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  1. Big bug. going through the open door to the original secret room makes you fall outside the map.
  2. It's not related to Valve time at all. Unless Trendy is, for some reason, not making this "free for all" content actually free for all, and is packaging it as its own DLC. Which would be very, very dumb if it's indeed free for -all- on PC. Make it part -of- the patch and not an extra bit of content on the side. And because they're using the new steam CDN method, they can push out the patch at any time. They should release it as early in the day as possible, specifically so they have the rest of the day to patch up any new blocker bugs that crop up, as they always do, instead of having to wor
  3. If you're tossing it in the shop, just leave it without a price and it can't be purchased.
  4. Is it really true that Trendy keeps moving the better gear to the newer maps? It sure seems like it to me. I have been looking for an Ice Sword for months. Literally. I keep gettign told to try the newest map, "There are tons", Yet I can not solo the huge maps, no way for a solo player to build on those. I have run Aquanos NMHC several times. No Ice Swords. No Nosferatu. ONE crappy candleabra. I have managed to get 2 trans pieces and one Ultimate after several runs of Aquanos. Run with something other than your monk, if you want to find other stuff. And run Palantir. Campaign, I'm f
  5. On hard? This guy isn't even a sweat on hard. I beat it with just auras, one buff beam, and 5 walls all the way to the boss. didn't even have to attack the ogres. After work I'll be trying it on NM now that he's been fixed. might need to move.
  6. Trendy already said they bumped up the loot, both the drop rate and the quality, specifically because of the amount of stuff that falls off the map in Sky City. And yet, despite that, doing survival I was making 25M+ per wave, BEFORE wave 10, solo.
  7. I'd say a good counter for the copters would be lightning towers. Getting hit with lightning would mess up the electronic systems (hopefully there ARE some in there?) and would cause an immediate release of the ogre and stun the copter so it can't fire flares, making it targetable by other defenses. Alternate: Death Strike Towers. Ultra long range, snipe the copters before they get close enough to use their flares. Both of these would be viable and sensible.
  8. Jester is I believe planned to come out later this month . Oh, that much I'm aware of. As I said, it shows the Jester right off the bat. However, if you actually pay attention to the ending, one of the things shown is not like the others. It shows ALL the heroes, but in the middle it also shows a single Sharken. No other enemies are shown. That makes it seem like it's suggesting that Sharken will be added as a playable hero, for some reason (and really, a Sharken alt costume and function for barbarians wouldn't be so bad. Be downright interesting, even).
  9. It's also not unlocking the achievement. I think something is bugged in boss rush. Probably get fixed up in the morning. And my one real gripe with the crystaline dimension so far, is you don't seem to be able to do survival in it. Given the different maps, it'd be amazing if you could pick one, with the drops being adjusted based on it.
  10. I side with both: Bring in more anthro/furry skins, and more steampunk. The two don't need to overlap, but I won't complain.
  11. So, given how the new ending shows off the heroes... when do we get the -other- hero? It shows the Jester, but as the song goes, one of these things is not like the other.
  12. I was wondering about mana tokens. Will there be an option 2 push mana into them while in a map? No, Mana tokens can only be created in the tavern. It's one of the Services (service tab) from the tavernkeep.
  13. I have -never- seen them heal towers. Even when they heal nearby summons or themselves.
  14. This will make it so much easier to farm for mana. No investing at a huge loss, trying to make 600M tokens. No more collecting items ONLY to be used as mana sinks to make tokens. Now, just cap out, make a token, move on, then go buy stuff with all your collected goods. :D
  15. I'd like to see a mode that just lets you do an endless survival. keep up as survival is now, but just have it continue to scale forever. every 5 levels, the challenge increases, monsters get faster, more HP, more damage, and better drops. No real variation needed, it just keeps getting harder at a determined rate, with a fixed % buff to mob stats per boost, applied globally.
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