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  1. Has the mastery levels been disabled again? It worked the other night but tonight it wont launch
  2. Haha yes my intention was not to nerf it but to demonstrate a reasonable ability that is not op. My right click on every weapon does about the same as the molten tome this without crit specialization let alone on a crit. If anything ability power abilities are still under powered with all the crit that can be gained. Where is the 999 ability power ascension skill when we have a 999 hero damage and 999 crit damage skill Just when I thought ability power might end up on par with crit trendy goes and nerfs ability power stuff :(
  3. I can complete chaos 3 and should give chaos 4 a go but I was waiting for the patch. The nerf was needed very much so however now I am finding the secondary rather useless now. My halberds were hitting for about 400,000 dps when the secondary was stacked on a single place which was hilariously op but now after the patch the if I do the same thing I am getting about 40,000 dps The patch in small detail, I support the attack speed and the number of halberds nerf. The attack speed and having 5, allowed for one in every lane and very little could get past them. However reducing the damage from 350% ability power as damage to 150% ability power hurt the halberds too much. My charged secondary on my blaster caster hits harder than the halberds even when I am still using ability specs and it goes through most of the enemies. I do get the nerf to make it much weaker because you place them for free and you can then run around and do other stuff making the secondary still useful, essentially free towers. But the time it takes to place the halberds just does not make it worth it any more. I could have killed the lane with my other heroes or chosen crit specs with the halberd and killed the enemies from a distance I hope trendy you put the damage back up to the 300% mark to make the weapon worth using. The incursion weapons are awesome and so much fun, but now the halberd just doesn't stand up to the other weapons. The abyss lord Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone secondary hits for about 100,000+ damage and travels up the lanes. Edited: The Scorched tome demonstrates a balanced ability that I find myself debating whether to get mana for skills or to do a secondary attack depending on where the enemy is or if I need burst. Although another suggestions in stead of increasing the damage is to make them not expire and replaces the first one you placed when you summon a new one.
  4. Ramsters I enjoy the water lightning combo so I used them with lightning auras pre patch. Hope to combo much more in the future :D
  5. A bunch of unique weapons say they have a shard but don't have one like my bling bows. My scorched tome has the locked passive but the bling bow and others don't but they say they have a shard.
  6. archers cover 2 lanes for 40 DU that in itself is crazy even if the damage reduced to 20K they are still darn useful
  7. ^ lightning auras are really good and if you place them right they do hit air. It is important to get max range ice towers and then place the aoe stuff at the end of the ice tower range then by the time the cannon balls shoot the small stuff is dead I found 3 auras a lane works well but you do it in a zig zag pattern to allow for greater clustering and so the frosty power hits all 3 at a time. 4 is a waste O O O serenity's are a must I would have failed so many times without them You only need 1 ice tower a lane really and 1 serenity I I slow the wave to a crawl (about 30%) As for dps I use a 630 ipwr bling bow to provide aoe and slows I got 116% for 8 seconds with 59% slow and has an ark of 83. The dot allows me to run to other lanes while they die. I am 705 Ipwr I have found that a lot of people don't prioritize enemy types. Kamakazi's are the go to thing to kill for me they are always a priority. The burrowers are the next. Another strategy is to stand in the crazy heavy lane and then upgrade the other medium strength lanes. Boss's are designed for the player to take out so it is not really worth it upgrading your towers for that boss. With the bling bow I can kill 3 ogres if I swap between hitting them. If you are struggling I would suggest join a few other games and see how other people play or think of new ways to approach the levels or your grand stratergy. Or try to find some friends or good people in the game to play with. Try to find people who don't go all archers and proton beams
  8. Du should be 60 and it might fix everything 1 tower costs 40 normally so if it was 60 it uses the DU of 1.5 towers making it still really good but reducing the amount of archers by 1/3 and the dps by 1/3. I would also lower the explosion The ramster should be 40 du
  9. If it is not a NM4 incursion map there should not be a map completion daily for it. It would also be nice to see medals scale based on map difficulty 450 medals for NM4 incursion maps 225 for campaign maps This way it gets the players to want to work their way up the difficulties so they can get more medals. Or if 450 medals a day is too much drop it down so Ipwr 700+ are getting the max amount of medals. Higher level means you get new characters faster and encourages group work and excessive playing. At present I just complete maps in free play for dailies to get xp for levels and get the daily out the way. I consistently get 375 medals at the moment but I can get the dailies out the way in like 20 minutes by doing campaign maps. I am ipwr 700ish
  10. about 700 Ipwr took 3 goes to get it right in a party of two. I think they hit the nail on the head with this map. However no map is a challenge for Ipwr 750 ish. They released the heroes as they are for the upcoming patches so they wont be op down the road. This is the issue with early access, however from what they promise and deliver I think this will be a hell of a game by the end of the year
  11. Defeat 5 boss maps -_- well time for ipwr 12 maps. Having do this map for the daily I like it gets you to play a map you don't normally play but do the map 5 times.....I get bored the second time. It should be 1 or 2 times at most and the weekly should be 5 times. I do the weekly quicker than the daily, bad decision. But the new medal rate is sooo much better I can actually buy stuff instead of saving for new characters only
  12. The earth shatter does not have an aoe now? is this intentional? I was looking forward to getting some good earthshatter 10% aoe gear :(
  13. I don't see the point of the rolls on the secondary attack they make no difference as the bow is all about the slow and the dot. The angle does not matter as you should just spin in a circle dot everything and then pick of the annoying enemies Also the reason it is falling flat is there is no large sphere that benefits the bow. its a short range bow with epic slows. long range sphere - its short range flame thrower chill and oil sphere - multiplicative stacking so 20% is about 7% slow on top of the 60% charged sphere - does not work It is a good bow just needs slight adjustments. If you get <100% on the dot it lacks damage You are better off with a 8 second 40% slow than a 6 second 60% slow. So I think time should not be rng based. If it's not 8 seconds it's kinda rubbish Flamethrower the roles don't matter at all you only need to pass an enemy for like 0.2 seconds so just do a 360 no scope and you hit everything. The damage and angle should remain constant just like the damage of the charged shot which is 250%
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