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  1. day 1 could barely log in to servers.  A week later we log in no issues.

    Day 1 we crash constantly.  A couple weeks later we crash only if using inventory.  Dryad, lavamancer, and ev2 tower-based crashes resolved, map related crashes resolved.

    Yeah, they TOTALLY released the game and said done.  Also, given all the other issues the game has had, i doubt bunny-hopping orcs are high priority on their to-fix list.  It's probably under all the things that real reasonable people would even quit the game on.

    Give onigiri on xbox one or ps4 a shot.  Doubt you'll spend more then an hour dealing with those issues.

  2. One of the key changes i noticed about dungeon defenders 2 as opposed to 1 was how they streamlined hero changing.  If you look at each character individually, you will find flaws, and the more you like the character, the more the flaw is apparent.  As a simple non-mystic example, the huntress doesn't have a wall.  Ranged characters built squishy can have issues picking up gems for repairs if they aren't mowing everything down in one quick sweep.

    If you like the character enough, create a second one and put them both in your hero group so you can place two of those serpent coils down.  But ultimately, i feel each hero should definitely have their unique flaws, as it adds a bunch of strategy to the hero deck creation.  

  3. Game has crashed on me twice since patch.  Once after doing some tavern stuff i crashed trying to load a chaos 1 trial, then after relogging and doing the chaos 1 trial i crashed trying to return to tavern.  I'm fairly certain these crashes were what most of us would consider major and are the same as what had been happening this entire time.

    Now i get to crash solo though, as 12.5gb is going to take my friend until tomorrow to have downloaded.

  4. The game doesn't explain any mechanics all that much, and most importantly gear progression isn't explained at all.  

    After you hit level 50, you start gaining ascension levels.  When you see that gear has gotten better after a bit if your like me you immediately presume that the higher your ascension level the better your gear.  This is actually completely inaccurate, and gear drops is based off how good all your gear across all characters in your 4 hero group is.  What this means is you have to micro-manage all of your equipped heroes equipped gear every time you find something even slightly better.  I'm constantly throwing legendarys away as i find a green that has barely better stats of what stats it does have.

    I specifically mention this because you shouldn't be upgrading your gear at all if your only in chaos 1-4 at least.  Only your shards, as they will stay with you and always be as strong as they can get (fortification at max will boost tower health by 34%, regardless if you got one at level 1 or ascension level 50, it will always end up the same).  Relics, armor, weapons, don't upgrade them.  

    The map and difficulty seems to effect gear level, but if the map drops gear at level 50, then that gear will be to your gear progression.  This means if your trying to get better gear to tackle the next chaos level 6, go to chaos level 1 (so you get that 25 defender medals per run, the cap it seems unless chaos 4 or higher which i haven't done offer more) and grind those now easy missions for new gear.  The only thing your missing doing such a low chaos level is the experience and maybe gold.

    Unless you purchase a bunch of extra bags, get rid of any character specific shards you don't plan on using, and don't keep too many duplicates of common shards that you plan to equip everywhere.  You can just equip as many as possible to save space in your bag as well, but don't let shards (especially common ones) overflow your bag.  same for weaker gear (3 runs of chaos 3 with a 4 person group got my new character from 1-50), no need to keep anything under level 50, and those that are 50 are equippable by a fresh 50 even if they are a 5000 hp totem or something of that sort.

    Overall, the most important thing if your struggling to advance is the gear progression.  Learn to micromanage all your characters to having the best possible gear (while a slightly weaker legendary is better due to the extra stat, the game looks at it differently, so that 30 extra armor and slightly higher hero damage armor piece should be equipped in place of the legendary).  If you get quick at adjusting and moving on to the next mission, you can power your characters towers and armor up very fast and get to higher chaos levels quicker.  Also, if you aren't trying to unlock new heroes (already purchased them with real money or got the ones you care about) then defender medals are very good at leveling up shards as well.  Of course, defender medals have a variety of uses so it's possibly better to save them for things like lockbox keys or something, as opposed to something gold can do when gold has less uses anyhow.

