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  1. * PvE: Added "Warping Core Challenge Pack" (Premium DLC), and added "The Great Turkey Hunt!" TrendyNet Event (Free DLC) & four new corresponding Hero costumes In order to get "The Great Turkey Hunt" when the DLC was first released, it was forcefully tied into the Hero pack. That is what this is all about.
  2. Check out the dungeon digest, or the patch notes. then come back and talk to me.
  3. And now, it's free? Are you ****ing kidding me Trendy?
  4. I'm speaking in the dev's language of course. Being vague and evasive. I can elaborate though. So they said that towers were getting buffed... 33% flat when the tower hero is out, and upgrades got a huge overhaul. Cool. Too bad they forgot to mention in the patch notes that all mobs got an hp scaling buff. So the tower changes are pretty much Negated right there. Ninjas: Still doing tower damage, still raping players, still just as terribly coded as ever. Ontop of that, there are more ninjas now than there were previously in 7.10. To sum it all up. They wave their ******s around and scream Buf
  5. You managed to ruin another patch. "Tower changes!!!111!" jk gonna ninja edit in here that the mobs will have heaps more hp. Still no ninja changes, and there are twice the ammount of them now than usual. GUESS WHAT, STILL DOING TOWER DAMAGE TOO LOLOLOL. Good job Trendy, you sure know how to make your own game terrible.
  6. Actually just sold that one, but yes! The new loot algorithm is pretty retarded.
  7. Shop Open! I have since then sold the blasticus' and have aquired plenty of new 30+ Legendary-Godly armor and the new huntress favorite, Bone bows with 30+ upgrades, one with 50!
  8. Hello! I have quite a few perfect blasticus for sale, my best being 57/9/27, I have plenty of other 50+/8-9/27's as well. A decent ammount of 20+ Pristines, and Enchanted, Godly and Legendary majority. New items pop up from time to time, I farm every day, so check in and see what new is in store! If you can't find my shop, add me on steam: Streamlol (Streamline)
  9. Actually, if you swap weapons to another, often it will not lock the swapped item like it should. That is how it happened.
  10. To the bank. Now seriously Trendy, this issue is really starting to get old and rather game changing. I'm quite ready to just call it off simply because of how much microattention we have to waste on this game directly because of your stupid bugs that you refuse to fix, or poor game design that you refuse to change. Now, I would appreciate it if I could get my Sicarius that i dumped 30 mil into back, but I know that wont happen. So introduce a buyback feature. Hotfix it in, do something instead of letting your game stay broken.
  11. Because I can't have a storage character or account, it just continues to pile up and I always have too much and often capped. Increasing it wouldn't really make much a difference for selling mana. It's something that needs to be done, the cap is simply too low.
  12. 30 million is jokes, make it in a day any day. Raise it, thanks.
  13. 1.5 mil per head, you get the achievement and a blasticus at the end. I have a game hosted, if you want in, join up. Will be going for a few hours.
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