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  1. I do get what you mean, but when there is only four towers, I reckon its kind of weird to have two towers be so similar. Like on DD1 they had the MM and DST, similar comparison but single target, but there was 5 towers all up, not four. I just feel like it Limits the Apps potential, I know you're supposed to use more than one builder but still.
  2. Fireball - I believe this is the only tower on App that doesn't really need to be touched, my only problem with this tower is that fire doesn't combo with any other tower, I know this is most likely not going to be the case when more heroes come out but yeah, annoying at the moment. Arcane Barrier - I like that the Dev's are trying something new with the idea of a collapsing wall, bringing about the idea of a layers defense, but I just don't see it being worth it, every build I've seen so far has been simply using Squire walls, which are much easier to work around (i.e. towers don't need to
  3. If they bring back turret range it will completely remove the idea of strategic placement from endgame, like it does in DD1 and DDE, basically once your stats were high enough all you had to do is place one fat stack of auras and a stack of towers around the crystal so they could reach everything, buff beam then easy GG. There was no really polished strategies for end game, tower range in particular just made it too easy.
  4. Personally I hate the idea of any kind of Auction house or market. It ruined games like Diablo 3, it changed the objective from getting gear yourself and trying hard maps, to finding the most efficient way to farm gold and then simply buy all your gear. The only way I think auction houses or whatever should be implemented is if they only allowed you to sell/trade rare items such as pets, materials, trinkets, amulets or maybe even weapons. Otherwise I don't think it will do any good for the games progression.
  5. The only other class I would be keen to see would be a Mage version of the Barbarian, I want to dps, but I dont like the Barb >_
  6. When will those under 18 be able to beta test? Kinda disappointing since I'm 17. And since Iv been playing this game for years. *cries in corner* they only let a select few into the beta testing so don't feel like your missing out on a huge opportunity just for not being 18 ^^ And a question, are you going to add any more characters to Dungeon Defenders?
  7. DamonvileI would have more threads, but I need to make sure I am at our Walmart with my sign, telling everyone the end is at hand, you are all doomed. That takes part of my time during the day. Mike. haha, Damonville, he isn't turning it into a rant, did you read what the title is? He's simply adding his thoughts to this glorious arguement
  8. It is very ironic, they are the same situation different settings, simple as that, you weren't stripped of your titles or standings were you -.-. Applying new RNG coding to the game is nothing like giving one person a promotion over the other. With the RNG everyone benefits, even though some players are end game already, they can still use that RNG to maybe have a chance at better gear. However someone getting a promotion, only the person getting the promotion gets a pay increase, the other person doesn't benefit. If it was the same, then the new players would have the RNG available an
  9. One important tip I can give is don't underestimate yourself because of stats. If your able to finish any of the maps on Nightmare, once you have a build you can practically do any other map on the Campaign list on Nightmare. When I first hit Nightmare I thought I was far too weak, but after running Magus quarters a few times, I hit up Endless Spires and it was a breeze. When it comes down to it, 90% of Nightmare is mastering a build, once you hit a certain stage in stats, say around 1-1.5k on key stats, there is a lot you can do.
  10. You won't get laughed out... Well, depending on your weapon(s) and your pet. And a tip, a good map to farm for a chance at some pretty decent gear, is Kings game, the reward is one unique item for each character (squire, app, hunt, monk) and an extra item. From farming that map I've had a few Ultimate+ drops which are... pretty nice And generally you'll want your best set of gear for general tower stats on your summoner, and the highest damage on Ev, but if it has attack speed just give it to app or squire seeing as attack speed is useless on Ev
  11. Really? I think the Squire is most skip-able. I'll use App over Squire any day. My thoughts exactly :D But yer, the key parts of any build are Summoners summons (they're in every build because they have their own DU, to skip using them would just be a waste of a whole set of DU) Buff beams and sometimes walls from Series Ev And of course Monk auras The only part to really debate is whether to use fireballs or harpoons (oh and a lot of the time Hunter's Gas traps are quite important but they don't need to be high level)
  12. Feel free to actually read things I say before making a fool of yourself. Of course they would have to check your coding, however, there are plenty of coders out there, and honest ones as well who would happily also check your coding as well leaving Trendy less work to look at, an Open Source type of agreement. Checking coding is much quicker than writing it, testing it with the general public in Open is also much quicker then writing it and they don't even have to leave their current work, infact I believe CrzyRndm is hoping that if he fixes it, they will consider implementing it. On
  13. Why they have to hack? Because as you said. The broken loot system insures that you spend all your hours in a day, just trying to get those 3K tower stats. For a Game that really should have just been a cheap, play enjoy, and move on game. Trendy had to add the DLC, get that money. People have to beat everything in a game, that's the way they are, but how do you get the armor to do that in a reasonable amount of time..??? Yup, I agree, I know people that hack are already low lifes, but they would feel less inclined to hack if the loot system was more rewarding. However I dont fully agree w
  14. Hopefully you took a couple of sneaky shots toss him in the "report a player" site/place I have had this happen aswell, always a good laugh when they come into a pub I host, I'm like you know that's hacked "NO IT'S NOT" "User has disconnected" haha pretty much the same thing always happens to me look at the chat log here XD *deleted* -classic
  15. Spiders/djinn glitching on KG is annoying and happens to me almost every wave. I don't give a crap what stage of the game you're in - wasting 90 seconds at the end of each and every wave is a pain. Exactly what I'm talking about, I just did Kings game and had to wait for an ogre EVERY wave because I'm leveling people that I don't want to get hit
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