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  1. here's our mind-numbingly simplified layout http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=7281 requires tower build monk and huntress. This works find with more people, just keep in mind the set amount of lives the team has and it's best to use a Resilient squire. The also alots another 35 DU for things like strength drain (to protect yourself) and heal aura.. or, a bunch of proximity bombs to assist in quicker killing. If you have tower squire or apprentice, you can use the extra DU for fun stuff like harpoons or slicers, just note they will more than likely go down. Your hero
  2. might as well put my 2 cents in. I want ALL weapons, challenge or not, as well as armor and pets, to cap at about 35-40 upgrades. This allows hybrids to be more useful, cuz 2 be honest, i hate running around and planting proxies and inferno's, just to run to the forge and switch to ANOTHER huntress to use during the wave. With those extra upgrades, you should be able to max out your armor resistances and still have a few upgrades left for tower stats or even hero stats if you want to go full-on dps. the difficulty curve of hard and insane should both go up by 1.3-1.5! This doesn't neces
  3. my OP.. he has grown so much. But seriously, welcome to the trendy forums, where pc users are experimental pigs, and console users are 100% outcasts. The mods, well their thinking the same, but can't say it in here. ;) my rant and rave aside... patch comes in january-february. My suggestion.. relevel your characters, get them geared, and then wait for patch and hope, JUST HOPE it has the bugs fixed through and through. Because trendy is afraid to have to pay to fix their own broken game, it looks like this may be our only patch.
  4. let me clarify that i meant only 1 dps character, not 4. I don't do solo... ever. So theirfore, i can see your point. However, Hybrids do take away a LOT of points into towers, primarily because of the weapon damage upgrades and armor resistance upgrades. Also, your right about the apprentice. I did stat that his deadly striker is about the only useful tower he has, and it's sad to say the only reason it's useful is because of the outrageous range and ability to shoot through walls. All maps can be done without ever making a tower build apprentice. I do enjoy playing him as dps tho, a
  5. Huntress tends to be one of the hardest to get the tower build weapon of preference, as insane warping core and insane assault are some really hard maps. If i had a choice, i would do blasticus since i find high tower attack to be very important of all tower builds. That being said, the huntress's traps don't have a typical health stat, and so if you want to do repairs less often, tower health is very important. I don't have my game on me at this time but i believe my traptress has 150 in tower health and gets 30 proxies and 14 inferno's. This is with a blasticus on, and upgrades focused o
  6. The best way if you want to get far is to make a tower build of every character and then make a dps character of your preference. Monk auras are invaluable, so if you decide to make 4 tower builds and 1 dps, you should go ahead and make your monk a tower build. The weapon, pet, armor, everything should be focused on tower stats. Attack rate around 80-100, aura size is fine at 70-80, and then focus everything else into aura lifespan and aura damage. Good example stats will be 150 health and 200+ attack. Basically, you'll ride the attack rate and radius mostly with armor, putting hero point
  7. note, the patch being submitted in January should fix all the bugs, plus boast the rewards from part 1 of the DLC to what they should be, including a whole new pet. After all 4 parts are released, and you have collected the 4 eternia shards, a bunch of new content is supposed to appear. Do i think it's worth $4 a piece? Right now, certainly not. It's left up for debate when all 4 parts are released. If the 4 parts together are NOT worth 16 dollars, i will then only be buying new heros. Trendy is entitled to release the content at whatever price they desire. It's our job to rally if
  8. Monster Fest Deeper well.... i like it lol. But hey, it's extra stuff to do right? And DU are done by map, not by what kind of challenge ur doing. Doing Deeper Well monster fest would generate a no running away situation with very little DU, but the time constraints won't be so hard since once monster's spawn they tend to be within 100 feet from you. Personally, as a console player, i like the idea. Of course, as a console player, i would love any new content.
  9. I have a question myself. When we first started we were using SnD's with strenth drain, ensnare, and electric aura all at the same location. My tower monk had about 150 tower health and for the life of me, in the higher waves the middle two doors' auras would go down. 3 players. My brother at first was handling that area, and when everything went down and both me and his gf came to help control the situation, we got past that wave. I took over since my apprentice is much faster at repairs and running around. Same thing, i was only able to hold it for half the wave. My question is, my
  10. Trendy knows whats going to be in the console patch. Under comment over deliver? Look at pc patch notes! This is exactly what i'm talking about. After 7.14a was released, within 24 hours, they had 3 things listed for 7.14b. This is what i want for consoles. The patch is supposed to be submitted in January, meaning by now they know a lot of what is going to be in the patch. While pc knows well ahead of time what they get in their weekly patches, we've been hanging around this game for 2 months just to be listed, relisted, and listed one last time the same crap over and over. They posted
  11. Ok, once for all … I am not a fan of the gaming company as they are sell out to the publishers and distributors compromising the quality of games for marketability (long story just take it face value and move on) but … Did you play any online game before? For the first 6 to 12 months (if you are lucky, otherwise more) it is an endless turmoil of patches, changes, problems and unhappiness. People, just take it for what it is, if the game do reasonably well you will get the patches unless technically the effort outweigh the revenues so no, no matter how much you “cry out unfairness” they wil
  12. read the digest. make searches before asking quests or making a new thread. But to answer your question, the Patch will be submitted in january. So far we will be getting bug fixes, level cap raised to 74, and the mistymire dlc will be dropping a new set of loot.
