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  1. So i paid $75 and apart of game key i dont have acces to other rewards. When im trying use code for costume it says invalid code, can't find secret room in tavern too. basicly i only have game code for it and nothing else :/ anyone had similar problem?
  2. Sorry, I tried to find you but no luck. Try to find me. Gilad92, avatar is black skull on yellow background
  3. Thanks. I will ask for everything at discord
  4. That will be great idea. I will probably start playing next week so let me know when you will get a code.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I will try to dig more info about how to start fresh then. I would love to get all achievements again. 3k stats you saying. I will do my best. I want to finally finish all achievements and remind myself everything before DDA is out🙂 I think if i will start playing on my old saves i will just give up after few days.
  6. Ok. So i want to start game again from beginning. I'm going to remove game from my account and buy it again to reset everything. I wasn't playing since aquanos was released so I'm behind. Now i have few questions. What is best map for farming gear, best map for acc, what is best dps pet. Best wpn, Is there any site with best map layouts. In what should i focused during progressing in the game. Best dps hero. Any advice and help is very welcome. Thanks
  7. Gilad

    [WTA] Tower Set (sup)

    It count, sorry working hard so can't update all the time :)
  8. Gilad

    [WTA] Tower Set (sup)

    Bump. Just remember that my hero stats are including hero points (most of it in tower rate)
  9. Gilad

    Old Player

    Would be nice to know your stat range. Huntress: Hp: depends on personal preference, higher the better but in general dmg + range is more important. I'd say 2k+ is enough for all campaigns even if you use proxy spam builds, higher allows you to go lazy on repairs. Rate: scaling is pathetic at 2.5k+ and increment feels like a waste. Range: if you're below 2k your trapper is not a trapper :) I'd recommend 2.5k minimum. Scaling is nice until ~3.5k above that you get diminishing returns. Damage: no limit. Not a priority until your hp is below 2k though. (damaging traps are not useful if they can't survive a full wave) Monk: HP: personal preference again, if you're above 2k it's the least important stat on monk imho. Range: scaling softcap is ~2.2k above that you get diminishing returns. Big bubbles are nice and higher the better ofc. Rate: i'm the odd person who prefers high rate and my rate is roughly equal or higher than range :) It's a double edged sword, with higher rate your auras go down faster. On the other hand you get more dps on electric auras. Damage: no limit. EV: I wrote long rants about EV stat scaling, it's pretty much nonexistent at 2k+ no matter which stat you're looking at. Still no one made a clear argument on how having a ~0.03 higher multiplier has any significant effect on gameplay so until that happens i'll keep saying get 2k in all then don't bother anymore :) Sure your walls get more hp and your stuff deals more damage and even rate has an effect on dps output but EV stats are something you should only bother with if you a) have tons of extra gear or b) really bored Squire: Since the LT buff the importance of squire faded sadly. Rate: 2nd most important stat Range: caps at ~1k (and your harps will still shoot through the whole map) Hp: depends on the setups you use, if you pull them back behind the minion walls it's not important but if you use them at the frontline you need ~2k hp. Squire towers are tanky and have great hp scaling so that's enough for everything you want to use harpoons for. Damage: no limit Summoner: Hp: 2nd most important stat, everyone has different taste but in general you want it to be as high as you can. With high enough hp you can skip using mages on most maps and use the free MU for more archers. I'd say the minimum is flexible and depends on your dmg, up until the 5-5.5k range keep it maximum 1k lower than your dmg. (yes when I see someone with 6k+ dmg and 3k-ish hp I laugh and call them retarded) Rate: caps ~1.4k (I don't know the exact number but 95% you'll put minions on buff beams so if you're a bit short it wont matter anyway) Range: same as rate, I don't know exactly but it's not more than 1.5k :) Damage: no limit So i need to rebuild my summoner. He has 2.6k TH and 4.7k TDmg :( Thanks for that guys. And one more question for now. How you count capped ToT? When it have 700 in stats?
  10. Gilad

    Old Player

    Hi guys. Can you tell me on what stats I should focus on each of my heroes? I know that on mage is tower dmg and tower rate. What about summoner? Traper, aura monk, eve buff and squire? Thanks
  11. Gilad

    [WTA] Tower Set (sup)

    It's not perfect but may be usefull for somebody :) I accept: Coal 6:1 Cubes End date will be at 14/04 Thanks :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037083650/screenshots/ C/O 1cv 2coals
  12. Thanks alot. Good to know that :) there is some more map what drop better lot on isnane?
  13. Gilad

    Old Player

    Blaster drops better on insane? I think i will go for this one :)
  14. Gilad

    Old Player

    What is the best dps weapon for huntress?
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