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  1. It's also happening with the Battlefleet Gothic Armada forums - some people spammed their forums with Korean something something in what's the middle of the night in the US. And people in that forums said that Dawn of War 3 forums was also spammed in a similar fashion. They theorised that they were targetting 40k, though since DD2 is also attacked, I guess we can rule out that possibility. What despicable troll would do this and for what reason is beyond me and they seemed to change their accounts every day, so it might be difficult to just ban them.
  2. I vote for Vampire Hunter, preferably with the cape intact.
  3. Yeah, if it's a one man-one vote system, I would agree with no point carry over - you ask to see how many of the community like a hero. The result would be clear that - say, for example, in this round, 3000 people wants Barbarian while 7,000 want Mystic, etc. However, with this influence system, people interested in Barbarian would spent all the points voting for him and wasted all their points, while people NOT interested in any hero in this round would keep their points. As such, when the new round begins, the Barbarian supporters would be left with no influence point and inevitably lose if
  4. I think that if they're going to put Barbarian out to vote again (which I disagree with, I personally think they should just release him after the winner of the vote) he should be allowed to retain his votes, i.e. start with 30,000 points instead of zero. That way, the former votes aren't wasted and people excited for newer characters must get more points to overcome him.
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