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  1. So I did a few resets by now and was thinking about pushing some floors again. The problem is that I would have to back to 124 before I get any kind of value from it. So what I would like is a button ( or instant unlock), that unlocks the highest floor you have ever beaten again. So that you can not shorten the resets this would happen after you have cleared 65. It would be a good motivation to push floors again. Tell me what you think about this idea and if you agree or disagree.
  2. There are a lot of terrfiying things in Etheria once you take a closer look: I'm pretty srure that Quibly is just seeing food though
  3. Mystic is about to head into onslaught to gain more power for the serpent god. 
  4. Terrifying: The Barbarian has to face to the evilest creature of them all while using the power of the Harbinger(aka Tim) : The Rabbit of Caerbannog. Sadly he does not have a holy hand grenade
  5. Lavamancer is feeling good in his home turf for the legendary category
  6. Since cursikaze now increases the rate of protons, let us see how high the community can get the rate on those guys. To make it fair and not just take no medallion on it to have a higher starting rate without the curse, everyone should use a chaos 7 relic with defense speed on it. I will just start and show you my highest rate I have gotten (max c7 relic with def rate): Show me your results defenders
  7. Clearing 60+ in 40 minutes is a speedrun. BUt to do it in like an hour sounds normal for experienced player. That's at least how it was for Gobu and me when we were testing the gobu legion in the higher floors for the defenders
  8. I can't say for certain that the stacking is intended since the curse from the hexthrower do not stack as far as I know. It also could be the case it is bugged, but since the stacking rarely happens on any other lane than timmy it probably does'nt have a high priority of fixing, since I don't think it is easy to be fixed. For now that is the state for the cursikaze. It will stay like this or the stacking will be removed at some ppint.
  9. The range decrease is intended. It is a curse after all. The rate increase came in last patch after people abusing the rate decrease for proton beams , which made the mutator free. The dmg went up as much 10m+ dps or higher, since the rate could be 0,01. The mutator is meant that you dont use any auras on this lane, but the example you showed above rarely happens since you need like 10+ kamikazes for that to happen, which is only on timmy's revenge lanes So just keep that in mind for cursikaze
  10. now give him a muscular upper body with a pink cape
  11. I guess you are right. It was just an extra idea additionally to the Mode. I agree that atm it contradicts a competetive game but who knows which way the game will develop (except the develeopers). Thanks for your feedback. Due to your idea I would combine winstreaking and checkpoints like this: The more checkpoints you pass in a row, the higher the amount of gold and chance for legendary items. For example: You start at Chaos 5 and go to wave 10. Then the amount of Gold you get as reward is 1.1 times the normal amount. At wave 15 it would be 1.2 times the amount of Gold. For gear it would just increase the chance slightly like 0.1% since the mode is not meant to farm gear later on. If you got any other ideas to combine Winstreaks and checkpoints let me know :)
  12. New Chaos Tiers and new Challenges: These are the the main point of Trials. But what about the time people wait for the next tier of Chaos when they are already easy completing the highest trials tier? I would like to introduce you to: NeverEndingMadness. A mode similar to the old Onlsaught but actually increases in difficulty. How does it work you ask? You can start at each Chaos Tier you completed( For example: you completed Chaos 5 so you can start there)If you dont have the highest difficulty completed yet you need to complete 10 waves in a rowFor each wave you complete the enemies level increases by 5% (so after 5 waves when you start at Chaos 5 solo they are 1500 instead of 1200)After 5 waves you gain a special reward you can choose ( a weapon, amount of gold, a armor piece or a relic) depending on what you want. For each 5 waves the amount of gold you recive as reward increases by 0.1 times the normal amount and for gear the chance to get sth like legendary increases by 0.1% since it isn't meant for gear farming After 5 waves you unlock a "checkpoint" . So if you fail you dont have to start at c5 again. The start amount of mana stays the same though.After 10 waves (or one chaos difficulty) the special enemies change. Until the highest Chaos Tier they will stay the same as one each difficulty. Afterwards it chooses randomly a set of Chaos enemies from a Chaos Tier. This way people wont be able to afk and will need to adpet their strategey to the new enemies once again.Enemies dont drop higher gear than the highest difficulty. After 10 waves above the highest Chaos Tier enemies don't drop any kind of gear anymore. They will drop money instead so it is a good way to farm money if you are strong enough.(The special reward will still be the same pieces, but only the amount of money rises) Making that mode a bit competitive: Leaderboard In the Town you can talk to the stubborn old man to get a Leaderboard of NeverEndingMadnessThe Leaderboard shows the highest people completing a wave above the highest Chaos tierExample: 4 ppl completed c5 uo to wave 20 together and started at chaos 5. Antoher Group reached wave 20 as well, but they started at wave 10. This way they are higher ranked cause they had less mana The Leaderboard resets every time a new Chaos Tier arrives. This is my introduction to make Chaos and Trials fun for all people who like to progress even further while waiting for the new Update. If you got any recommendations/ other ideas/ improvements feel freee to post them below. I am happy about any kind of feedback :D (I dont expect this mode to come very soon. Just an Idea when the Trials are balanced out)
  13. To regenerate health he needs to eat cookies.
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