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  1. Yes but you do know that list of things you gave him is quite a feat to accomplish right? it will take him some time to compile all that data. Its okay, with the help of the community, I have already compiled approximately 90% of the passives list that players can currently use and they don't have to wait for the official statement.
  2. Bumped, because I'm done editing it for the day.
  3. I'll take some data from your form thanks, but I'm not going to copy it.
  4. Hello there, I'm currently doing a project from scratch to create a database with all the in-game passives in it. You can help me by right-clicking on a cell and inserting a comment with relevant information, and I will be able to input the information and mark the comment as resolved. Link below to database is below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ASxO7dozMkjCDH7YL1TjCNT_lDaBFyRutTIV2DPQ4xc/edit?usp=sharing Please do help me out, and refrain for trolling. If you require edit access, please PM me your email for verification purposes.
  5. why do people use "in lieu of" it means instead just because it sounds nice doesnt mean youre using it correctly, the correct usage is "in light of" but back to topic wiki probably wont ever get touched unless people see a point in playing dd2, most of the people i know that racked over 1k hours stopped playing and doesnt like where the direction trendy is going handing everything out and becoming a super casual game Hi! Looks like we could use your skills in the wiki page.
  6. In lieu of the upcoming patch which brings along many changes and additions, the wiki page for dungeon defenders desperately needs new and updated content. Many pages are out of date, and even more needs to be updated due to guaranteed weapon drops in certain maps, updated passives, updated spheres, updated heroes, new heroes, etc. I have anonymously updated a few of the pages here and would like to reach out to fellow defenders to do the same. A wiki needs maintaining from time to time, and we need to volunteer and do our part. Thank you.
  7. Hello there, I do not play on the PS4 version, but does adjusting the "UI Scale" slider in the options help? Thank you, Xenogenics Hello there, Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, I am unable to help you any further. Try submitting the issue under "PS4 Feedback and Discussion" Pinging [[4370,users]] Thank you, Xenogenics
  8. Hello there, I do not play on the PS4 version, but does adjusting the "UI Scale" slider in the options help? Thank you, Xenogenics
  9. Hello there, You can find the relevant information below. Information Thank you, Xenogenics
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