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  1. Great news! DDA is so fun and it will be awesome to have more stuff to do
  2. Welcome Andrew!! Can we make The Office jokes with your name?
  3. There, fixed! So if anyone didn't know, there is a picture.
  4. Figured it out later =P So 10? Woops then, nevermind the post lol
  5. Disclaimer: If this has been mentioned before, sorry for the repost. Last time I saw a thread about this it was 7 archers max.  So I was messing around with the buff beam and I came with a way to fit 9 10 archers in one buff beam. Last time I saw this mentioned in the forums it was 7. Here is a picture. Random archer is to see difference between buffed one and normal one.
  6. Bump! Please give us the option to turn off auto aim
  7. Anyone else wants to see the Summoner back? The Abyss Lord feels NOTHING like the Summoner, the awesome mechanics the Summoner had are nowhere to be seen in the AL. And I would really love to see the Summoner back in DD2. Who else wants to see him back? Maybe if enough people ask for him we get him back.
  8. Ohhh ok... Thanks! Im going to guess they become tier 3 reagents more often than tier 1 reagents?
  9. What happens when an egg rots? I decided to let some rot but nothing happened. What's the point of letting them rot?
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