    Personally, gear progression is done in a very stupid way and should really just be related to your ascension level.  Also, i very much hate that the chaos trials don't give you chaos difficulty maps that you can choose, but your stuck doing a random map or resetting until you get a map you like.  anyhow, good luck going forward and try to have fun.

  5. I loved the original dungeon defenders, unfortunately at that time it took trendy well over a year to find out that they couldn't give the console players the new heroes that were coming out onto PC, and they had a terrible lack of communication during that time frame too.

    I'm hoping they have shaped up since then.  This being a free to play i'm holding my money until i make sure those old communication issues don't arise again.  

    On topic:  If you press A enough and spam you'll eventually get back into the servers.   It seems however that after a mission if you attempt to return to tavern the game will crash.  Has happened to me several times now, and i'm back spamming A to try and get back onto the servers.  I'm hoping these issues get resolved soon, it's a pain in the neck and fairly game breaking.

  6. hard to believe that this is a console limitation ordeal.. as many games before had incorporated new characters into their games on console. Not to mention, the character DLC WAS planned before the game release, as the secret room in the tavern proves as well as on pc, the characters being shadowed figures in the character select screen. If those techs have the time to set this up for pc, they had time to set it up for console.

    I at one time would have appreciated the communication aspect of this post, relaying console related news, however the extensive amount of time we had to wait before being told that it wasn't planned for console, and the development team knowing this since the beginning is just confirmation of how much Trendy seriously doesn't know the importance of customer relations. So, theirfore, i am one console player who cannot say thank you for even this teeny aspect (finally communication) of this post.

    You got a sale from this player on part 1 of the eternia shards dlc, but will not see for parts 2, 3, and 4. I spent lots of time on this game and it was worth 15 dollars easily in core gameplay (even with the bugs and horrible implementation of a "survival" mode.) The new characters would have been much more worthwhile then the eternia shards tho.

    You won't see me on here until after Tales of Graces F, coming out on march 13th, is beaten. I will hop on to see if anything changes regarding the heros at that time.

    good luck keeping a console fanbase with this news
  7. according to a random post from Jeremy Steiglitz, after this patch releases, their will also be a patch alongside with each and every eternia shards dlc. I am highly disappointed with this thread because this should be apparent news if anyone watchs the dungeon defenders digest, so i was expecting news about the barbarian or gender-swaps.

    What a fool i am
  8. Hmm.. another arguement between console players and pc users.

    As previously said pc gamers, quit butting into consoles business. We know it's slow to patch and DLC to the console community. we are not idiots. We want information first. They can't give us information u say? Then what the hell are they doing still patching pc weekly? Why are the devs still releasing random dlc to PC?

    Also.. we should have known what we were getting into when we got the console version? What about the several advertisements of cross-compatibility? How can we know console would be a 100% different game when we are promised that pc and console will be able to play with each other? I'm personally not pissed off about the cross compatibility issue, but at launch date we can only assume that everything released for one platform will be delayed and released for ALL platforms as to not interrupt cross-platform play.

    And we know for damn sure now we aren't getting the same ****. But after a month of lacking communication, and finally finding out that pc patches and dlc are going to be completely different and hold so much more data, we may come to the conclusion we SHOULD have bought the pc version. But who the hell wants to pay twice the money and the time into the game just to catch up to where they were in console version, and still be far behind the rest of the new community.

    It's also been previously stated about the barbarian in another recent digest. After thousands of damn threads and inquiries asking about console, we get this digest FINALLY telling us upsetting news, which in turn leads to pc getting more **** that we expected to get ourselves as well. Hell, why would they leave the character portraits in the secret room?

    I hate to stereotype pc users, but we don't butt into your business. We direct all our comments, pleased or frustrated, directly at Trendy. Why? Because it's simply not the pc communitys fault that we are screwed. It's trendys. I have much more respect for a quiet indie company who releases a game for 5-10 dollars worth 4-5 hours of gameplay than a strong supportive indie company who prices their game at 15 dollars worth 200+ hours of gameplay but 100% discriminates it's community's. I also have 0, none, nada respect for someone who has to involve themselves in everyone else's affairs.

