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  1. I was thinking it would be a nice added feature if there were added random bonus objectives. Some examples: Keeping quab alive for the entire match would earn you an additional 5-10 bonus medals. Using only set types of defenses would earn you an additional 5-10 bonus medals. Build entire map using only 2 defense types Ex. Squire blockade and AL archers Freeze, oil, and electric stun a boss before killing it to gain x amount bonus medals. Etc. These secondary objectives would not be required to finish for beating the level but could be a nice way of earning extra medals. These objectives could be level specific and have a chance of getting 1 out of say 3 (or however many) randomly to pop up at the start of the level. I believe this would encourage different build strategies and get people to try new combinations and setups and add excitement. For example, people would probably have to build liferoot differently than they normally do if they were trying to keep quab alive. Thoughts anyone?
  2. My wife is having this same issue. She eventually was able to get a key but when she went to open a wondrous chest, it started the open animation then stopped and said you need a key to open and took her key. Also, after trying several times at the shop, a purchase confirmation popped up saying "huntress sleeve" added to inventory? You can't buy clothing directly from this shop so that is also strange, please fix this soon
  3. Same issue. I can feed my pet with other pet food I get but when I try to purchase the food for my pet it gives me the invalid shop error and won't let me buy it. I play split screen with my wife with the game running on my account. She can purchase food with no issues but she has had same error trying to get chest keys in tavern.
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