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  1. Speaking of assets from the MOBA days of DD2, I actually found this list of DD2 before discovering the current DD2. Though your biography of the Prisoner is great Jaws_420 , there's already a bit of story about her that's kinda like your own: http://www.ign.com/wikis/dungeon-defenders-ii/The_Prisoner
  2. Made a wallpaper of the Man and Machine by tracing over lovely concept art by the lovely Daniel Araya. If ya like it but don't like the color, suggest a color and/or resolution and if I pay attention to the thread, I'll mess with it. If I make any more iterations to the wallpaper by coloring it or something I'll post under this thread. https://imgur.com/a/fz02w
  3. ohoho, that's not a problem for the Man and Machine
  4. We get a million requests for the Barbarian on social media. Every day. There's definitely some people out there who want to see the Whirling Terror again. *cough* Elandrian *cough* You guys think you can be persuaded a bit by my little friend here...?
  5. This shard would probably be on something like a special weapon, and I know there's something in the game like this for the Apprentice, but Skeletal Goblins (8/8) (Tome) The Abyss Lord's secondary attack is now replaced by a summoning of up to 3 skeletal goblins. Charging your secondary attack will summon all allowed and simply right clicking will command them to a location. Charging your secondary again while they are all active will temporarily buff their damage for 3 seconds for a cost of 20 mana unless one skeleton has been terminated. They last until destroyed, or the Abyss Lord is switched off of. [I'm way too tired right now to think of reasonable scaling for heath and damage, and the goblins are immobile like the Abyss Lord's defenses if not commanded to different locations. I just know that they will scale off of hero health and ability power.]
  6. I could go on and write several paragraphs on how much I love the Man and Machine design and how fun he could be. I found his concept somehow short after the Abyss Lord release, and I have loved the character just from the concept. I don't really care if the Barbarian is released next because I know Man and Machine will be released next right after. I get exactly how you feel. I started playing this game just because of this character not knowing if he'd be released in the future or if his concept was just never going to be used. When he was announced on a very early devstream as a potential character, I felt more hyped than I've ever felt in my life. I may be a little bit crazy about character design, but when the Man and Machine finally gets released I expect DD2 to be the only program running on my computer at all times. Praise the Man and Machine.  http://i.imgur.com/BzLdsTr.png
  7. So Trendy's Twitter asked a question a few days ago asking what kind of pets people would like to see for a chance to win a hero. Unfortunately that's no longer running, and I genuinely enjoyed seeing what people would want pet-wise. For the more creative people, I want to know what kind of pets people would want to see in game whether or not they're the same pet races we have or if they're as abstract as a small alien riding in a tiny UFO. I would want a small elemental pet that can only roll with elemental damage types that can roll into other elemental damages. The appearance would change from a being of flame to a creature of rock upon having a damage change from fire to earth. The abilities only roll with the certain element and upon changing elements, the ability is reset to a small shield that reflects less physical damage than any of the other elemental shields. What would you want?
  8. I personally would love to see a battleaxe- or medieval-battlehammer-shaped heavy weapon as well as a pendulum-guillotine- or crescent-blade-shaped light weapon. I know your design team would make either look fantastic. They don't need to be special or anything because I'd love more variety in the regular weapon drops. Thank you for the reply isom, and praise the Man and Machine. Edit: This is the type of crescent blade I mean: http://i.imgur.com/cMwPqND.png
  9. I think most of those negative posts are from newer players that don't understand the complications that Trendy has to run through and the effort this small of a game dev team needs to put in to make this game work the way they want it to. The players have a right to feel frustrated, but some need to be a little bit more patient or mindful before making a thread to complain.
  10. Are there more visual designs in the works for more of his standard weapons? I honestly don't want this to read as a complaint because I'm legitimately curious. Are his weapons harder to make because of the rigging or do just want to put your effort into bigger and better things? Also, I'm posting it in the general discussions because I noticed there wasn't a devstream question thread. I'm wishing the best upon the team with trouble-shooting the launch problems. I understand the amount of effort that stuff takes. Good luck.
  11. The thing I was trying to say that I want to be fixed (sorry bout the confusion btw, I was annoyed and tired when I wrote this) was more or less the rare times you get the same mission for just less medals. I know it isn't a big problem, and I agree with everyone saying the system is pretty darn fair, but again its just an 'annoyance' and not a 'problem' because it caused me to not want me to play for a day. Its a really mild form of something that causes you to not play the game, but then again it is the players choice to re-roll.
  12. If you're wanting to go into a DPS build for the huntress, people usually put the points into both "Hero Damage" and "Hero Crit Damage" for late-game stuff. Huntress isn't bad at all, its just she isn't AS GOOD as the newer DPS heroes. Stick with the huntress if you really like her, and have fun :)
  13. I got on today to finish 2 quests and get some medals. I checked the quests before I played, and saw one was "Win 3 Maps", so I thought that was a kinda boring quest with only 300 medals, and thought I could get an even better one by re-rolling, and possibly get one with better medal count. I clicked re-roll and the quest rolled to "Win 2 Maps" with only 225 medals. I've been trying to grind out EV and was looking forward to playing today, but I'm not gonna waste 75 medals because of a re-roll giving a lower medal count for the same type mission. I want to get EV as fast as possible though, so I'm gonna have to wait til tomorrow to roll that mission again, also leaving me not being able to play today in fear of completing that mission. This isn't a "TRENDY FIX NOW" thing, just something that annoys me right now, and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way I do about this.
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