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  1. You mean IF it ever gets out of it.
  2. People have been saying the same thing for almost 3 years now. The fact is that DD2 has lost popularity just as fast as it first gained it. This game has lost almost it's entire player base in less than 2 years, if Trendy can't get this game going again it probably will never make it out of it's "development" stage.
  3. Then you're doing it wrong. Their speed was scaling too fast so it got brought down into balance, but their DP scaling was increased to make up for that, and their DCD scaling was hugely increased. They are bugged and not always hitting everything they should be hitting, but that's not a nerf. it's a bug. Their DPS was increased by a ton. You can only lose DPS if you're using the wrong relic and/or shards. Not a single thing was changed on my SGT from my end. Same 60/60 Mythical C5 Medallion(DP,DH,DS) with Destruction and vamp shard. My SGT were around 486k DPS before update and after the u
  4. It worked for me pre-patch no problem, doesn't work for crap on AL now but it does on other heroes.
  5. I lost almost 60k DPS on my SGT after the patch. They do less damage, fire slower, less range, need line of sight and have serious issues actually attacking things, so the only thing SGT's got was a huge nerf(intended or not). Other towers are actually more viable than SGT's currently, which obviously shouldn't be the case. Obviously if your 400+ ascension this most likely isn't a problem for you. MY SGT's which have a 60/60 Mythical C5 Medallion and before the patch had no problem carrying c4 with 3 other players or solo/duo C5. After the patch my SGT's needed help on C3 with a full gr
  6. It's not really random geode though. It always comes at wave 4&5 and shows in the lane mob list.
  7. So after some further testing. Range does seem to be correct BUT the problem is the towers must have a direct line of site to attack now. So PDT's have more range and out damage SGT, so I guess in some situations pdt's will be better AA than SGT.
  8. SGT lost about 10% dmg from the patch and lost about 50% range xD
  9. The speed was reduced... But that isn't the big problem with them. The fact that the range is all screwed up on them is the real problem. They weren't weak to begin with, they handled flyers without much of a problem before.
  10. Don't suppose you guys could fix the SGT range problem...
  11. How did they not see this issue before they released the patch. Who is testing these things.. I mean it took me the first round of a map to notice the range of the SGT is bugged all to hell.
  12. The SGT are slower which is probably why they lost DPS. The range is also all messed up on SGT
  13. My SGT lost about 60k DPS. I also don't run def rate on it, I also don't have range shard for it, pure gambit. Watch your SGT when flyers are coming out, it doesn't attack them when they enter the range indicator of the SGT. But maybe it's a range gambit issue and you don't have the problem since you have range shard.
  14. but it can only attack 10 targets at a time, like seen in the video on top But that doesn't make fissure a def that isn't useful. It loses some overall DPS from being limited to 10 targets but can be stacked closer for stacked DPS, slightly more range and doesn't need any DH.
  15. So SGT is now completely screwed. They do actually test updates before they put them out right??? The range shown vs the range they actually attack is not even close(3750 attack range but it seems like the range at which they actually attack flyers is about 1500), that combined with DPS/ATK speed drop that mine got they are pretty craptastic now.
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