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  1. https://youtu.be/9caHLF6kPe8 lol, why did you not hit the share button on the PS4 to get a better quality video!? I made a post about this & a work around (https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/135595/slight-fix-for-the-selling-item-bug) so you can still sell mythical items, legendary items, & lockboxes without it kicking you out to reselect the category. Also, did you know you could hold down on the d(irectional)-pad and then hold down on the left analog (joy)stick to go through items quicker in your inventory!? Why need i better quality? Its just a bug report and not a gameplay
  2. For ps4 you can join some dd2 communities like juicebags community and others. The pack is your choice, buy it ive you want :) But remember with the july patch you can synch your PC account with the ps4. "July: Update that will sync PC and PS4 versions (should include The Buried Bastille Update and the next milestone update)"
  3. 1. Monk, dmg hero crit and a little heatlh. Spooky weapon is great but not needed too deal tons of dmg. 2. Abyss Lord, insane aoe dmg, but little boring spam stones, absorb mana, repeat. 3. Huntress, i prefer Dragons visage 4s burst, got a 4s cleanser long time ago and was super happy, but i dont use it.... in my opinion dragons visage is still the better (singletarget) dps bow and i deal more dmg cuz i got more chargeshoots with a burstbow. 4. squire tanky/ability he is nice with FMN. 5.App - i dunno why but i hate this Class... I only use him for freezies.. And Ev2.. I dont need too t
  4. Harbinger hard/insane//nm1. Construction: build only geyser traps too knock up. freeze towers and serenity auta with idle flow for slow. For provoke, just start a harbinger run and build nothing! Just a serenity aura on the core. Wait 2min , until all enemies hit the ship core, then rush in and use your Provoke skill. Time needed: 1hr-1,5hr.
  5. And Bows shoots block arrows sometimes
  6. Monthly.. Dailys.. Playing maps?
  7. Freeze towers and serenity auras with idle flow (slow) its easy
  8. i dont cant find my halloween costumes on the wardarobe. Iam the only one?
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