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  1. Hey, I noticed that if one of the crystal got blown off, it will intensify the shot through the thing. Theres 3 lines connecting to it. What if a party coordinate enough to hold mod to destroy all 3 crystal at the same time, would it blow it off and reveal secret path?
  2. thread sounds like fun. Just jumping in and bumping for no reason at all. :v
  3. My thoughts: 1. Coming back to the previous achieved floor is definitely desired. I mean, for certain, I'm at floor 128, for sure the thought of prestige and grind all the way back to 128 already prevent me from prestige. 65 seem to be a good starting point as OP suggested, once you clear it, u can get back to your highest achieved floor. Reason? there's no difference in gear progressing anymore much after c7, it's capped at c7, why else should I keep proving myself that I'm capable of clearing higher floor after I prestige if I already cleared it? 2. The idea of Piki is what I talked about in Discord a while ago. Make prestige interesting, instead of mindless number. It's proven that I certainly don't need those 5% more of stat to reach high floor. It's more about RNG of mobs, and how it bless you with less frost and less cybork. Also, grand special skill for heroes when prestige and make it more powerful after each prestige. Like, for certain, Flame Aura is nice, but not desired in some combo, what if I have option to turn it into Water Aura, that I gain cuz of my prestige. I get it, prestige and endless floor make it more grindy and player keep playing; but people want to feel powerful, it should be rewarding. 3. Rework defenses that are fallen out of favors. For example, I rarely use Huntress' Explosive Trap. Even in favorable situation that gave Spellbreaker and Proximity mutator with no cybork, there's no reason to use Explosive trap, I can just places bee on the path. Another example is Geyser trap: It would seem like a fantastic choice against Controlled burn lane with geode, but only if the lanes dont have cybork or frosty big orc, and if it doesn't have 4s attack rate. Many defenses really need rework or buff to make them more used. Now, I know bee's OP, slime's OP. But, why nerf them and not buff all other to their level. Think of it as reward, people love reward, not punish(nerf). 4. Now that pack are unlocking skins, how about releasing those past event cosmetics into the loot? I want the Clown monk head.
  4. old incursion used to be one-stop ways to earn gear, until trial. it used to drop a lot, not like now where its only chest drop
  5. I want all incursion to scale up to c7, i wanna play incursion and not worry about getting bad gears
  6. but then I don't see any dungeon on DD2 either.../shrug
  7. Just what title say. Since I don't see any other spreadsheet out there. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16gg6azeL4cj3cEs8gR0UV1HWnS-5s7l_tbOInjgQQl8/edit?usp=sharing
  8. YAY!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! *wait* I didn't have a ps4. *go cry in the corner alone*.
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