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  1. Hi I'm looking for a strong tower monk that knows where to build the auras for sky city NMHC survival wave 23 propeller cat farm. I have strong enough other builders to do this, however I randomly keep getting my crystals killed by Birds. Only thing i've come up with is my auras arnt strong enough or my traps. So i'm asking for your help. I will build the whole rest of the map if you could simply put down some correctly placed auras, and then go AFK(if you want to at least). I will get you a free propeller cat granted those crystals dont die. My steam is sjsergenti. If you do this bu
  2. Genies shouldn't suck auras if you don't upgrade them. The key to single crystal builds is to only upgrade the towers at the "main" crystal and leave the other crystals completely unupgraded. That way, all the djinns will be drawn to your "main" crystal. For cat farm, I build all the turrets and minions at the South core and leave the Mid and North cores with only unupgraded auras, gas traps and Inferno traps buffed by a single unupgraded Buff Beam. Trying to leave South alone has resulted in Golden orcs getting through in the past, so I personally recommend defending South and leavin
  3. So i easily have the stats to hold down one crystal without problem. However, the crystals that i build auras and traps at just die to random birds or genies sucking auras. Ihis my monk not having good enough stats? im like 2000/3300/2500/2500 tower stats... however it never works. is there a trick to placement? i placed my auras exactly where most guides stay to post it, and same with traps. However those crystals just die randomly to birds.. I made it to wave 23 from i dont know how.. just luck. But if any of you had this problem or have figured out why this happens lemme know on this
  4. I am also curious where people get ultimate / sup armor peices from. Is it mostly reward from NMHC wonderland / akatai?
  5. Has anyone seen any trading glitches or bugs? Today I was trading in my tavern with 2 different people. I sold one person an accessory for three (1 billion) gems. I had him on steam, and everything. We both accepted, however neither one of us got our items. I felt bad so i ran the dungeon him, However i was wondering the whole time were our items went. I went to a new person, who i gave a pawn shot to for 500m. He didnt get the item and I didn't receive his 500mil Mana gem. Has anyone else had anything similar to this? I've relogged in dungeon defenders, and im positive im just not
  6. edit it's back up. that was weird. was down for 15 mins randomly. My internet was working fine, lol i even made this post. hmm i guess i jumped the gun, you can delete if mods see this
  7. So i was just playing an aquanos nm survival, when randomly i got DC'ed off the game, and couldnt click on play online on the main menu dunno why this happened but i am trying to verify game cache to see if that works, but it isn't even trying to verify, just stays 0% forever. Is this a common problem or anyone have anything similar? i guess im gonna reinstall if no one has this before =[
  8. could you link me to the thread you are talking about please?
  9. I was told you could do the dual box with a computer emulator? simulating an Xbox controller? anyone know if this is possible? Basically i want to get the benefits of having multiple of my charators in my game, but i don't have xbox controllers. any help would be appreciated :)
  10. I haven't played in a while, but back when I did play, everyone had a DPS huntress + builders. Why has that changed? I keep seeing DPS jester and range monk more often than others. Why is this? Am I missing something? Only thing i've come across is that projectile speed blows on huntress in nm thanks!
  11. Also if anyone wants to help me out real quick, add me on steam - sjsergenti I think im gonna buy the addons for 15 bucks, but its so much information to process at once. I wouldnt have any idea where to start or what i'm even buying. If i could just ask you a few questions, it would help me out so much. Thanks :)
  12. So if i got to wave 25, i would be able to save it, with my current towers and stuff, and just go to it whenever? and also what are these mana token things? could u elaborate?
  13. One last question. Is the end game content right now the boring grindfest survival it was when i quit? where it takes like, literally 2+ hours just to start getting decent loot? That's the reason i quit. I enjoyed more of the insane Spooktacular end game content, Where it was really fast paced, and intense, But didn't take too long to complete a wave. mostly I have this questions because My internet dc'ed randomly like every 1-4 hours, and dc'ing halfway into a survival would demoralize me so bad. I didn't ever want to do it again. Thanks again! -ps oh is 1.5 billion gems a sizable amt n
  14. thanks for the help! i appreciate that~! So the 13$ pack will put me up to tier with all the latest end game content ? And are those other heros necessary to complete some of the harder missions?
  15. I have 6 level 60's and 2 bil gems. I stopped playing after the turkey hunt There are SO MANY DLC's So my questions is: What DLC's do I need in order to get back into this game, at top level play? Like.. the newest DLC's without really wasting any money on stuff i don't really need. I don't want to play any of the new heros that came out, i'd rather stick to what i have already... so If any kind soul would help update me, i really enjoyed this game, but didn't like what they did about the economy when i quit. thanks ahead of time!
  16. I haven't played in a while, and I was looking to get back into the midst of things. Basically I am looking for Old gear, that you just replaced with your current gear. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, however i have 500m worth of mana to spend. ill be buying Fully upped gear if nessisary, mainly looking for tower building armor, or a really high DPS weapon for huntress. I will buy un-upgraded gear if you have that as well. I do not know the maximum stats / best gear atm, i stopped playing a bit after insane survival stuff, so my current gear is like 35-40 upgrade armors, and a 40
  17. Havent played since the super loot/survival was introduved( mainly when insane spook was hardest thing) and i really enjoyed the game. However i have been thoroughly dissapointed with every content patch since then, Is this new patch filled with un-enjoyable glitches, unplayable grindfest gametype? or has it reverted back to about what the game was like Just wondering if i should save my money and not buy the expantion thing
  18. This is almost not possible im pretty sure. I have 500+ tower damege on all my toons, 500+ tower HP on squire(walls), and my huntress does 200k DPS with my gun, and another 50k with peirce. And i can LITERALLY not even do the first wave of hard, or insane uberfest. THis might just be because it's not meant for solo, or duo(tried with friend too). I like the challange.. but is this ONLY meant for 8 players? I am interested to see what you guys think and want to know your thoughts on more players over a few? and the best ammount to complete these. Im thinking its going to be around 4 due to
  19. still selling? im interested in buying one add me sjsergenti
  20. ill offer a fully upped sicarius 32 ups ( like 50m worth of ups ) i can throw in like 10-20m too. i do 200k DPS with my hunt, and have fully upped huntress guardian add me on steam. sjsergenti
  21. were you the leader of WTB Opp on the US east server?
  22. do you play APB by any chance? i knew a guy named Mcstabbyface from APB
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