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  1. day 1 could barely log in to servers. A week later we log in no issues. Day 1 we crash constantly. A couple weeks later we crash only if using inventory. Dryad, lavamancer, and ev2 tower-based crashes resolved, map related crashes resolved. Yeah, they TOTALLY released the game and said done. Also, given all the other issues the game has had, i doubt bunny-hopping orcs are high priority on their to-fix list. It's probably under all the things that real reasonable people would even quit the game on. Give onigiri on xbox one or ps4 a shot. Doubt you'll spend more then an hour dealing with t
  2. One of the key changes i noticed about dungeon defenders 2 as opposed to 1 was how they streamlined hero changing. If you look at each character individually, you will find flaws, and the more you like the character, the more the flaw is apparent. As a simple non-mystic example, the huntress doesn't have a wall. Ranged characters built squishy can have issues picking up gems for repairs if they aren't mowing everything down in one quick sweep. If you like the character enough, create a second one and put them both in your hero group so you can place two of those serpent coils down. But ult
  3. Game has crashed on me twice since patch. Once after doing some tavern stuff i crashed trying to load a chaos 1 trial, then after relogging and doing the chaos 1 trial i crashed trying to return to tavern. I'm fairly certain these crashes were what most of us would consider major and are the same as what had been happening this entire time. Now i get to crash solo though, as 12.5gb is going to take my friend until tomorrow to have downloaded.
  4. The game doesn't explain any mechanics all that much, and most importantly gear progression isn't explained at all. After you hit level 50, you start gaining ascension levels. When you see that gear has gotten better after a bit if your like me you immediately presume that the higher your ascension level the better your gear. This is actually completely inaccurate, and gear drops is based off how good all your gear across all characters in your 4 hero group is. What this means is you have to micro-manage all of your equipped heroes equipped gear every time you find something even slightly
  5. I loved the original dungeon defenders, unfortunately at that time it took trendy well over a year to find out that they couldn't give the console players the new heroes that were coming out onto PC, and they had a terrible lack of communication during that time frame too. I'm hoping they have shaped up since then. This being a free to play i'm holding my money until i make sure those old communication issues don't arise again. On topic: If you press A enough and spam you'll eventually get back into the servers. It seems however that after a mission if you attempt to return to tavern the
  6. hard to believe that this is a console limitation ordeal.. as many games before had incorporated new characters into their games on console. Not to mention, the character DLC WAS planned before the game release, as the secret room in the tavern proves as well as on pc, the characters being shadowed figures in the character select screen. If those techs have the time to set this up for pc, they had time to set it up for console. I at one time would have appreciated the communication aspect of this post, relaying console related news, however the extensive amount of time we had to wait befo
  7. according to a random post from Jeremy Steiglitz, after this patch releases, their will also be a patch alongside with each and every eternia shards dlc. I am highly disappointed with this thread because this should be apparent news if anyone watchs the dungeon defenders digest, so i was expecting news about the barbarian or gender-swaps. What a fool i am
  8. Hmm.. another arguement between console players and pc users. As previously said pc gamers, quit butting into consoles business. We know it's slow to patch and DLC to the console community. we are not idiots. We want information first. They can't give us information u say? Then what the hell are they doing still patching pc weekly? Why are the devs still releasing random dlc to PC? Also.. we should have known what we were getting into when we got the console version? What about the several advertisements of cross-compatibility? How can we know console would be a 100% different game
  9. a while back in the dundef digest it was announced our patch would give us new items (actually it's part of the eternia shards dlc, part 1, but the patch is required), a lvl cap increase, and something else i don't remember. We will be getting the other 3 parts of eternia shards monthly, and part 2 was SUPPOSED to be this month, however considering we are already halfway through the month i doubt it. As far as current dlc, in the US we have eternia shards part 1, but that's all (both xbox and ps3). If your aussie, check your marketplace... and if it's not their, i don't know what to tell
  10. huntress ability to go invisible makes here the repairer/upgrader. Also, those who keep saying this is a tower defense game, it isn't JUST tower defense. It's also hack & slash, meaning the towers aren't supposed to do all the work. The heroes are supposed to be just as viable as a tower. Pure Strategy is for the hardcore tower defense fans. if your not doing enough dps, get a new weapon or redo your stats. if your using a hybrid, that could very well be the central issue. With a hybrid your putting points into other stats that is knocking down your ability to dps. If this is the
  11. i'm surprised nobody mentioned this. I don't think this is an issue about how late we get the dlc. We haven't gotten half of what pc has gotten. The fact eternia shards part 1 was released pre-patch tells us they can release dlc that's programmed for new items, enemies, and what not. So why didn't we get spooktacular and the like? It's already noted that we will NOT receive those maps. I don't think the issue has anything to do with microsoft and sony, but moreso Trendys decisions to make the console and pc version completely separate. Lets not mention the lack of information we get
  12. As a console player, i don't have much basis for this. However, i do read plenty of pc threads to know what pc version is like. I've seen equipment and also have seen videos of nightmare mode. A downgrading wipe. Don't annihilate everyone's items and tell them to start from scratch and redo loots runs and challenges. Downgrade all nightmare equipment to a new formula of set amount of upgrades. lets use 60 upgrades for example. Revert the equipment to that level of upgrade, and make already held equipment lvl 1 with all the mana already put in and ready to be upgraded to max level so
  13. hmm.. not all the dlc would be making it to console? I kinda figured. Also they noted they will be making an announcement this month. Why are they dragging this out? They've had ample time to get us some of this news. That statement could also have made it to the official forums, but then again, posting information HERE would make too much sense wouldn't it?
  14. I can easily see some dates being changed now! Patch supposed to be submitted this month, part 2 of dlc supposed to be released, we are halfway through the month and so far, console has only recieved news of 3 things the patch is gonna fix. Judging by pc patch note trends, the notes come out 1-2 weeks tops before the patch goes live, and during that 1-2 weeks the notes are continuously updated. So, does this mean consoles are gonna be treated completely different with an out of the blue patch with no knowledge of what changes are made? Or, is the patch notes gonna come soon, and the pr
  15. It wouldn't bother me if they did microtransactions, seeing as how i only play offline with my brother and his gf. However, since items in game have randomized stats, the store version should not be top-notch nor be horrible. As a poker player, I would actually enjoy the thought of the micro-transaction items being random rolled as well, giving each person a differently statted item with different amount of upgrades. Thats just my opinion, if their was a store though it wouldn't effect me in the least, as this is one game i never play online.
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