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  1. I'm at video store but ps4 in rest mode :) server probably back up around 11:00 I think last time
  2. Mine still says 250 for the standard bag and 450 for the premium bag. ^ same, I apologize iamisom I was referring to the pack. But just checked and bags say same
  3. I'm seeing $24.99 if they are on sale I'll buy but not for the $25 mark sorry
  4. Hey guys and gals looking for a nm4 incursion group. I can solo nm4 life root and a few others.. Looking for a few people to enjoy the game and help each other get better and stronger. We need to build the ps4 community up!! If interested pm me or message on psn: spictaculer69
  5. What is your psn? Or message me on psn please we will grind together
  6. Hey there, looking for some people to run some maps to gear up. Have all characters 600+ ipwer just not correct passives.. Hope to make some friends and gear up. Thanks in advance Psn: Spictaculer69
  7. This happened to me a few times but every time I went to inventory and a legendary weapon was there
  8. Awesome!! I will add you for sure! Thanks so much in advance!
  9. Hey there! New to dd2 forum but looking for a few people to play dd2 with! Have a level 50 squire and 50 dps huntress.. Squire ilvl around 150, huntress around 220... Looking for some to help gear me up and hopefully let me pay it forward!! Psn: spictaculer69
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