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  1. I could care less if they bring it back, or in what form. Its a limited time event that not everybody 'abused'. Those who dont care about progression are going to bypass it anyways. So yeah, putting in something different that allows for the exact same behavior is no big deal, as it isnt changing anything at all, what about that is so hard to understand? Normal players are not 'accidentally' abusing the wheel and bypassing content then saying "golly gee ive beat the game now, time to move onto something else". Do you think people are that stupid? They knew full well what they were doing as they are the same kind of people who leech. So the wheel did not make people bypass content and then quit playing due to boredom, they did it to themselves as that is simply the kind of player they are and are obviously not interested in sticking around for the long haul anyways. Had nothing to do with the wheel. So yeah, all the hatred doesnt make sense. You people keep claiming you only care about game longevity yet I see no posts being made about the existing methods of bypassing content. Why would that be? Funny thing is that this game browser is going to make leeching even easier. Those who would have kicked leechers or left a game that was full of them can now just create or join games with ipwr restrictions. So leechers dont have to waste time with random games that may not give them what they want. lol I wouldnt be surprised if you were to see game descriptions welcoming leechers with open arms. But are you and mr. perfect gonna go around bashing this browser and insulting people who support it? Nope, you sure wont. So until I see the same level of commitment going towards bashing the other methods as a few of you have shown with arguing and insulting me over the wheel, I have no choice but to call complete bs on that entire argument. And im glad your done arguing with me, hopefully dk is too. This has been a horrendous waste of time other to reinforce what I already believed. I am untracking this thread so I dont keep getting sucked back into this nonsense.
  2. A bit off topic, but has anyone tested the sphere that adds earth damage to reflect wall? Could you place one on top of proton beams and then basically auto shatter the enemies when they get frozen? That might justify their cost a little bit if they could do that. If not I agree they are a bit high, reduce their damage if necessary to compensate, but at least make the du cost feasible for its primary role of protecting other towers. Kind of hard to justify it when it possibly cost more du than the amount of towers its protecting, and only protects against ranged.
  3. Ty, the whole notion that everyone was abusing the wheel was nonsense, but its nice to hear people confirm it. NM4 onslaught was the best place to gear up before the release of the new ipwr 750 incursion gear. That gear is extremely rare though so onslaught is still a great way to get geared, especially since it can be afk'd and incursions cant. After about round 6 or 7 or something like that, all gear drops are ipwr 690-700, compared to the 660-700 drops of the best normal NM4 maps. So basically its what hardcores would do to hunt perfect gear before new incursion gear came out. Its my unpopular opinion that the wheel pooped all over the time people spent hunting perfect gear by offering perfect 700 gear instead of down to 690, and it made people salty. They then claim its ruining progression, even though players could already bypass progression with friends or leeching, long before the wheel came out. A dev made a comment about how the wheel frustrated hardcores, which I found funny because it aligned with my view of the wheel, and that turned into this endless argument.
  4. You called me out for doing something that gets done countless times a day by just about everyone on this forum, including yourself, simply because you disagree with my post. I respond to your blatant attempt at an insult and you tell me I need to QQ more? Thats cute. And thoroughly going through your posts? Yes it took ages for me to go aaaaall the way back....to your previous post in this very thread.... Oh noes! How will I ever get that time back! You got me good! Since we wouldnt want to bypass the progression system that trendy themselves want to promote, then I guess we should remove the ability for people to join games that are higher than their current ipwr, wouldnt want them to miss out on the oh so important grind up to NM4. Its so challenging and eventful, we dont want to rob players of such an amazing experience, they may decide to quit playing if they miss out on them. Oh wait, some of the same people who go around complaining about the wheel are also complaining about how pointless NM 1-3 are. Yet they also complain about how easy the game is and how quickly new players can get to end game because nothing is challenging. So which is it? Did the wheel rob people of some important grind that would somehow make them want to play longer? Or did it just allow some people to skip a pointless grind and start playing end game maps a little sooner than usual, because the game is so easy to get to end game anyways? All you elitists and hardcores really should form a club so you can get your agenda straight and stop making contradicting statements in all the different threads around here that people are constantly crying in. Another fun contradiction