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  1. [QUOTE]* Added "Assault Mission Pack" premium content, free for owners of Eternia Shards Complete Pack * Added "Barbarian Hero Class" premium content[/QUOTE] so i have to pay for the new hero???
  2. i try it 5-6 times and it crash everytime and i have checkt the game files i can try unistall it later
  3. i try portal protector and after wave 1 start the game crash. Is there someone with the same error??? or someone who know i can do that this not gona happen again?
  4. hey i try the chan. protal portactor but everytime the game crah after start wave 1
  5. hello, i try this but the game frezz after start wave 1 and the game crash
  6. nice you're doing this to help others! i would like to take #7 steam id: darkgogeta
  7. do trendy read these suggestion thread anyway??? because no coment from trendy here yet....
  8. i only want a higher auto sell/tarvern buy cap 200 m is full after 2-3 misty hc nm run
  9. what whould you say to a higher mana cap for autosell and tavern sell for those player who dont have the option to set 24/7 a afk shop??
  10. add me steam ing: darkgogeta i have some endless hc nm gear rdy for try
  11. Tower Helath: 115 Tower DMG: 119 Tower Speed: 117 Tower Range: 67 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993038361/screenshot/648750222886921877?tab=public Start Offer: 100 Milion Add me on Steam (darkgogeta) or leave post here
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