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  1. I'm about to start the Torchlight II beta. I hope it's good! Played about for a bit last night, it's so smooth. Mmmmmmmmm
  2. Quick question. Have they put the Shakrs in all the content now, or just if you have the shards dlc? Hearing horror stories, i may not even attempt survival on hard anymore if these guys pop up. All Nightmare content, yes. You won't see them on hard (except on Aquanos I assume).
  3. More interested in Torchlight 2, so I'll probably still be running Misty then.
  4. As a change from the usual recommendation to check the Steam downtime thread which appears in these threads I will instead suggest putting a link to it on the 'Welcome to TrendyNet' screen. I was playing Fallout BTW.
  5. I also like defenestrate. The act of throwing something (or person) out of a window. I love defenestrate, I'm sure there's a game with a weapon called the defenestrator, I wish I could remember what. Discombobulated is always good though.
  6. What everyone else already said, with an extra "I'm sure I got at least a million mana from in there". I'm sure I got at least a million mana from in there
  7. well... i hated that i can't share Moraggo and OasisMF layouts with my friends, so i've decided to create my own DD Planner based on parts of jjflanigan's original code with lots of rewriting. you are welcome to use it: http://ddplanner.czokalapik.com/ as well as my Moraggo test layout: http://ddplanner.czokalapik.com/?l=27,morrago-nm-mm-surv# and fully working Oasis NM HC Lay: http://ddplanner.czokalapik.com/?l=34,solo-trio-nightmare-hc-oasis i'm planning to add much more functions to it, more on my DD wiki blog: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Czokalapik/New,_impro
  8. Always the Genie to start but straight to the Huntress Guardian when I can. She's too cute and useful not to.
  9. I'd love an option to reduce fire effects, fireball towers are lovely except for when they blot out the screen.
  10. I noticed last night that something was healing mobs for 10K (and for less than that further away) during a Djinn swarm, Mages cap at 3K, no? Was that the Djinn?
  11. Its return is based on the damage you do, stronger hits will give more mana from the same genie. Charged shots or end-of-combo swings pay more than normal attacks do.
  12. I'd farm NM HC Spires for some quality tavern pets, good genies and guardians can both appear after a successful run and they'll both help in NM hugely. It's also faster than doing survival just for free pets.
  13. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?32590-Some-Math-on-Genies Think this may be what excaluber was referring to.
  14. Well at least it is downloading anything for you. Here in Germany its not working at all. No update and if i try to start the game it just says steam servers busy, try again later. I had to switch steam server to New York in the settings to get it to download anything. Anyone else experiencing this? I was as well for at least the last 90 minutes. God bless those New York servers.
  15. Apprentice because I like to delegate. P.P.S. Trendy we need a spell caster. Functions like the barbarian, no towers just "specials" but instead of stances its powerful magic. For no reason whatsoever I was thinking the Series EV would be like this, no towers, just powers. Do want.
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