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  1. On top of the resistance bug, there's also some HP bug. If I swap from my tower health squire to my apprentice in Nightmare, suddenly his health pool jumps to like 13k. I thought this was intentional so that healing up is impossible.
  2. Just run a whitelist like Killing Floor does.
  3. There are many things one could do to make it a genuine strategic challenge. Cut the DU by 1/3rd for smaller maps, put a ??? at each spawn point so that you don't know what's coming, remove the ability to swap heroes, increase the % of elemental enemies to 100% (no non-elemental enemies, thus making things like ensnare and inferno less useful, whereas the squire towers would jump in value). Give enemies double or triple elements, etc. I would love to see a new monster that's completely elemental immune. :D
  4. I read the title as "So UMF retarded me with this pet". Bed time it is.
  5. Ugh, this is the last thing I would tell anyone starting the game to do. My first recommendation to a new person is to avoid survival/pure strategy at all costs. Play those modes if you want the game to be completely unfun. I tell them to play through the campaign at the hardest difficulty they feel comfortable with. Then when they've beaten the campaign they can start working on beating all the maps on insane. Then work on legendary defender achievement. Then you can start grinding for gear and mana on survival if you're still interested in the game. Starting out on survival and grind
  6. I'd redo Summit to spawn long range Archers on the parapets, have Wyverns dropping Kobolds, and have Mages casting defensive spells on mobs. So, have Dark Elf Mages cast Hero Boost/Call to Arms when near Dark Elf Warriors? :demon:
  7. I had this problem on UMF with two ogres. I managed to attack one and it came out, but the other was stuck. Somehow managed to jump into the spawn door, killed the other one, and couldn't get out.
  8. tbh, is there any game out there that support crossplatform? Blazblue:Calamity Trigger and Shadowrun are two games that are cross-platform between 360 and PC off the top of my head (there are maybe a couple of others). Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be cross-platform between PS3 and PC.
  9. did you at least make it to level 10? i've noticed steam stats show only 54.6% of the population has it. Would be more meaningful if Steam cheevies didn't only count when playing ranked.
  10. 3. Please give us a trade option in shop. You could just simply add a "For Trade Only Option" and some kind of leave a message system where people could post offers or you could post what you are looking for. I would rather see a general auctionhouse instead.
  11. Barely any core damage with this build: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595829056171533426/1AE624455904282A7CD6C3687E6E7C440DF385EB/ Only the top crystal took damage: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595829056171549887/E2516318F38D1E2E0766EC6D512C22C9F030CBE3/ Start with Apprentice, switch to monk before the first wave. Switch to Apprentice, put down rest of the towers; switch to trap huntress before the next wave. Switch to DPS character; take down the ogres and repair/upgrade as needed.
  12. I have an idea for reworking survival at the core, with a couple variations on it for different game modes/victory conditions. Here's what I'd like to see out of Survival (numbers are variable): One, unlimited build phase (i.e. no countdown timer). All players start with full mana. Cannot build defenses after the build phase - repair/upgrade/sell only. Outdoor missions change to nighttime, like Spooky. ("Survival.") Continuous, no "waves". That is, one build phase (no countdown timer) at the beginning, starting at full mana (or defenses having no mana cost), and the entire mission is one lon
  13. I highly doubt trendy employees have tried survival at all. This. Either that or they like seeing people suffer. :kobold:
  14. Found on wave 8 or 9 of insane Glitterhelm: http://i.imgur.com/YsTBJ.jpg
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