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  1. this hotfix make good tower became bad too. they should make all tower balanced and u can use most of tower.currently they balanced good tower and make it bad.(they should test gameplay themself before release or set up a public test server)
  2. Why this patch no nightmare mode anymore? Because it is nightmare itself. Looking at these posts. No suggestions, just complaining. How about giving your two cents worth in regards to steering the devs towards what you want to see? What is it exactly you guys want? suggstion work? last patch not make any of tower easier to deal new mob. just nerf.nerf anything u can use.C3 means NO AURA NO TRAP NO PDT what is option left now? lavanancer huntress monks ev2 and squire tower is useless at c3+.
  3. Why this patch no nightmare mode anymore? Because it is nightmare itself.
  4. have they try the game before release it? Even offical wiki don't have full list of shard. some hero is totaly useless in this patch.
  5. blocking projectile is not a good idea like emp orc. it just like a ban on some type of tower. make us no choice.
  6. new mob in chaos just make some type of tower totaly use less.that make us have not much choice.it is worse than old version pdt everything.because in old version we still can use other tower.i have tried c1-c3 i think some new mob need some balance.c1 shield goblin: add an hp bar to their shield. if they take too much damage from front side shield will be destrored.c2 emp : traps attacked emp mob will get a attack speed reduced debuff for a short time instead of being totaly destroyed.(remove traps make no sence)c3 shield crystal: it should have some limit. like after blocking 15 time it need 3s to recharge.
  7. i just calculated dps again found i'm not sure dps value is correct.just take a look at first proton info imagebase dmg 2361crit dmg 2789crit chance 15.39%if attack dmg when crit is (base dmg +crit dmg) then dps should be like this(2361*(0.1539+0.8461)+2789*0.1539)/0.30 = 9300.757 if attack dmg when crit is only crit dmg dps should be like this(2361*0.8461+2789*0.1539)/0.30 = 8089.564both of them NOT 9003.
  8. this is info i am using old gearold relic: old hero stat old proton beam at tier 1 info this is info after i change gear:new relic: old hero stat old proton beam at tier 1 info my old relic have a +3% Defense Crit passive so i'm sure that my proton get lower dps after i use higher Defense power Relic.this relic was drop from Demon's Lair. is this a bug?
  9. server become very lag at last few wave.like 6/7 or 7/7.
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