  13. Trendy has the ability to incorporate it into the patch while still keeping it locked until future dlc is done. In this manner, we probably won't see a dlc compilation of the eternia shards, and part 4 won't release until at least march. So, i can answer this... If we DO get it, don't expect it anytime soon.
  14. flamewarder is great for elemental, and mobile moxie is great for generic. Draconis ignis is so far the best for elemental, but i haven't even looked into generic for apprentice yet. Monk.. hard to say. I've just recently acquire a decent ogre party hat, but as far as "best" goes, i can't say for either.
  15. It's truly hard for me to pick one. Electric + ensnare with fireball towers or fire traps dealing with the electric enemies works really well at choke points. The bowling balls are powerful, and whoever said they don't work downhill must have meant uphill. That being said, putting them on summits highrise behind the back doors (near ogre spawn) is really fun to watch. The deadly striker is a beast, albeit too slow to replace harpoons/fireball towers. All classes can be made useful, but some just require help from another class, which isn't bad considering the ability to switch classes and
  16. nobody knows. A while back he and the series EV was spoken of as a global DD thing. So, if he is coming, we got about 6 months wait time on it.
  17. I think the two biggest bits of console news from today's Digest are: 1) Dungeon Defenders is finally coming to PSN EU. 2) You probably won't hear new details about the console patch until January. I'm more focused on the problems the people who already own DD on a console are having. The EU news is a start, but your just appeasing a crowd who doesn't have the game, who want the game, but doesn't really know what they are getting themselves into. They will make their moneys worth. But only barely, as $15 dollars (I'm not converting the price cuz i'm not sure what it is in pounds
  18. you didn't actually throw a "poll" up but.. Yes for me. 2 votes yes, 0 votes no so far. I would be fine with some concrete info. They have always announced "plans" for the pc, similar to the ign interview with jeremy. I wish they would announce "plans" for console. That being said, i wouldn't be mad if some of the plans don't make it to console while other plans do. It would be nice to know where we stand in Trendy's eyes. Is trendy thinking that because pc got more sales it would be intelligent to focus on pc with 99% efforts and consoles 1%? The content is their, just port it alr
  19. [QUOTE]Console DLC Drops Tomorrow Good news, console fans! Our first gift to you, The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part One, will be available tomorrow! You can explore new maps, fight new enemies and wield new loot on XBLA for 320 MSP and PSN for $3.99. Just as a reminder to you, our first console patch is still aimed for a January submission. You can expect to see bug fixes, an increased level cap, new items for the forest DLC and more. We'll have more details to share once things begin to congeal after the new year. [/QUOTE] part one will be available tomorrow... we've been told a
  20. Have you seen how often they patch for the PC? If they paid $10K for an Xbox patch and had results anything like the PC it'd easily turn into a $30-40K bill. Honestly they don't have anywhere near the level of quality control they would need to release frequent console patches. You guys should just pray that a miracle happens and your DLC is actually playable and free from any catastrophic bugs or who knows how long until it'll be fixed. I'm guessing your just slightly missing the point. We've had this game for over a couple months now easy. While PC DOES get weekly patches, we aren't
  21. yeah finally, i can see that too. But, IMO, i think it's way worst to be in the dark. Also, with 20+ things reaching pcs WEEKLY patches, you would figure the console patch would be plenty enough ahead to give us some more solid details then what was announced on the 12-15-11 defenders digest. As per the exploit classic, I wouldn't know about it if it wasn't posted elsewhere. it wasn't actually explained, but was enough info for a player to conclude on the specifics. My apologies though.
  22. I'm in the same boat. I personally wouldn't mind relvling my characters on pc, but my pc isn't the greatest, and the part of the game i like most is the splitscreening with my brother and his gf. Without the patches, and maybe with them, 3 players is actually much more difficult than solo. My aura's have to be payed much, much more attention due to the influx of enemies at 3 players. just to note i know pc has splitscreen play, but we only have 2 usb ports on this laptop and a 13" screen. 250 dollars wal-mart style laptop doesn't exactly come with high graphics display either.
  23. so by the end of quest for shard, you'll do no hero damage, die in 2 hits, have all your towers webbed, have all your auras absorbed by djinn, and all your money dropped into DLC packs for a new hero that is the only way to survive it all >.> haha.. i love this idea.. introduce a new player class with a bang. Trendy, please track this guy, he has great ideas lol. But seriously, I play on console, back when squire was considered a beast. Turns out, Auras and traps, while nerfed in comparison to pc's patched version (nerfed as in not OP enough to raise DU cost), seems to win everyth
  24. no "lag" issues on xbox. maybe complete crashes on higher waves, but no lag.
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