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  1. Most gear drops will be for your active hero, as far as I know. So if I want gear for like the squire, I play with squire active. Nevertheless, even with another hero active, it still seems like alot of builder huntress gear drops. :/
  2. Oh, but you can pick up more than one. You just cant carry&deliver more than one at a time. If you pick up more than one, the extras are lost.
  3. same Problem I had the same problem. Even downloaded the game from scratch, but same issue. Being from EU region might be the problem. I managed to fix it by this: In you steam settings, change download location to US Washington DC. Lets hope this works for others It does. Less ppl downloading from there. :)
  4. same Problem Me too. Also, download just stops again and again, have to manually continue it every 2-3 minutes. Still slow. Probably because everybody's downloading.
  5. I, too, would love if you could tell us if, when and how Uber sphere cost and effectiveness get the once-or-more-over. Especially the Squire's Heavy Cannonball Tower, which as it stands is a 5000-medal 50% DPS downgrade to the standard tower. Also, any progress on improving descriptions (i.e. hero abilities, uber sphere effects, etc)?
  6. As it stands, the Heavy Cannonball Tower Uber sphere is a scam. After 100 hours of play I blindly invested in HCT uber sphere, since I'm quite enjoying squire solo. I thought it was an upgrade, or maybe a sidegrade. Silly me: turns out its DPS is 50% that of the regular tower, at max range, and there is no way of learning this inside the game other than actually buying the damn thing and testing it. I know, I was stupid for not researching ubers beforehand, but no I wasn't. Firstly, a player should be able to trust that the 5000-medal uber should be a decent side- or upgrade, lacking any form of stat change description. Secondly, a 5000-medal 50% DPS downgrade shouldnt even be in the game. But since it is, how about incorporating some sort of disclaimer on this particular uber that it is, in fact, a 50% DPS downgrade besides limiting it's usefulness by arguably even more?
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