is to keep claiming you dislike onslaught, yet you do nothing but keep coming back here to argue about a wheel that no longer exists. And I ignore his valid points? All he has done is ignore mine. Like how ridiculous it is that there are people still bashing the wheel after its gone when it was never meant to be a permanent part of the game anyways. A month long wheel that shows up once or twice a year is going to ruin the games longevity? Its like people have never played an online game before that had limited events that offered better rewards than nomal gameplay, or equal rewards in the wheels case, just at a faster pace. And once again, I can pretty much guarantee the majority of regular and casual players were not spending their limited play time doing a boring gold grind rather than doing something enjoyable. I cant prove that as I dont have access to that kind of data, but then again you also cant prove anything to the contrary. So I guess ill just go with the side that is common sense, and you guys can just keep assuming worst case scenario in order to add weight to your argument. Onslaught has been getting afk abused for how long? And is still here? If people agree its so bad then where is the outrage for that? Why is no one willing to get in a stupid little forum war over it, but they will over the carnival wheel? You want to point out how easy it was for a new player to abuse the wheel, why is no one pointing out how a fresh character can join someones onslaught game and walk out with a bunch of 690-700 legendarys without doing a single bit of work? At least people had to actually kill things to abuse the wheel. And its not just random nooby leechers who dont know that they are doing it. Last time I checked I saw posts in a few of the dd2 communities on PS4 with people asking for NM4 carrys. Not only were they getting responses but people were making post offering to carry new players. I assume this goes on in the steam forums as well, and probably here. Does it make it ok to skip the grind as long as people talk about it and ask for it first? How is it any different, skipping content is skipping content. You both want to give such impassioned little speeches about game progression and longevity, yet the mechanism to bypass progression was around long before the wheel (as DK even pointd out), and still is. People who want to jump ahead will, thats just the way some people are, it doesnt matter if its from friends, leeching, or a wheel. Yet the wheel is the big baddie that needs to constantly be brought up? And argued over, and is worth insulting people who disagree with you about it? Why? So yeah, I am gonna go right on ahead thinking there are other reasons people got so pissed off. Because the whole 'bypassing content' argument doesnt make any sense to me as that was already going on, still is, and will continue to go on. Yet you rarely hear a peep about it.
  5. Lol ok. This entire thread is full of errors from multiple posters, as are all threads in the forum. But I apologize, next time I post to a video game forum I will pretend I am turning it in to my old english professor and proofread it first like a good little student. Ooops, looks like someone else hasnt been keeping up with proofreading. That extra space between 'to' and 'associate' in your last sentence just makes it hard to take the whole post seriously. I am going to need you to fix this by the time class starts on monday or you're not going to recieve full credit.
  6. I was doing bling king and after I finished building I started the wave and immediately switched to my EV2 using the new instant switch L1+D-pad. For the rest of the game my attacks had no animation, no character animation and no visible projectiles, I was still able to do damage and abilities were unaffected. During the next build phase I decided to switch in different characters and see if they were effected. Squire/Monk/Abyss Lord-primary and secondary worked fine, including sword of unholy fire flame. Huntress/Ev2-primary and secondary no animation, tested with bling bow and Mag'Manus canister. Apprentice-primary and secondary no animation, tested with ghostly halberd, no indication that I was able to use the secondary to summon halberds. After the map was complete I restarted and bug was gone. Will update if I am able to reproduce.
  7. This is not true. Incursions will always appear to give a gold chest but more often than not the only legendary you get will be the weapon that is tied to that incursion. Non incursion maps reward the chest at random, though personal observation leads me to believe that gold chests become more common on higher difficulties, but this could just be rng fooling me. Anyways, personal performance is not tied to chest reward. In fact, myself and others have requested that some sort of feature like that be implemented, because getting a green chest does not feel rewarding when beating high level maps. Especially for those breaking into NM4 who finally beat there first map, they get a green chest and just facepalm.
  8. If they do they better give a substantial increase to base hero speed. At the very least it needs to be comparable with the 400 move speed sphere that we would lose access to. I use that on all original heroes because the base speed is atrocious. I honestly dont see how anyone could play without it, but maybe thats just me. Move speed should just be a stat, 50 points max, each point is 10 move speed.