    I had defended Trendy for far too long. The lack of communication has gotten outta hand. And for the previous comments regarding the definitions of sliver and end: Quit splitting hairs. We haven't gotten barely any information.. and with regards to the end of the month, we are definitely nearing it. The patch if released today, will more than likely not reach xbox until february. And for details we are still expected not to be informed for another week puts us at a patch release towards the beginning of february. If it's first submission for approval hits the next month, then we have yet again been misinformed.

    Classic.. your a cool guy.. and i expect you or another moderator will edit this sentence and possibly temp/perma ban me from this forum, but i cannot care any longer.
  9. a while back in the dundef digest it was announced our patch would give us new items (actually it's part of the eternia shards dlc, part 1, but the patch is required), a lvl cap increase, and something else i don't remember.

    We will be getting the other 3 parts of eternia shards monthly, and part 2 was SUPPOSED to be this month, however considering we are already halfway through the month i doubt it.

    As far as current dlc, in the US we have eternia shards part 1, but that's all (both xbox and ps3). If your aussie, check your marketplace... and if it's not their, i don't know what to tell you. I haven't seen anything official on the matter.

    The alternate classes, new heroes (i.e. barbarian), and holiday content haven't been confirmed. I think the holiday content was confirmed NOT to reach console players, but my recollection isn't great, so don't take that to heart. The alt classes and new heroes haven't been confirmed of us getting them, nor have we been told that we are NOT getting them. We'll just have to wait and see to that end.
  10. huntress ability to go invisible makes here the repairer/upgrader. Also, those who keep saying this is a tower defense game, it isn't JUST tower defense. It's also hack & slash, meaning the towers aren't supposed to do all the work. The heroes are supposed to be just as viable as a tower. Pure Strategy is for the hardcore tower defense fans.

    if your not doing enough dps, get a new weapon or redo your stats. if your using a hybrid, that could very well be the central issue. With a hybrid your putting points into other stats that is knocking down your ability to dps. If this is the case, you could make another huntress if you need traps, and power level using insane glitter.
  11. i'm surprised nobody mentioned this.

    I don't think this is an issue about how late we get the dlc. We haven't gotten half of what pc has gotten. The fact eternia shards part 1 was released pre-patch tells us they can release dlc that's programmed for new items, enemies, and what not. So why didn't we get spooktacular and the like? It's already noted that we will NOT receive those maps. I don't think the issue has anything to do with microsoft and sony, but moreso Trendys decisions to make the console and pc version completely separate.

    Lets not mention the lack of information we get. It's been over a week now that pc has had patch notes for 7.16. We are also supposed to get a patch this months, and their is only 2 1/2 weeks left of january. This game has been out for over 3 months, so can you really tell me that they don't already have some definitive information as what is going to be included in the patch?

    I don't mind the wait, and for the OP's information, after we get all four eternia shards collected their will be a bunch of content opened up, and the patch will be adding new items into the mix of the one DLC we've gotten so far. We can't just yet say the $4 dollars wasn't worth it. But again, i don't mind the wait, just why can't we get spooktacular, the christmas DLC, and others that pc has gotten? Hell, bundle them up and put a price tag on them, we will buy.
  12. As a console player, i don't have much basis for this. However, i do read plenty of pc threads to know what pc version is like. I've seen equipment and also have seen videos of nightmare mode.

    A downgrading wipe. Don't annihilate everyone's items and tell them to start from scratch and redo loots runs and challenges. Downgrade all nightmare equipment to a new formula of set amount of upgrades. lets use 60 upgrades for example.

    Revert the equipment to that level of upgrade, and make already held equipment lvl 1 with all the mana already put in and ready to be upgraded to max level so the players can set up the way they like. This will be put on a percentage, where if your weapon has 200 upgrades but max at this time is 250, your equipment will be reverted to 48 upgrades where max is 60. All loot drops be maxed out to 60^, with progression leading to insane difficulty capping out at about 40 upgrades.

    This patch will obviously tear down enemies' health, resistances, and the like. Will also have to revert player healing scales and the like.

