a halt. In other words, when you get off work, your first choice is NOT to play a video game. You go out with friends, to the movies with gf or wife, or watch the new episode of your favorite tv series, followed by a movie, followed by something else. A casual player is NOT a person who plays this game any time he isn't at work, eating, or sleeping. On your days off of work, put in time into this game to farm mana and gear. This is a must for the harder difficulty's. I'm definitely annoyed by people w
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