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  1. My hearty blockade is 25%, but my blockade has more health than before. Your move, I also dropped to one piece with 15%, my purge is still entirely usable. Weird how yours got destroyed while mine still functions. The range dropped to 1,600~ from 2,800~ but it's still entirely usable. I think the only map I had to place an extra one on so far is crossroads. Basically everyone is throwing this waaaay out of proportion. This isn't even close to a stealth wipe. I never said stealth wipe, but it's really annoying when you have your entire set up screwed around. One of the bigger reason people g
  2. I got my entire serenity aura monk completely destroyed, went from having full 15% gear to having 1 piece with 15% on it, this update will make me quit the game for quite some time again, mostly because most of my chars got completely screwed over by the update, went from like 120% hearty blockades to 25% among other things. This annoys me mostly because I farmed all of this gear in the weeks before bling king being released...
  3. Higher resolution picture This is what my "J" menu looks like
  4. 600 Defender medals Not bad, thanks. It was a nice reward, but I was a bit surprised when it popped, since I had just gotten in after the patch and the first thing I wanted to do was try the new map, but then I also completed the weekly.
  5. I have to say that I hope the future versions of these missions won't be as easy to complete, since I didn't even notice that I had gotten the mission until the completion accolade popped up.
  6. Trying to download the update...
  7. I knew you didn't get them as a reward before the latest patch, but I was hoping that they had added it since I play A LOT of onslaught, well well, thanks for the replies guys :p
  8. Do you get defender medals in onslaught now, since the description for the 3x defender medals reward weekend states "...get triple the amount of Defender Medals for Wave and Match completion" Source But so far when playing onslaught I haven't gotten any as a reward, so is this a typo or something that has now been added? Or are they referring to incursion and freeplay? Any official word on this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I agree if you want a quick game for some gear maybe do a daily, Betsy is a good map. Throne Room Onslaught is great providing you have a day spare. Can we get some quicker difficulty scaling in Onslaught please Trendy. I would like it see Onslaught rewards changed to every 5 rounds from 10 with round 25 being next to impossible to complete. That way games will last a reasonable amount of time but you don't have to book days off work to jump into a game. I just have a macro running, 60 second interval, presses ESC, G, and Right-click. But I do agree with the fact that it takes far too long
  10. I prefer to play Throne room onslaught to gear up, it's definitely worth it if you can push past round 10, so for me it's a quite efficient way, since I just build my defenses, keep an eye on it until round 8 (all defenses are usually maxed by then) and then I just go AFK, I usually make it past round 30 without too much maintenance. By round 15, it seems like it only drops 690+ IPWR gear, which is why I do it this way, plus it doesn't take too much attention for it either.
  11. Added some pictures of what I was thinking, it's under Edit 8, and I'm happy to hear that you like the post. Wasn't expecting an answer, but it was worth to ask the question anyway.
  12. If it could reflect the fire, you could completely AFK catacombs...
  13. The damage stats was something I threw in there as an example, I know that there's a lot more to take into consideration for it to be correct. :p They have. The only problem is, this doesn't take into consideration split screen (which is on the future plans list Josh occasionally updates and bumps). I do know there are grander plans for that screen. No I can't tell you guys details. But I can say this... that's just version 1 to clean out the ugly old screen. There's more to come. I knew there were bigger plans for the screen in the long run, but I figured I'd give some ideas for how
  14. And the victroy screen itself is not my work, that's the new UI they added with the EV2, I only added the side panels and timer. The XP, Gold, and Defender medals part is already in the PC version of the game. Yup I know I watched the last dev stream. :) I just like how you added something which I feel is much more needed a much more indepth analysis of what exactly happened on the map. Just wanted to make sure, I'll get into it, I just have to lose a game first to get that screen :p Haha no worries. Cheers for this. Updated OP with new picture, Edit 7 contains the image and a short cla
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