    Why is this plausible? It would take a LOT less time than making a whole new game. And if this never even goes into the works, Simply buy a console and the game for the console. We are still pre-patch, which means even an animus caps out at 33 upgrades. Who knows what Trendy will be doing with console (they tell us nothing), but if it's a big enough problem to continuously whine to trendy that your not liking the direction the pc version has gone, but your still willing to give another try (i.e. your willing to buy DD2, another game made by trendy), then you must be willing to rebuy the game, dlc, and future dlc that is coming. Keep in mind, with the success that DD has brought to Trendy (sales-wise), They will almost certainly make DD2 cost 30+ dollars, as even this game without patches aside from bug fixes, is worth that much.

    @MintyCool-- Stop bashing player's opinions. Your NOT the "voice of reason" and also are not the only person Trendy accommodates to. Calling a player uneducated only proves how sad a person you really are. The internet is probably the only place you feel "big", as i'm sure if you have kept that attitude everywhere you go, you would have gotten your *** kicked too many times. Just because this is the internet doesn't mean you get to be an ***. DD2 isn't going to happen at least until DD1 has the eternia shards dlc released, the console patches, the new characters, and the ports to Wii U and the Vita have been made. If you didn't know this, stop being a noob and gather up some information before suggesting implausible ideas.
  13. I can easily see some dates being changed now!

    Patch supposed to be submitted this month, part 2 of dlc supposed to be released, we are halfway through the month and so far, console has only recieved news of 3 things the patch is gonna fix.

    Judging by pc patch note trends, the notes come out 1-2 weeks tops before the patch goes live, and during that 1-2 weeks the notes are continuously updated. So, does this mean consoles are gonna be treated completely different with an out of the blue patch with no knowledge of what changes are made? Or, is the patch notes gonna come soon, and the proposed dlc and official patch submission dates gonna be pushed back for console?

    On top of the fact, as stated by bad jue jue, the previous eternia shards, part 1, was submitte to consoles 6 days after pc. With no heads-up on part 2's release date thus far, and the expectations for the console version to also be announced for a week later, we are almost certainly not seeing our announced "January release" for part 2 of dlc. Not to mention, without our patch, it's almost pointless to get the DLC, seeing as we don't get anything new besides the maps, as new items cannot be added through dlc as to avoid segregating the community.

    I honestly am not worried about the patch or dlc being pushed back, i just want some damn information already. It was announced a long while back by hitmonchan that consoles will be seeing more attention in the digest. But the only information in this digest is a community driven event, apparently getting recognition from Trendy and provided event items by trendy. Not saying anything bad about the event (sounds fun to me, if the game wasn't bought on my brothers gamertag), however I can only see this as Trendy's way to avoid announcing that they have, yet again, nothing for us console users.

    So how does trendy improve console support? Well, the announcement of taking away employee labor that could be put over onto some console support for a large forum revising project to "clean up" and make it more pretty and to somewhat avoid thread burial will certainly get the job done *negative sarcasm*

    In conclusion, when will i get some damn patch information so that i can officially tell my brother and his gf that this game is either improving or becoming even more of a worthless time investment? I am personally tired of coming to this forum, previously excited about the barbarian and eternia shards dlc, just to find no official information on the barbarian, series ev, and [jester?] being brought to consoles, and the initial disappointment on part 1 not giving anything unique except for one map that was beaten in a day, and a challenge that's no fun after the first successful win (which took us 3 tries).

    Sorry for the raving, but it's frustrating to think that things were finally going to change support-wise for console only to find (ever since Trendy's vacation was over), the one and only thread in the console section to achieve a post from trendy is the one announcing the xbox deal of the weak on DD, and if i can say anything that was simply trendy showing their face to encourage random visitors to think the developers actually care about a little more than money. In addition to that, 2 digests that show much appreciation to the pc community, new patch notes for pc, an assault map pack announcement that doesn't give console specifics (and we have learned NOT to assume anything is for console unless specifically stated), the barbarian announcement- also with no console details despite the thousands of threads asking for confirmation on a console release (theirs that almighty console support), etc.
  14. It wouldn't bother me if they did microtransactions, seeing as how i only play offline with my brother and his gf. However, since items in game have randomized stats, the store version should not be top-notch nor be horrible. As a poker player, I would actually enjoy the thought of the micro-transaction items being random rolled as well, giving each person a differently statted item with different amount of upgrades.

