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  1. 74 here.. no sight of those shards. I may as well buy lottery ticket on a day I get one of those shards.
  2. You dont need it at all, I play c4 easily without those shards Towers that are viable in C4 are not viable in C5, so that theory is not going to work. You NEED those shards to stand any chance in beating C5. Good luck with 12k dmg flamethrowers with deafult range, or ramster, skyguard or Frosty with base range. It ain't gonna work. Personally I don't intend to worship RNG gods every time I need to play C1 maps just to be lucky enough and get at least ONE of those shards, let alone play it for a week more until they maybe do something about it.
  3. So... yet another week to pause from DD2. Why? Because you haven't fixed shards and their rarity. Yes you have made it easier to play C1, C2 and C3 with different types of enemies if you have old NM4 gear and rare required shards. But you still have to GRIND C1 in order to get required shards. So C1 is basically the same, and you MUST play it to get Deadly Strikes and Vampiric Empowerment. Nothing significantly changed except wasting 1GB of data.
  4. Ramster has the same issue like nimbus, it gets stunned although it's located far away from emp pigs
  5. I can't really think where to start from... New milestone patch... a.k.a repackaged wipeout. Ok, it took some time to adapt to new system, shards, no ipwr as orientation, new enemies, new UI, Hero deck, ascension... And after mastering all that, you "patch" your game in a way that you're literally forcing players from your game. I really can't understand logic behind this update, it's like you don't want your players to have fun playing DD2. People find a new way to beat C1-C5 Trials map, you decide to nerf towers that are able to do that, really ? What I expected from this patch is some fine tuning of new features you implemented, maybe making life easier to players who are new to this. No it's straight up Nerf Hammer... Why gold reward is so low, and item upgrade cost so high, how will anyone new to this game be able to make any progress without endless grind? Why aren't we able to stack shards to save some inventory space? I guess it's your way to make people buy more bags. Why don't make a simple fix so that green box can drop 2 shards, blue box 3 shards, mythical box 4 shards, legendary box 5 shards? Grinding whole day for 2 max 3 useless shards per box is stupid. Why don't you make mythical or legendary box a reward for beating C4-C5 trials map? It's not a nice feeling beating those level maps and to get a blue box. Why don't you put like a preview number for potential upgrade of an item? How the hell should I know if an item is worth upgrading and spending medals/gold based on its base value? Why can't we buy new Terraria weapons based on our ascension level ? Why are we restricted to place certain shards on certain pieces of armor? Why can't we choose manually a map from Chaos 1-5 pool and still get full drops and xp? You won't address any of these issues, but you're more than happy to nerf everything into oblivion. I've put over 600h in DD2, but every "improvement" you make is not making a game more fun for me. It has become endless loop of grind&repeat while we await new "milestone" step in making your game less and less enjoyable.
  6. Hello there DD2 folks. I must say I'm disappointed with your pet "rework" you've done in this update. You haven't made any changes to how pets interact with heroes geared and orientated as builders. What do I mean by that. From all of my pets (16 of them) there's none that has an ability that uses Defense power, Defense Health, Defense Crit Damage as a ability passive so that active hero with that pet benefits in terms of tower health, dmg or speed. Why you didn't rework pets so they have actual purpose for heroes that are laying down defenses all over the map. You've basically done nothing. Most obvious example. Dragon Protection - 45 CD Shields Nearby Defenses for 400% hero dmg for 10s, Tell me which tower based hero has ANY stat points allocated towards Hero damage? Basically you're forcing same repetitive play. Build Defenses, swap for you DPS hero and lay down fire, then you can use "reworked" pets which benefit from HD, HH, HC. Thanks but no thanks Trendy
  7. Vat...? I'm confused... Monk is amazing! Dps can go over a million with the right build, and from a more geared perspective Aura > Traps. BUT Aura + Traps + Frosty = <3. It all depends on how geared you are and how you utilize the defenses. Currently though Abyss Lords are outshining the Original 4 with his tower(s)(cougharcherscough). Hopefully with the strategic patch the original 4 will get buffed to the point where Abyss Lord is at right now maybe even higher perhaps. :T Yes in a perfect build in tavern with almost infinite DU space I can produce that kind of dmg, but in game itself monk towers are significantly underpowered compared to other 4(5). Yes I know about frosty + aura + geyser (+shard) combo and even + black arrow balista + piercing sphere, those stats are achievable, but how many lanes can you cover with this kind of build when you're limited with certain amount DU per lane when you do your build. Currently only viable monk tower is Serenity aura (purge evil) which has direct impact on your other tower dps, Skyguard is not the worth the investing and boost aura can cover only small part of your towers, while lightning aura is in my opinion more expensive but less effective tower when it comes to dealing with large amount of enemies. 2 LA = 3 Elemental traps or in dps number from my hero deck ( Tier1 x2 LA 2969 dps vs x3 ECT 3102 dps) I won't even mention lightning strikes aura due to it's cooldown 2,77s in my case and ability to deal dmg only to 1 enemy. As for monk dps, I rather prefer range attack hero because ground targets can be dealt by mentioned defenses, while air units can only be dealt with ranged hero.
