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  1. So I did a few resets by now and was thinking about pushing some floors again. The problem is that I would have to back to 124 before I get any kind of value from it. So what I would like is a button ( or instant unlock), that unlocks the highest floor you have ever beaten again. So that you can not shorten the resets this would happen after you have cleared 65. It would be a good motivation to push floors again. Tell me what you think about this idea and if you agree or disagree.
  2. There are a lot of terrfiying things in Etheria once you take a closer look: I'm pretty srure that Quibly is just seeing food though
  3. Mystic is about to head into onslaught to gain more power for the serpent god. 
  4. Terrifying: The Barbarian has to face to the evilest creature of them all while using the power of the Harbinger(aka Tim) : The Rabbit of Caerbannog. Sadly he does not have a holy hand grenade
  5. Lavamancer is feeling good in his home turf for the legendary category
  6. Since cursikaze now increases the rate of protons, let us see how high the community can get the rate on those guys. To make it fair and not just take no medallion on it to have a higher starting rate without the curse, everyone should use a chaos 7 relic with defense speed on it. I will just start and show you my highest rate I have gotten (max c7 relic with def rate): Show me your results defenders
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