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  1. I have some for sale as well. I can confirm they do drop, but I've only ever played floor 120+ on this patch.
  2. This is fantastic. The DD2 wiki is in a sad state, and it's really hard to find relevant information about even common questions. I'm really glad to see someone step up and change it rather than just complain (which is what I did). Just a suggestion, but can you also list what you need to hit the speed cap / range cap for certain defenses? For example, if X caps with just a shard + ascension, or if they only gain a slight boost from mods etc. It would be nice when planning out builds to see if I can save a mod and/or shard slot. I also have a lot of gilded shards, I'll take a look this weeken
  3. The problem with the current iteration is that it is too binary. It's simply a flat damage number, and currently this number is just straight up worse than other options, so it's 100% useless. The previous version was the opposite, being better in 99% of cases. I'd like to see the trade off shift to another area, like maybe range, to become an actual trade-off and choice instead of simply being +damage.
  4. Yeah, I agree with [[177890,users]]. On higher floors consistency is really what you want. I'm only using a Mark on Sand Viper, because of the interaction with Split viper, and Oil Geyser/Sand Trap, because I don't have enough Power Transfers and I never upgrade them since they are only for crowd control. Aside from that, Medallions are simply better. You trade a tiny bit of damage level 1 for lots more damage at higher upgrade levels and more consistency. It's not even close.
  5. This happened to me too. I took some time off to play They are Billions, and when I came back things were harder - because I had forgotten how to build properly. Like which angles get more damage as Projectile towers, where to place barricades to avoid getting hit by Hex Throwers, and the timing for attacks to peel assassins. Basically, a lot of small details I took for granted when I was playing all the time.
  6. [[177890,users]] I've had some really cool lane combos too. One with every air lane open. And another with both quad lanes opening up! Neither had Frost or Cyborks making them super efficient DU wise. As for EMP Kobolds, a trick I've been using is to simply put an Obelisk in each lane that has them. They'll never die, and they'll eat every EMP Kobold and still a lot for other lanes.
  7. @Mighty Mango 1. Yeah, starting from floor 1 means that if you ever Prestige once, you will legitimately never have a challlenge again for 100s of hours, since you are a) incentivized to keep prestiging when you hit the minimum amount b) be doing easy floors for the entire duration. So if I ever prestige I'm looking at 100s of hours of literally face roll easy content. Why would I want to remove all challenge for the next few months I play this game? 2. I was really disappointed when Ancient Power was first revealed, and I made it known. I'm not the only one. The time / reward investment is
  8. forgot_my_acct_name It's random, you can get up to 1800 DU wave 1, and you get 1 additional wave per wave. The mechanics never change after floor 55ish, it's just higher HP, damage and resist. The scaling on floor 120 seems to be intended for having some Ancient Power and cap raises, but you can just play more efficiently or rely more on hero crowd control. A Mystic with 0 gear could realistically hold Floor 1000 solo. ChrisH36 The Cybork variant of Frost + Control Burn is the easiest, since Frost and Cyborks are functionally the same, limiting ground defenses. Frost + Geode is much harder, s
  9. Wave 2, Lane 11 - Zerker Fodder with Maximum Effort and Cursi-Kazi Cursi-Kazi = Proton until they fix it, but I had a ton of DU so I threw random stuff in here. Wave 3, Lane 12 - Game Ogre with Power Block and Controlled Burn Wave 4, Lane 13 - Zerker Wompers with Vampiric and Headstrong Wave 5: Frost something with something. I just threw like 6 rams here and hit G. I literally just throw DU at these lanes, since I had a ton and nothing is happening in any lane. Victory! If this was at all interesting or helpful, I'll do it again for other floors.
  10. It's pretty difficult to give advice on how to build in Onslaught, since there are so many different mutator, schedule and lane combinations. So I thought I'd just play through a floor, and take a quick look at what I built, why I built it, and how it worked. My goal in playing floors is probably very different than most players. I try to build as fast as possible, to minimize my time spent climbing. Building slowly and careful takes far too long, and even if it increases the chance of failing by a little bit, I'm saving more time in the long run. I'm also very comfortable picking up the sla
  11. Poison Dart Tower placed at the start of each lane, with your walls much further into the lane, will do a lot of damage to most things before they reach. But you are right. Early on, before range shards, AoE options are very mediocre versus Cyborks.
  12. [[83985,users]] I have a lot of legacy shards, and most of them either don't work in Onslaught (Water Elemental does not drench Controlled Burn lanes) or have been permanently disabled (Radiant Power). Out of the 24 Legacy shards, I feel like only 5 are good, and they usually aren't best in slot. Although I really like Super conductor.
  13. 1Earth I'm currently on floor 120, and I rarely fail maps anymore. I'd say maybe once every 5-10 floors. I made a preliminary tier list of onslaught defenses here, that I'll update very soon. I was also going to make a short hero DPS ranking, but I've been sidetracked playing They Are Billions. 1. Control Burn and Frost are usually among the most difficult schedule / mutators. But I actually prefer the Cybork variant of Control Burn over Geode. Frost and Cybork are functionally the same anyway, limiting ground defenses, and PDT are the most reliable way to apply status. I usually use 1 PD
  14. I just reached floor 100 in Onslaught. I was very happy to hit this milestone, until I realized something extremely depressing. I will never Prestige under the current system. It takes me roughly an hour to complete1 floor. That's assuming I never fail a map, that I never disconnect, that I build extremely quickly and just steamroll everything. If I prestige now, it will take me 100 hours to return where I am, just in pure floors. This does not include gearing up. This does not include looking for specific drops. This does not include sorting my inventory. Checking equipment. Moving shards to
  15. Hey, I'm on floor 94. Gear stops around 60, so the mobs vastly overpower the gear that I am using. Vampiric can cause problems, but there are many ways around it. You can build your walls a bit further back. You can use crowd control to prevent them from attacking. You can use EV2's Reflect Beam to stop ranged attacks. You can use slows to make them take longer to reach your walls. If it's a tough lane, you can spend more DU here, and less DU in easy lanes! If you see a boss coming here, you can use a Hero with strong crowd control or high damage (or both!) to stop them from healing or take t
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