  9. Yeah, unfortunately you dont get to decide what aspect of the game I or other people enjoy most. If your in it for nothing but a gear grind, good for you. You dont speak for me, I literally just played non-incursion liferoot yesterday simply because I hadnt played it in awhile, so gtfo with that bs. And I could care less about your current weekly playtime. If people have fun spinning a limited time wheel, then who cares, it didnt stay, and was never going to stay. And if it comes back, the gear it offers will be inferior to the gear thats been released since. So acting like your just concerned about the longevity of the game is a giant load of bs. And if you think the majority of regular and casual players out there were sitting around grinding millions of gold everyday to spin the wheel then your delusional. With perfect jackpot gear (which most wont even have) it still takes hours of mind-numbingly boring grinding in order to have enough gold to get a handful of legendarys. If I was a regular or casual player with limited playtime I sure as $¥[ wouldnt be spending it spinning a wheel, thats nonsense. I wanted to shoot myself with how long it took just to turn in tickets every few days. So if someone out there was doing that all day long then good for them. If they can put up with that then they earned that gear more than people who gear up with onslaught imo. People like you take the worst/optimal circumstances possible about things and apply them to the whole community, then cry at trendy on the forums. Just because something is possible and some people do it, doesnt automatically mean everyone can or even wants to (oh but I forgot you know exactly why and how people play right?). I doubt a lot of regular and casual players even knew what the wheel was capable of, not everyone hangs around the forums 24/7. But w/e, you and your little buddies go right on crusading against that evil wheel. Your fighting the good fight! Huzzah!
  10. Wasnt trying to sound aggressive at all, or just trying to win an argument just to win it. Sorry if it came off that way. I currently have 20 fully geared characters. I know what they are capable of doing, so I am going to argue when people try telling me things that I know are false, like squire being nothing but a wall builder. You kept saying the buffs were coming as if it was going to do amazing things for squire dps, and I just dont see that happening. Hence the bubble bursting comment, wasnt trying to be aggressive. As far as why you didnt get the same results as me, I cant say other than maybe differences in gear. I literally leveled a new squire and started farming for high ipwr wizard gear with crit chance a full month before the unholy sword was released on PS4 because I was so excited about the sword when I saw it released for PC. So his gear is pretty nice as ive slowly been perfecting it for quite some time. Those dps values are actually a bit lower than usual as all my crit chance % are still nerfed to lowest value on PS4. And yeah soulstiger I know those changes are coming, looking forward to them :) I am just saying that if someone finds the unholy sword build underwhelming, then these new buffs are certainly not going to make squire more appealing to them, even if they do manage to offer slightly higher dps. Its not going to be EV2 level. I could see a ranger gear sword beam build being good, and would be a fun excuse for me to build squire #6. It could offer more range and bursty damage over the unholy sword. But its limited by ability mana, meaning you may be falling back on melee for ogres and other high health targets. With the boost to how melee works that may not be a bad thing, but still riskier than the constant unlimited combo of blocking and dps'ing at the same time. But I guess youd still have ability power on ranger gear so no reason currently not to use unholy sword, it wont be as effective as a build dedicated to it, but it will allow you to still dps if you find yourself in a sticky situation that requires blocking. Melee changes should be a nice boost to my tank squire as well, so that will be cool. But hey, different builds filling different roles and ways of playing are what Im all about. The buffs and balances are going to help for sure, but the old 4 are not as in bad a shape as some claim. Monk should be next in line for an incursion weapon, im looking forward to that more than whatever changes hes getting in this update.
  11. Lol yeah. They complain about both simply because they like complaining. New higher ipwr armors have already replaced 3/5 armor slots, more coming soon, as well as armor sets. And special weapons, which are the most important and hardest item to get for most builds, were not even obtainable in the wheel. But by all means, lets continue bashing it after its long gone, and be scared that it will come back even though it will offer nothing but inferior gear in all slots if it does. Lol
  12. Ah ok. Yeah faster firing weapons do feel better. I just assume people are talking about dps when they dont like slow firing ones. Sounds great fozzie. Been awhile so I may be mistaken but I think you could do that on DD1. Or am I thinking of capacity or reload speed? I remember upgrading something other than just damage, havnt played in years. And blaster caster goes to 8? I found one the other day and it was like 1.1 lol, guess I got screwed.
  13. Maybe you will get lucky next time and it will change to do 3 sewer maps :)
  14. Suit yourself. Personally I love it myself. The end goal of the incursion weapons is to offer variability in play styles. So for bows, if they all shot 4/s and worked with the secondary shot sphere they would end up being a lot less unique and 1 bow would eventually emerge that outclassed the others regardless or the build or situation. If this one isnt your cup of tea then im sure the next bow released will be due to the uproar this bow caused because it wasnt focused on single target dps. Next update is making previous special weapons map specific so they can be farmed just like these incursion weapons. So I assume most will be going for the armored cleanser bow, or harbinger bow.
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