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  1. Again how to u no wat gear u have. If its upgraded how can u tell. N what is this max base value of.
  2. Never mind I give up. To me the way they got it is f up. They want u to go though hoops now to just play chaos. When they had Nm at least when I beat the game u could do nm1.
  3. Make sure you are playing Trials and not selecting the map yourself. I can't do trials n I have my gear lv up
  4. I been playing and I don't see no deference. Lv 46 gear is drop n no lv 50 is dropping.
  5. This new system is confusing. I don't understand it. Guess I need a dummy guide for dd2 for better gearing
  6. How to u get better gear. It seemsnlike I can only get lv 46 gear n I have beating the game
  7. Greatfox if need any help just hit me up ill help. Psn--- cobern
  8. Mine is the opposite if I choose US I get infinity loading screen n I live in the US. But if I use the UK or Asian server I don't get it
  9. Make it so we can hold more then 12000 metals. Be nice to have like 50000 metals we can hold
  10. What don't the XP Sphere work anymore
  11. Or just make it where it auto pick up. It's already setup for legendary's to goin in inventory or in the scavenger if u got it setup like that. So y not
  12. Is it possible to get a 700 or higher. If so where
  13. Where can u find the storm boots at
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