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  1. My friend and I have found one cause of it, though it doesn't explain why they stop mid wave...but if you switch the gear on the flamethrower..like swap medallions or remove it..they stop dealing damage. Like I said it doesn't explain why they stop dealing damage mid wave but it is one bug for them that has caused it.
  2. We THINK it may be a solo bug...though I could be wrong....has anyone seen it happen when they are playing with others or just playing themselves?
  3. A friend and I are testing this right now....we think it may be some interaction between photons and frosties because when he had the bug it happened when he was using frosties and photon nodes in the lanes like the video above. So far we are in a c1 unholy catacombs with a frosty in one lane and a photon node in another lane with a single lane not having either. So far we haven't seen it happen but I will update the post to see when it happens to see if it might happen due to the mob interaction with the beam defenses.
  4. I agree with the OP 100%...I really enjoy my gunwitch but I cant really play her if I want relic upgrades and as me and my friend found out today..relics 'apparently' count towards the gear gate that they implemented. I mean I enjoy playing my abyss lord don;t get me wrong because he is my other fav hero besides the gunwitch but what I love about the GWis the CC she brings with her abilities...'specially book drop...and her boss killing potential with Ice Needle is all like <3
  5. Welp...that makes me kinda sad...looks like I have to only bring out my gunwitch to take down siege rollers then if I plan on getting relic upgrades T^T
  6. I've actually had greens drop that were a 100+ stat increase but that's also because I am only currently on c1 and finally pushed into c2. I haven't really upgraded most of my gear because I know it would be changed down the road, plus there is a community project in the forums that have the max role a piece of gear has per chaos level so you know when you have the max role and are getting upgrades. I do agree with you that they do need to increase the drop rate of mythic and legendary...specially the loot chests at the end....I finished a map yesterday and was so triggered when a GREEN box dropped....I mean I haven't even seen a legendary loot box at the end of a map in like...god...35 ascension levels? Has kinda but a dent in my refunded gold becausethe only legendary upgrades I've been getting are from the blacksmith and relic guy.
  7. I hope your translate can translate this to be understandable for you, gear drops frm the higher chaos trials...so it really depends on your gear. In order to get upgrades from campaign you have to have a full set of harbinger gear on the hero's in your desk. Then you move to chaos one trials and get a full set of chaos 1 gear then move on to chaos 2 and repeat the process. There is a "gate" system in the game that requires you to have a full set of the previous chaos gear in order to get you upgrades for the gear you have equipped...but the main issue is..there is really no way in telling if a piece of gear is an upgrade or not so you have to basically have to keep checking the gear drops and putting on anything that is an upgrade stat wise for what stat builds you have for your active hero.
  8. So...I have read in the forums that if I play my gunwitch that I wont get much relic drops because it goes by my active hero, is this true? I mean if it is then this will make me sad because I really enjoy playing my gunwitch actively but if its stopping me from getting relics and progressing through the chaos ranks then....I'll just have to go back to my abyss lord ;w;
  9. Guess I am the only lucky one to have like..two range shards drop by ascension level 45 *runs and hides from the mobs with pitchforks*
  10. I haven't had this issue...I've still been getting relics dropping from mobs as well as chests and I have mostly been playing Gunwitch as my active DPS. Though if this is indeed the case then maybe I should switch back to my Abyss Lord if the relic drop chance is lowered on the Gunwitch...which would be....well...kinda stupid honestly...and sad since I really enjoy my Gunwitch.
  11. 100 DU for a single target tower...the apprentice is still sitting here saying my single target tower costs 80 DU still T^T. I mean as far as I know the nimbus was always a single target tower even before the update wasn't it? Granted I never used the dryad since everyone was using her to cheese through c4 and 5 but that's because I am also a glutton for punishment and would rather take my time then rush through an update that's only been out for like two weeks >.>
  12. I do have to agree with what some people are complaining about with this patch but I also agree that everything wont be fixed just within two weeks. I mean I have seen people clear the higher chaos maps using aura's and such but as people have also mentioned it does need that range shard. I got my first around ascension level 25 and I am 33 right now and still looking for more myself and this is my personal opinion on things but I like the way the game is a bit difficult right now...makes me feel like I earned the stuff I have when I have that clutch moment of winning maps. I was the type of person that didn't like the fact that I was able to go right into NM4 right off the bat with how the game was before but of course I am also a glutton for punishment and don;t mind grindy games as much as others do. I am also the type of person tht will give a game the benefit of a doubt and stick with it and see how it goes....I did it with WoW....I did it with ESO....I even did it with Defiance and I will do it again with DD2, but of course I am one of the rare snowflakes it seems that is actually having fun and trying to figure out how to make things viable....but that's just me.
  13. Heroes dont affect the shard drops....I got my first range shard at ascension level I believe 20-25 and I was playing a dps Abyss Lord when it dropped. There is actually a forum post that the community has been working on that is a spreadsheet that shows what shards drop at what Chaos level...the range shard drops from C1...so just keep spamming those maps for that shard :3
  14. O.O Ok...didn't know it was THAT much...disregard everything I just said then...defiantly hope the gold gained gets a little boosted then if that's the case. I got 31mil refunded to me and I have been upgrading the shards and gear and I'm already down to almost 19mil I think? Still a heafty amount but the amount of shards and gear ima have to upgrade to push myself into the higher chaos ranks is going to get expensive.
  15. You are also able to upgrade stuff with Defender Medals as well...but unless you can clear c1 you cant really get the 25 per map...and that 25 would be enough on its own to upgrade an item as far as I know.
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