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  1. Weaver: Apprentice Defenses that cause damage now mark their targets. only defenses build by the apprentice which equiped this weapon can mark enemies. i cant get this point. sooooooooooooooo ridiculous.
  2. [[4370,users]] please give a definite answer.
  3. I greatly regret buyed GunWitch, why i need manual snipeWith my monk dps, only need 1 console commnad: startaltfireand then Tea or Coffe. look at goblins dancing in my dps LA
  4. with a good besty weapon, when buffed with monk ability 3. easily do >550K aoe dps without any pet buff or debuff. if with SA and dragon pet , even can do 2mil aoe dps.
  5. [[4370,users]] I dont know if it is bug or just RNG I am keeping get arcane staff from Assault on Throne Room, where is Storm gloves. and arcane staff >20+ (all with DP or DCD, never seen 1 with DH) there are some maps dont drop unique items. why not to assigned some unique items to these maps.
  6. lol , that is a total number , include ur daily and ur map reward.
  7. why u guys always want to wipe?............ why not add new challenge instead of wipe. just cuz of alpha , u want to always wipe and wipe?
  8. there are many ppl have heavy lag in game. i dont want swap heros and then look at blank skill slots and blank towers. swap and swap ,again and again.run and run. this is not a challenge.
  9. I vote B , but both is not my choice. i dont like black..........................
  10. i found colossus seems not strong than a few days ago?.... tier1 1.44 or 1.41 attack rate, tier5 1.88 attack rate. and seems very low atk than before?
  11. i dont think u can run 60 times 1h. kill harb 1-4 waves need 30s, the other waiting time is 50-55s.
  12. [[4370,users]] pls remind ur employee who suffering from amnesia about May Madness Event today. he has forgot 3 times. hope he can turn on May Madness Event on time today. i dont know if u guys hired an aged old man.
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