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  1. Hey there, I came back after i quitted a while ago and started totally from scratch. By now I have every char at ~400-500 Range except Babarian/App. I was able to nearly clear all Campaign Maps (except the last Shard Maps) on NM but now I'm totally stuck, won't get any upgrades, and dunno what to do. I heard a big step would be to farm Tavern Defense for a good Builderpet and Kings for good Weaponrewards. What kind of stats do I need for this map? I tried it a few times, but I think my movement/castspeed isn't high enough to build everything in time.. Since there are more or less just
  2. Seriously the DEV's should look more at the Casuals. Shard 4 is out so no "NM is beta" blabla anymore. The situation doesn't concern those, who got Endgame Gear always before the next shard. If there was a "Ladderreset" for everybody, they would feel it to. At the moment it's very easy to step into nightmare if you use shops, but a total pain in the *** if you don't. Lootquality at the campaigne maps defenetly should be increased so that you have ~600-800 Stats before you break into NM. Even then its very challenging because the NM Gameplay is a whole different story compared to insane.. th
  3. As a test I tried to start untwinked Countress. So far my I'm able to beat HC NM ES (But it's a 20% success chance because of Djin / Ogreslipping. My stats are 450/650/300/400 and have a Appguard with low stats (+19 Boost / +3 Tower / low Range). Befor the Squire "adjustment" it was kinda easy to progress (Went directly to Misty NM HC to reach 1k stats), but now I'm stuck. Ogres are a pain and Harpoons sometimes are to weak do destroy the Djin in time. I want to progress without Highlvl help or Shopping. Just want to see how I can make progress on my own. Does somebody have an adv
  4. 125 DU on that map? Seriously? hahaha. Trendy pls release more SMALLER maps. These Big maps are just laggy and annoying
  5. The loot progression doens't work for ES HC NM. With 400/400/100/100 you do much less Damage. I was able to solo it with 700 Towerdmg.. but just with a lot of luck.
  6. Honestly in my whole 500 Hours career Towerdmg wasn't ever an issue. I would even go so far as to say that they where more helpfull. For example: 1) You have Harpoon + Spikes --> Spikes get destroyed, the harpoon is still able to dps and do some "tanking". In this time you can come and help, rebuild the Spike as long as the harpoon is alive. 2) You have Proto + Wall ---> Wall goes down, Proto don't do any more dmg (unless you place it way behind the wall but who's doing this ;) ) and the mobs can run through. As long as enemy are coming, you have nearly no time to rebuild, since
  7. but here is another idea: series EVs Blue Tower stat could be tweaked. it could increase the Width of the Proton beam as well as it increase the stun time of the Shock Beam thats a good one! But to your calculation: 2 Ballistas there cover not just the stairs. they too can shoot down to the spawn, besides there to the lower stairs and against wyverns. Even if 2 Protos outdps a Harpoon, the overall dps of the harpoon is 1000 times higher :)
  8. The picture shows exactly the problem. You need 4 Beams to place instead of 1 Tower. (Building time in Nightmare/Insane) Maybe my suggested width is too much (Was just an example dough). A possible solution would be, that we can choose lenght and width of the Proton beam like an rectangle. Would be like 3 DU Width and 4 DU Length could cover the stairs at Magus (the top ones). Would be 7 DU. Think that might be fair. Wouldn't solve the lose of versality at Nightmare (covering a long lane with protonbeams or shockbeams) but would make building protons easier.
  9. Therefore I used always Shockbeams. This might be viable too nevertheless ^^
  10. As the topic say's I think the Proton Beam needs some adjustment. I played through the campaign to get a feeling for the Beams and I can say, that the width is still much too small. It really would be great to make them as width as half the stairwidth in Magus for example. Would make things much more manageable. Sometimes the enemys just walk near the Beams but nothing happens, or they walk just a step besides the normal Path because they where distracted by blocking DarkMage. This would be really great and I could stop using "Hmm maybe there will they walk too"/JustinCase -Protonbeams :) W
  11. Like Appwalls only Ensnares are used. The other 4 auras arn't usefull anymore in nightmare. So Monk = App = Crap atm
  12. Yeah with traps/aura it was easy. But doable with Apptowers too. Nightmare survival with apptowers + auras? show me how (without friggin highstats) and I'll be silent
  13. No he's right. In survival you have enough time to "abuse" the Firstbeam-thentowers setup. But placing 3 Harpoons on one 4DU Towerbuff often needs micromanagment and rebuild (=time). If you want to use the beam on Challanges or Campaign then you often have to be fast. I'd say let the beams be placed everywhere, like Auras f.e. inside harpoons etc. (ofc not on ground where you can't summon them ^^)
  14. First there is a wall, second 900-900-700-700 arn't fresh NM stats and third; you proof that i'm right that squire only is viable. Who's the fool? Oh yeah. @JHarlequin Thx for a objective non childish post. To talk with guys like you makes at least sense :) Yeah ok maybe mid insane - beginning nightmare should be the point where you have to switch chars. That's ok for me. But nevertheless my point stands, that the game right now don't offer much versality. I bet after some patches there will be another dominating class (maybe App again) who can solo like the squirl can now. Dunno why
  15. With this sword i would push block to 100% and the rest into half towerdmg / half towerspeed. Since EV you don't really need Appguards anymore so I would stick to a nice DPS Pet. Only thing i wonder if a negative block can be pushed to positiv.
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