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  1. Its sad, its been abundant time for Trendy to rethink Timers in build phase but since there's not even a sliver of hope that it will even be considered to be changed, i take my leave. I don't like time attacks, i like tower defense.
  2. Just drop the build timer
  3. Tides


    Well its been 5 days since this map went live and consequently, it's been 5 days since i uinstalled this game. I hope maybe in the future there'll be a reason to look at it again.. (This is a big part of why i dislike perpetual beta/aplha. You don't know what you get, compared to proper game release)
  4. Does this mean you want fancy topics with even fancier idea's for improving the difficulties?
  5. Thank's, i've been waiting for it, checking regularly during the day :-)
  6. What time does these dev logs usually get posted?
  7. I was just reading through it because i'm a good citizen "Cough" and noticed that it says "Do not: Negatively portray major religions or religions figures" and wondered. What if i randomly end up discussing something like the christian crusades with someone? That's hard to discuss without being negative since the entire thing is.. negative. I realize it's a pretty far-fetched question, but i have a habit of talking about realy random stuff, so i might just need to know this in the future! :-)
  8. Tides


    I think one of the keywords to have in mind when thinking about challenges for this type of game is Dynamic. The maps are all grinded to oblivion so anything that remains the exact same will get stale very rapidly. One of the things that has struck me as very odd in the game is the lane types. Like the Healthy or whatnot. Instead of it being a neglible amount of health increase and only applies to this one lane that one time, why not make it roll once per game. I mean like, enter Little Horn Valley and game makes a roll, finds out what lane gets hit extra hard. Basicly what i'm trying to - badly - say is, something dynamic that changes with playthroughs, that forces the player to engage enemies, or to build differently to try different things, or we will get stuck in a rut fast. The addition of some sort of spider/binder monster that would target nearby unwary players and bind them indefinently untill either they take X dmg or a friendly hero released them. I wouldn't mind multiplayer specific modes, that'd be nice tbh. Would give me a reason to try multiplayer some more.
  9. Tides


    I call it that, because I could choose to do that myself. I could say, ALL Incursions has a 10minute clear timer that I engage. Why not have difficulty in more meaningful ways, like the strategic revamp we keep hearing tidbits from. Don't get me wrong, i like a hard difficulty, but as many people have said over the last half day, Bastille aint hard. It takes a few attempts and people get the hang of where to build what, and then its a cakewalk, with nothing new or meaningful happening. That's why it aint a proper challenge, and what i am talking about when i say "Artificial challenge"
  10. Tides


    @Zimmerman. Doesnt that just emphasize what some are saying: that its a artificial challenge, that only forces people to memorize builds.
  11. I can't say that i have tried the BAstille in earnest yet, but i do agree that in general the "hardest maps" are still terribly easy to overcome if you got EV2 and AL. Regardless of timer. I suppose thats what this "strategic revamp" that i keep hearing about is all about. Increasing the difficulty in meaningful ways that we can all enjoy.
  12. Tides


    Acually this brings me to something that i thought about for a bit now. All 3 Incursions are essentially time attacks (Although the two first ones have a pathetic timer) Fine then. Incursions are funky time pressed games. Fine. Just give me the option of farming proper gear in another mode then. Aaaanywho... I would just point out, that for the people who think this challenge is super awesome and you love it. People like Dewkin. You probably have a phone. On it there's a thing called a Stopwatch. Click it. When it reaches 600 seconds you pretend like the core just died. There! New game mode for all maps. Edit: My question still stands though. From Page 1. What are the upside to a build timer? How does this "increase" the difficulty, beyond forcing you to memorize build. Before you say stuff like: "similar modes where in DD1", yea thats cool, but that aint a reasononing for this issue, its just a fact about another game! Also do me a favor, and don't bring up how easy it is again. Realy. We've been saying since page 1, we are unhappy with the FORM and SHAPE of the challenge, NOT the level of the difficulty. So please stop flaunting your prowess and join us in the actual discussion. Edit2: I was thinking some more on the "artificial game mode". What else could be like that. You could decide that the incursion "Blinds you momentarilly" and power down your screen at random times. Remember Solid Snake, Phycho Mantis Fight? Change ports on the controller during boss fight! QUICK! I loved that, I rememeber it very vividly, i was in a "youth after school club thingy" and the acual machine was inside a wooden box with a lock. Screaming ensued :D So its definently possible to put in some wierd challenges that players still enjoy. So whats the problem about Time Attacks? Could we make our own game modes? Players challenging other players to beat a certain map under a certain handicap O.o
  13. Tides


    Well i'll at least be looking forward to the result of this. Will the game continue to be developed towards this "time attack" based incursion endgame? If that's the case then seven blessings to you all, and i'll be on my way.
  14. Tides


    The level of the difficulty is not what I (and a few others) are complaining about. It is the artificial challenge of a time attack that we just do not like, even moreso when its affecting build phase.
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