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  1. Hey man, I just wanted to make a "Thank You" post to you. Whether or not some people realize it, (correct me if I am wrong) you are not a TE employee, you are just a fan of the game that has moderating privileges here. You have selflessly taken it upon yourself to be the neutral ground here between outraged (with good reason) console fans and TE. We console players do feel cheated. We do not get the communication from TE that we feel we deserve, and when we do it is incomplete(DLC coming, but doesn't tell us what is included) or cryptic (the bit about DLC vs patch). You take our side when
  2. I almost didn't post on this thread due to the bashing, but felt the need to point out that to some people $15 is a bigger deal to others. Yes, this is a great game. Yes it was "only" $15, but if you look at it, it doesn't do as much or have as much content as a $60 game. Additionally, we have 2 copies of the game in our household which equals $30. My fiance and I both play regularly, as well as our children, on PS3. That being said, we have 2 PC's and would need to each purchase a copy for the PC, so we would need to spend another $30 on the game. Not to mention all of the time, energy and
  3. Good info, Shadow. Thanks. Now on to the trophies (which is not done with patches)
  4. Replying here since I expect dev's to move the thread. Pets can be obtained by reaching wave 15 on Survival or Pure Strategy. This is a cheap and affordable way. Each stage has a specific type of pet (same pet type if you do it on survival or pure strategy, however).
  5. Everyone migrate over to the Dungeon Defenders FB page and demand them call Sony to fix the trophies. Make the trophy fix a priority.
  6. Lias has a point. We are not angry at them for the DLC, etc. There are 2 major concerns that are on people's mind at the moment, and that should not take long. 1) Fix the trophies. 2) Fix the lock up on survival waves. All other patches, DLC's and content everyone should (and likely are) be ok with waiting for. As much as I love this game, I think we should all band together and hit their FB page (where they actually read the posts) and demand that they call Sony and fix the trophies.
  7. They can check, it would just take some time. They already have events for console players to play with the devs. If they held an event inside the game and gave out codes to anyone that joined them then it could prove. There are other ways as well, I am sure. They could export the leaderboards into a spreadsheet and store the user names. From there we could add them to a friends list, send them a message and if our PSN id's are on the leaderboards, it would validate that we have the console version. I am sure there are many other ways as well.
  8. Just got my last response from them: Response Via Email (Sarah P.) "Hello Brian, I apologize for the miscommunication. I am more than happy to assist you. The only way that we have to ensure the trophies are synced with the server and showing properly, is to complete the previously given troubleshooting steps. If it does not resolve the issue, it may be an issue with the game's servers. Unfortunately, we do not have any further troubleshooting steps to provide on the PlayStation3 system's side. I have reviewed the link you have provided and I understand your concern. However, we do
  9. Good Morning Everyone, Here are my e-mails to Sony. As you can see, I think they are still confused. If and when I get a 3rd reply I will put it up as well. Me: "I am not sure if you are aware, and we are not getting a response from the developers about it, so I thought I would bring the issue to you in hopes of an answer. The game, Dungeon Defenders, by Treny Entertainment has issues with their trophies that are currently effecting every user that has bought the game. The trophies are not syncing with your database and any time we attempt to check our trophies it tries to sync. So
  10. I have contacted Sony about this issue. I think she misunderstood me b/c of what she responded with, so I replied with a a little clarification. I will post everything tomorrow. I was rather hoping the trophy issue was on Sony's side and something that they could fix, but it doesn't appear to be so. Anyway, more tomorrow.
  11. Taken from my post and DD's response on their FB page. I hope this helps everyone. Classic22, could you maybe edit your first post in this thread to reflect below? Thanks! Me: I know you guys have seen this question more than you want to count "When are the DLC and patches coming to consoles?" and I know the answer is "No eta." I have heard that MS and Sony make you jump through hoops. So what we would should all be asking and would really like to know is: 1) Is the content for the consoles complete and awaiting MS and Sony's consent -or- 2) Is the content still under development
  12. @Classic22 In an attempt to help alleviate your pain of keeping up with all of the duplicate threads, might I offer a suggestion? Many of us absolutely LOVE this game, but are feeling left out in the cold by the dev's. We come to the forums and instead of spending hours trying to read every post we just post a new one about it. If you could edit the 1st post in this thread (or perhaps start a new one, which I might do to help out) that lists out all of the problems, then grab any answers posted by the dev's in regards to it and post it below the issue, then I think it would help everyone o
  13. Mine is the original fat system (with backwards compatibility) from release years ago. I have replaced the HD with a 250gb drive though.
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