    Thats just my opinion, if their was a store though it wouldn't effect me in the least, as this is one game i never play online.
  15. To get back on topic (Re: Barbarian): I hope we won't get any DLC any time soon. I am still hard at work getting the platinum for the base game (PS3).

    This game already has the best (fun+playtime+plat)/cost ratio I have encountered on PS3 (rivaling the Battlefield series). Publishing DLC on the PS3 would mean I'd have to buy it immediately, costing other companies their hard earned currency units. Trendy Entertainment is at least fair enough to let other companies earn their share of the gamer's money!

    In addition for example new character classes like the Barbarianand slots would take too much time out of my day - inducing me to neglect my kids instead. Can't have that either.

    Trendy would put up dlc daily if they could work that fast. They'd bring in a lot of money

    Thats just bad parenting, and not what trendy is thinking about when they schedule add-ons.
  16. Same thing here. I hope we get the tower bonuses for using our builder during combat phase, cuz i want hybrids to have a place in the game.

    As far as superloot, i kind of wish for it, but only if nightmare comes. I do NOT want to spend hours upon hours grinding for mana tho, so why can't they make our superloot more stat related than upgrade related. for instance, a superloot version of mobile moxie having a starting tower hp stat of 50 and base attack of 400 starting, but still the same 25-30 upgrades? With a full set of this type of superloot, you will obviously have better dps for the harder ogres, and stronger towers for the nightmare mode.

    My personal opinion on the challenge weapons, i wish they would just throw those into the typical loot drops, while making challenges reward something that can boost items. A few hack n slashes have done it this way--- reward us with orbs that boost our weapons, commonly known as an attachment system. for example, an attachment can give a +10% boost to the weapons tower attack stat. This will breed a purpose to doing challenges, while making loot drops important again. Added onto the fact, with a new attribute to equipment (orb slots), drops will have a little more randomization making consistent "loot runs" somewhat necessary, but the thrill of searching through loot drops and actually finding replacement loot makes it feel much less grindy, and adds that extra purpose to the run then being "just another mana run."

    All in all, challenges do not have to reward weapons, so this is simply an example of how to make it so that everyone isn't forced to use a blasticus or CT to have the best gear. Of course, this scenario may be a little farfetch'd, but their are options to avoid making challenges the only viable option for gear.

    But more focused on the threads actual topic, i think we should get superloot that has powered up stats, but not more upgrade levels. mana grinding sux
  17. In a seperate thread Jeremy Steiglitz stated "with every console dlc their will be a patch"

    The first patch is supposed to be submitted this month. Unless new word is announced, this information is from Trendy itself.

    As per the barbarian and other new heroes coming, no word from Trendy has specifically stated they will be coming to console, however, the digest announcement doesn't particarly point him to pc either. My faith in trendy lacks a little, but we do have hope.

    My own personal opinion is yes, console players will see the barbarian and series EV. The gender swaps, most likely not. Trendy should know that introducing these heroes to the console will keep the community going and yield profit. This is just my opinion however.

    For most of you arguing saying "we won't this" and "we won't that", please wait until your a Trendy employee or have some proof. Otherwise, use statements like "I think" or "I believe." Personally, until the end of this month, I don't see any point debating the patch or heroes yet. The OP has simply asked if we will see the barbarian. The official answer is their is no direct quote from Trendy stating consoles WILL or WILL NOT see him. So, sorry OP but their is no information available at this time.

    Everyone else, grow up and stop arguing like little kids.
  18. it took about 3 pages of arguing with someone before i got a warning.

    Classic is not telling us to go screw ourselves. But like he said, he's not going to babysit every single thread whining about what is pointless to whine about.

    Who cares if it's 4 dollars? As a console player myself, i am just happy to get new content. The patch is coming, and is supposed to be submitted this month. If your not going to buy the "garbage", then don't buy it! Why does classic have to cheer people up? It's not his job, forum admin or not. It's Trendy's job to fill us with hope and then dash our dreams, not his.

    Why make your own thread about price comparison of DLC to core game? It's not going to change the price, nor will it change your OWN state of mind about it.

