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  1. Today, I opened a shop, and as the usual as soon as i loaded into my tavern I hid my room. ( I always press escape to make sure I am alone, and I was) About 2 minutes later I left my tavern, joined another shop and left. reopened my shop ( as soon as i was in tavern i hid the room) and when I returned there were 36 cubes in front of my shop keep. Then I was running Hall Of Court, Room was open during the game, No one joined. At the end of the map, I put my room as hidden again. Checked and I was the only one. Loaded into throne room (still hidden) returned to tavern after I loaded the map, and there was an additional 10 cubes on my floor. Anyone got any idea of what glitch/Bug/hack this is ?? Ive been around a long time and never had this happen til today. I double checked recent game/players and there was no one in my list except a few friends I joined in their shop previously.
  2. please dont nerf the new mob. I really enjoy him *_* also, one issue ive noticed is the despawn time. I upgraded my whole map and went for a smoke, waiting on one ogre x)
  3. As the title states.. im looking to buy a fairy... Open to prices :)
  4. at least you made it into the generator. she didnt even add me lol...
  5. This map was pretty fun, i got it first try and forgot to screen. took me like 15 tries to make a 2nd time! phew
  6. Treadmill on a treadmill
  7. I was wondering why you guys would make a basic easy to achieve pet the same/better than diamonds? Diamonds are absolutely useless to farm for now....... DD was for the challenge, the hard work... Now everyone and their sister has pets equal to diamonds. blah
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