  8. Hello there fellow defenders. I've been a huge fan of DD1 back in the day, and have started playing DD2 some 5 months ago, currently have well over 350h of gameplay. I'm mostly playing solo so I'd like to share my experience with the game and what in my opinion could be done better. Please note that I'm not unfamiliar with current game mechanics , i have 5 heroes well above 700ipwr ( 737,741,739,748 and 745 to be precise) and can manage nm4 inc on my own. But there are some things that really grind my gears when it comes to gameplay and hero towers vs enemy. I'll go each class one by one and try to explain what could use a buff or nerf. Apprentice: Aside of "frosty" towers and maybe flamethrower there isn't really a viable tower build you can deploy on the map and be sure it will get the job done based only on their dps. Back in the day when we had lane resistances I've been running hybrid apprentice build with "harbinger watch" weapon to have arcane barriers similar to squire walls in terms of hp and slightly lower defense power frosty towers just to save some green DU for other towers, meaning more traps. What I would suggest: On harbinger weapon change the requirement for arcane barricade buff. Replace the defense health to defense power requirement to receive the hp buff. That would give a new players a chance to stand their ground on their own without reallocating stat points every time for different maps. Huntress: Traps in general were and still are the "meta" for a game, now when there's no lane resistance elemental chaos traps are perfectly fine for each lane, and they provide enough dps to hold the lane without any major problems. only complaint is poison darts tower, they are to expensive to use as a wall and do abysmal amount of dmg compared to other towers, maybe you should look into that. DPS huntress is pretty much straight forward. It's hero dmg and then either ability power or crit dmg, it depends on personal preference. I personally have allocated more stat points towards crit hero dmg due to weapon choice I have. But it all comes down to personal preference. Monk: Monk is currently like an unwanted child. It's in the game for the sake of it but none of his towers are not nearly good enough compared to others. Lightning aura lacks dps compared to traps and is more expensive then traps. Buff that a bit Trendy, at least make it viable to justify the extra 10 DU you need to place one. Serenity Aura is in my opinion only worthy tower the monk has. With purge evil passive it really helps a lot when it comes to crowd control and general cluster*** on incursion maps and huge amounts of kamikaze skaters. I'd leave it's passive as it is, but would add an additional passive or sphere. For instance "Enemies inside Serenity Aura are being slowed down XY%) that would be useful on huge hoards waves in Onslaught mode, or suicide skaters in incursion if you decide to implement NM5. Boost aura is fine as it is, you can choose either buff the towers or walls depending of the situation and the need to do it. SkyGuard... One of my favorite looking towers in the game and in my opinion the worst one. It's only viable to use up to NM2 difficulty, anything higher then that and you'll need hero dps to manage flying pests. My Skyguard has almost 9k dps on tier1 and even fully upgraded it can't do *** against kobolds which have 200-300k hp. Buff it so it matches it's DU cost so that players who still don't have Abyss Lord archers can still hold their own in the high end games. Squire: Well it's either a wall or a tank, but with the addition of new sword it's viable to use as a primary dps, with the addition of "fight me not sphere" , nice to see a squire got a bit of attention. One thing that I would add is either a passive or a sphere for balista, so you can opt to use it as a primary anti air tower or as it is now to fight ground or air mobs. Abyss Lord Well in short it's a beast. It has superior walls vs squire, Archers have the highest dps towers out of all other towers, and if you choose to go dps way then he can beat ogres in less then 20 seconds. Either tone him down a bit or bring other heroes to his lvl. AL is now "Jack of all trades" with him fully geared there's no need for other heroes besides Monk Serenity Aura. This is just my subjective feedback, some of you may not like it but maybe devs could look into it and make some changes based on my experience.
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