    And just because classic is the console forum moderator, doesn't mean he is forced to only play console version, be one of our "homeboys", and furthermore lie about liking console better than pc to "fit in."

    I think those who are arguing this point is not understanding that forum moderators are just everyday people, hopping on to support something they believe in supporting. The only thing here that is special is the ability to warn and ban people for inappropriate conduct. Oh, and the color of his name, classic22, being cyan/teal. besides these facts, he's just another person with another opinion.

    Now to get this annoying thread back on topic, the dlc is 4 dollars. No use speculating about the price, making comparisons to what trendy has done with pc, what other companies price their dlcs at, how much content is in the dlc, none of this. It's going to stay 4 dollars, stay with X amount of maps/missions, and whether you buy it or not is up to you as an individual thinking it's worth it or not.
  19. i want a dumbed down nightmare mode, with gear that only has about 30 more upgrades than usual, and of course the new class. I DO NOT want 200^ weapons and to grind for 40+ hours just to fully upgrade that one weapon. With all balancing issues taken care of, we can thoroughly enjoy the nightmare mode and new class, and spend another 2-3 months on this game without complaining about new stuff.

    Of course, their will be that select few who will complain, in some shape form or fashion, that the game didn't turn out the way "they wanted it to".

    As a console player, although i look forward to series EV more than the barbarian, i certainly am glad that this isn't another cross platform scandal, or rather, another promise that died out.
  20. sorry guys, but i have to agree with classic.

    Trendy Entertainment didn't set the full price of the dlc. And right now, they are probably sorry that they sold the game for only 15 dollars. OP, your making a silly arguement and wasting space on the forums. Yes, I disagree with the price of the DLC at this time. However, if you kept up with the digest and looked around at other posts with the TE mark, you would know this here...

    The 4 parts of the DLC, after beating all parts, unlocks much more content. Therefore, we don't know if it's 4 dollars for just one map and challenge and pvp. If it were for 2 maps and 2 challenges, that would equal up to a dollar per mission, which isn't far from what the core game came with.

    So yes, AT THIS TIME, i disagree with 4 dollars per dlc. however, my opinion can very well change when all 4 parts come together. It's too early to rant about skipping your daily bologna sandwich for several days of additional playtime. In the end, it's also not a horrible deal, as 4 dollars isn't exactly breaking anybodys wallet. And since it's optional in the first place, it's up to the individual to consider whether he can afford it, whether it's worth buying in the first place, and buying if he's interested.
  21. who needs blockades when you can spam electric aura and inferno trap all over the map? :P

    anyhow, i agree that players who take this seriously will probably note the fact that the purple glyph around the door causing enemies to be invincible will also note the fact that it's stupid to put a bumper or slicer their. Those who don't know this, will probably never come to the forum, or can easily figure it out on their own after a few trys and eventually watching what happens.

    even still, it's sometimes hard to anticipate ogres range and ability to swing through walls. On royal gardens, the bottom of the map, we had a bumper on both sides of the opening paths, and once the ogre spawn he stayed inside the door and kept swinging through the wall to destroy the bumper.

    This being said, can't fault for few ogre accidents that may happen, but still, i think you have horrible luck with player OP. I can't imagine that their are too many people so stupid to do this.
  22. warping core and assault on insane were very challenging. But i agree with sk8rbros, the core maps that came with the game weren't challenging enough. The DLC map is a pretty challenging run, as we have been reevaluating our tower builds and preparing for another hard run.

    Which is another aspect of it's challenge. About the only way to make it challenging is to get as many people as you can with you, cuz then repairs can become a bit hectic.

    Aside from that, I really like this game for it's replayability (contradictory in a way). When you beat a map, it's a little fun to go back and come up with crazy strategies that you don't expect to work. For example, putting bowling balls behind the side doors near the ogre, up at the very top. They do steal shoot, and it's really fun to watch them bounce all over the place. or doing something like bowling balls only (solo, i was able to get past alchemical lab on insane setting up with some cheap stuff to block the routes first wave, then replacing with bowling balls). The rpg elements are nice as well, but i'm more of a tower defense type person anyhow. Lastly, the coop, which is the only true reason why we bought the game after playing the demo. I don't play many single player games
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