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  1. Hi everyone. This is an issue that has been bothering me for a long time now. Let me start off by saying that this isn't a suggestion per se, but more I'd like to get some discussion on the topic as it's not something I've really seen discussed. As we all know, when one first starts the game and is only just grinding through the first few levels of the campaign, pretty much everything in the heroes arsenal is viable and has some sort of use. However, even once we reach the mid levels of end-game, we are pigeon-holed into one or two builds for each class. Obviously, it'd be awesome if every character could find some use for every ability and tower in his/her arsenal, any suggestions? An even bigger issue, however, and one that I'd really like addressed is "roles" by this I mean the actual purpose of each hero in your deck (waller, dps, frosty towers etc.) Now, don't get me wrong, the idea of using each hero's towers as effectively as possible in order to maximize damage etc isn't the problem, I dislike how if you need two builds that are both centered around the same hero, you have to have 2 of the same hero. You can't really say, have an Abyss Lord that builds Archers and does hero damage. Instead, you need 2 Abyss Lords, one with Archer gear and one with damage gear. This seems like a waste to me, and I really dislike the idea of having duplicate heroes. Once again, I don't have any solid proposals, but, the way I see it, the only way to remedy this problem is either, removing specialized passives completely or, adding a way to save 2 or more configurations of hero stats, gear, spheres etc. on one hero. Now obviously this presents some balance issues etc.. but I believe this issue is important to the longevity of the game and it can especially be deterring to new players who may not like the idea of having 4 Abyss Lords for example. If you have any better suggestions or counter suggestions/disagree with me, please let me know. TLDR; It's bad that each class can't use everything in its arsenal, we also need a way to save multiple gear configs and spheres etc. for classes that can utilize many things so that we don't need to make more than 1 of the same class. (Abyss Lord Archer & Abyss Lord dps for example)
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